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  1. My internet has been down. Anyway it is sad that one of the parks signs have fell. At least it wasnt the Effil Tower. Who know it could have been worse then what it was. Kinda funny on pkiu I recently made a topic called what if a torando hit pki i know what knocked the sign down wasnt a tornado it was straight line winds.

  2. Do you think PKI will ever add tunnels to the Son of Beast. I know PKI is planning on putting tress and things by SOB but I would like to see tunnels

  3. All are the same againg this year cept route 666. Was evas demand in the building as soon as you enter the park and go left or in the FX theater? Why do teh haunted things start at 3? That is really dumb cause its like in the middle of the afternoon and things woundn't be as scary then. Im going up on Oct. 4 and cant wait to see the park.

  4. I dont thing it would be true but, you never know. I heard no such thing and Im sure PKI will do what the other parks will be doing that are getting Boomerang Beach. I think the water park is kinda a watste though since it is only open a few months out of the season, and most water parks dont bring att\dentence to a park to much. PKI really needs to spend more time thinking about where their money goes and what the guest want.

  5. Skyline

    1)Its one of the cheapest places to eat in the park food taste better when its cheap

    2)I always loved skyline

    3)I dont take long to eat so I can go and get back on rides

    4) Its in the middle of the park so you got many picks of what to ride with out walking for the one side the other

  6. To some this may be good news, to others it may not. Like it or not, PKI is adding a Robocoaster to their up-charge attraction lineup. PKI is also breaking the record (currently held by the park) for most up-charge attractions in one park. For more information on this simulated coaster experience click on the link below.


    How many pay per rides are there in the park?

  7. Think about ti this way every year you wait for a coaster that is a little bigger that coaster gets so we should be seeing a huge coaster within a year or two. I also heard they pushed back the coaster project due to there where a few kinks in the desgin they couldnt get fugure out. Its been awhile so Im sure what ever PKI builds in the next few years will be well worth the wait.

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