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  1. I don't think that they would annouce a ride program chage to TR:TR because mose of the GP would care less or maybe the park wants it to be a surpize but, we will find out Saturday for sure if its open.

  2. It was a lot of work to get all of those referals. I really wanted these tickets for my cousin who doesn't go to PKI much but he might not be going now since he probaly has a Saturday school. I would like this time to thank dan for making this contest and a specail thanks goes out to everyone who refered me. Thanks again.

  3. Did the kid on DZ wiggle out of the seat? I heard about it but I didnt know what the cause was. I can see your point and anyone who want to wiggle out of their seat 200 feet in the air is just crazy

  4. Yes that is true. I can see where the park want a seat belt but the workers need to make sure the lap bar is secure before the ride goes off so no one can do anything they might reget later.

  5. Realy I dont even want to see a 4D a Kings Island but if they put one in I guess I could be happy with it. Why PKI won't get a B&M. B&M is one the largest rollercoaster manufactors out there and they all so have the highest price tag for what you get. Any PKI can't not afford to put in a mega ride after a mega ride because it's is not open year around. I guess it is open six or 7 monthes of the year compared to universal and six flags magic mountain 12 months a year.

  6. Its is most 2 coasters. The Racers should be consided to coasters because its two different tracks. That is all that is needed for two rollercoasters

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