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  1. Well if it is a coaster they are putting it in coney mall that is the only section that is left to get a upgrade so im guessing it would go back fof and the line would be there? And tear that shack that had maze of madness down and put the line there. If it is a coaster think it will be themed?
  2. One thing I hate at the water park is the one enclosed side i forget what they are called so help me out. But they are enclosed and they are not the big raceing ones you first see when you go to the water park. I got a scar from that and the Buccaneer thing!
  3. Universal IOA had some of the shorest lines I have ever seen when I went oin 1999 the year it opened. Most lines where under 5 minutes. Yes including IH and DD. The only line I had to wait for was JP and that is just because it was broken down half the day and the had to close it a few times due to bad weather.
  4. Me I think PKI has some of the shorest lines around the world and the fastest staff to keep longer lines moving fast. What do you guy think?
  5. Im with CoasterGut even though im not too exited about the new water park.
  6. Sounds really cool but it kinda of but a no show on a new coaster in 05. I cant wait to see what there going to do over the next few years. I guess we gotta wait till fall of 04 too see what 05 brings along
  7. O how tall is he? I always hold my hands up and put them down for a sec right before the tunnel then put them back up
  8. I just thought someone hit their hand on the tunnel
  9. I was also there that day. It was packed to the brim
  10. O its is just that I havnt seen it there or I just noticed the sign. It just says please keep your hands down.
  11. Put anything that you know about The Beast. I putting this topic here because on my last visit I notcied a sign on top of the second lift hill right before the helixs it reads "Please keep your hands DOWN and inside the car at all times. Why do they say hands down? Did someone hit their hand on top of the tunnel?
  12. Sounds cool you should scan them into a computer and post them.
  13. I got no ride on Sun. but im going sat
  14. That was a great picture. Was flight command popular? And if it was why did the just change the harness to fit better?
  15. Yeah that would be cool inforntaly I cant make it sunday but im going saturday. I never like going on sundays anyway because you have school the next day and the park just isnt the same on a sunday
  16. So you only rotate around the pole once because i think I rember it roating all the way up the pole.
  17. Thats is way I dont like digital cameras you cant take picutres why you are in motion.
  18. I maily went to PKI today to get my 04 pass. There was no line for the picture or the papers you had to fill out. Once I was in the park I heard Drop Zone calling my name around q 45 min wait. After that I was hooked. I went to Deluium and then headed The Racers. I rode this with my dad and he hasnt been on a coaster since the 01 season and he had a blast. After that we rode The Beast and my dad at the end he said whoa that was hauling a$s. Then rode the train. After the train we rode Scbooy doo my mom and sister wanted to see what it was like since they were never on it. Most line were around a 30 minutesand it was a good day to spend at the park for a few hours
  19. I would like to say a new coaster of recorder breaking porptions but I can see PKI doing that with the huge boomerrang bay. How come other paramount park get a huge flyier with 8 inversions and we get a new water park?
  20. Really PKI doesnt have any local compation. SSKK doesnt scale to pki and Cedar Point is too far away for a 1 day trip (at least for me) so i condser it not local
  21. Why was flight commander tooen out i really wanted to ride that but i was to scared but now i got the guts to ride it i cant
  22. Any one notice the new reply button? Anyway even it The Vortex were sinking there is sometimes ways to stop the sinking
  23. Yes you do my ear still hurts from that day. I will always reget sitting next to you on the Viking Ship. I think I lost 10 years of my hearing that day. I normally dont scream, but I yell stuff when Im with my friends
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