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  1. There is a lot of Americans looking for jobs right now. I would think the open positions would fill up quickly.
  2. Kings Island has filed a law suite https://www.fox19.com/2020/06/04/kings-island-sues-reopen/
  3. The park will likely open not allowing for full guest capacity so I don't see a reason you would need to staff the park fully.
  4. From the few things I have read over the past couple of weeks. The virus is losing its Potency and isn't transmitting as well or causing as bad of symptoms. The 2nd good piece of information is that COVID19 doesn't spread well outdoors. The bad news is when a vaccine is made it's likely to only give 6months-12months of immunity but nothing is for sure. I do believe a vaccine is close and that would likely hinder the amount of people able to transmit. I also think this could be something we need to learn to live with just like the seasonal flu. Even with reopening looks to appear that active cases are down. My wife and I may take a few trips to KI when it opens but obviously not like we used to and we are going to be leaving the kids at home or with a babysitter. Kids can and will touch everything.
  5. Are the using virtual queining thier? I can see it now. Your wait for Orion is 6 hours. Go back home do some chores and head back to the park.
  6. I think The Racer is fine the way it. I have never had a problem with the roughness of the ride. Not ever coaster needs to be Uber smooth. A general clean up and paint job would do the entire park wonders. Hopefully with the loss of 2020 season or most of one we can start to see improvements like this.
  7. How would you work that with the seat belts though? Does the ride monitor seat belts?
  8. That might be a little cheaper but either way you would be running a wire which I assume would be the bulk of the cost.
  9. Amusement parks will hopefully be addressed next week.
  10. The way the bar on the PTC trains come down make me angle my legs inward.
  11. I think Diamondback has made the most impact so far. My favorite in the list. Mystic Timbers.
  12. I'm think at this point you lost one of the biggest summer holidays. If a vaccine is expected in early November I think at this point I would make the tough call and shut the park down and try to re-open mid march. You can add operating days throughout the year and slowly make up the missed season. Kings Island will be lucky enough to recover from this.but some of the smaller parks I feel will not. I am surprised we havent seen some parks exchange hands. Cedar Fair could use some more parks with longer operating schedules. SFOG?
  13. How do the temp scans works of your sunburnt?
  14. Aren't all the inspectors currently laid off? Can the rides even get certified at this point?
  15. https://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2020/05/21/world/europe/21reuters-health-coronavirus-astrazeneca-hhs.html I hope this is true fingers crossed.
  16. I guess it means what they mean by season? To me winter fest is a completely different than the main season. T
  17. I think we are getting pretty close to the point of return. I think the park will remain closed likely to Winterfest depending on a vaccine. Rumor has it United States have ordered 300,000,000 doses of a possible vaccine. Six Flags might actually get to open up a new coaster with the park!
  18. Im not going to personally rush to a park as soon as they open. We are going to wait until we see low case numbers and new restrictions are lifted. Until then we are just going on for needs. My wife has found a new liking to carry out and has no want to dine in restaurants anymore.
  19. And we have officially avoided are first Cornavirus scare! All test have came back negative.
  20. We will be living with this virus until 1 of 3 things happens. 1.) A vaccine is created. 2)A effective cure is found. 3) Herd immunity.
  21. Our kiddos tested was negative for the COVID-19. Now just waiting the results from my test.
  22. We all got tested beside by wife. We have been in quarantine. They were not wearing a mask but luckily we had no close contact. Kiddos are did better with the test than they have been dealing with not being in school. We just took our test today and now waiting results.
  23. I may have been exposed to the virus last Saturday (just found out this information yesterday). I am experiencing no symptoms currently and the person I know who tested positive is asymptotic. The Dr said my chance of exposure was low since we maintained distance from the person and were out doors. Wish us luck!
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