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  1. I believe B&M puts its giga coasters (all of them) under the hyper model.
  2. The only thing with this new coaster is the insanely high brake run. Seems typical of the B&M giga I guess to take off some of the workload off the brakes but it just looks extremely odd.
  3. We saw a guest in Planet Snoopy smoking. Told an employee and they said okay and he didn’t do a thing.
  4. The park was there long before those houses. Those families new the risk when they purchased their house their. Let this baby roar!
  5. I am on the auto renewal anyone know when our passes go active. We upgraded to Platinum and was hoping to sneak a weekend trip in before all the parks close for the year.
  6. I am excited for this coaster! Height and speed are not everything. Look at Top Thrill Dragster. There are about 100 other roller coasters I would ever have. The days of breaking records of height are done. The price of steel is too much and it seems like $100 for a season pass is not a lot of money.
  7. I feel the pass system is quirky. We only have one drink pass this year and I accidentally scanned the wrong pass and it worked.
  8. It all depends on what mood I am in. Today I was thinking about my ride on Griffin the other week so I am going with B&M. Griffin seems like a coaster that I feel gets looked over a lot. Great drops on the coaster and it’s just so smooth (even by B&M standards) and graceful. Next year we have planned to go to CW to enjoy Yukon Striker
  9. If we upgrade to the food pass for 2020 will it start to work in 2019?
  10. Yes, however after my last visit I believe it has fallen off my list.
  11. Our little girl was born in November. So far we have gotten her on Space Buggies, the Train, the cars, and the yellow airplane ride. As long as they are able to sit up on their own there are plenty of things they can get on
  12. We got the email and changed from gold to platinum with the platinum dining, drink pass and fun pics. We may add on the season long Fast Lane. Cedar Fair got a lot of our nickels for next year.
  13. What season? I bet it’s topped off by the end of haunt.
  14. Intamin probably doesn’t even know what’s going on with that ride.
  15. I just rode Griffon for the first time last week and I must say I didn’t expect much from this coaster but wow KI needs one these next. So smooth and the layout is so graceful. Such an awesome ride.
  16. I am thinking that the rest of the inside of Flight of Fear queue is going to be used for haunt.
  17. I kind of think Banshee was a bigger announcement than Diamondback. Does anyone care to guess the how much this ride is going to cost? I am thinking in the $28 million range.
  18. I would be happy if boo blasters leaves. Some much more the park could do with that ride.
  19. Mystic Timber’s does well what it needs too. Is it super intense? No but It wasn’t meant to be either.
  20. Where did you sit at in Banshee
  21. Yes it was ride forces for Apple Watch. I just usually find a good spots to grab onto and try to keep you wrist steady. Here are my results from Banshee.
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