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  1. I think we might have about two weeks and if the United States model follows Chinas the curve should flatten. Here is to praying for the everyone involved in treating,and finding treatment for this. Also to our leaders that they support us and make the best decisions to protect us.
  2. It's a start though! And for that I am happy about.
  3. Remdesivir as helped in two patients and the drug has been around for years. Hoping this is a good treatment.
  4. Rumor has it some parks are starting to open in China
  5. Those were my thoughts exactly. I think the main concern right now is trying to make sure that if someone needs a hospital bed there is one available.
  6. While the paint be faded before we get to ride?
  7. It's just a matter of when it will open. Once the so called curve flattens I think we would know more about an open date. The more people listen to the quarantine the quicker we get to that curve. Hopefully this vaccine works but even that will take time to get to everyone.
  8. Orion is mostly likely already paid for. Now they must recoup the cash. Keeping the park closed for a season will likely hinder future projects but the park should recover nicely. Lets this be a reminder we should not take sporting events and amusement parks for granted.
  9. I see it both ways. At one point it's no refunds, and the other point is paying for a service to you didn't get. They probably don't have to offer anything but I don't see why they couldn't offer something. If people actually listen to the recommendations this will behind us much more quickly.
  10. It is a bar that was on Queen City Ave. I do not recall the name.
  11. I still saw jobs available on the KI website.
  12. We tired to get a refund from a hotel booking and it got denied. I think what would be awesome if the season gets delayed or canceled is to maybe leave the park open over the winter off season. Maybe just to let us walk around the park.
  13. We will continue to pay in hopes the parks open or Cedar Fair does the right thing. We were planning on traveling to all Cedar Fair parks this summer and trying for a new baby next year. We are putting a backup plan in case.
  14. I do agree it could be a good time to acquire some new parks in the chain. I wonder if SIX would be willing to part with individual parks. Six Flags Fiesta Texas could be a good park for Cedar Fair to pick up. Sea World parks could give them more revenue in off season months. Going to be interesting that is for sure.
  15. We all know the effect of this is going to hard on the parks for this year but I wonder how much this is going to delay the development of future rides and attractions.
  16. Our daughter got on the jumbotron at the Cyclones game. 7C221D70-E9DD-419B-8EE7-AE2023CFF506.heic
  17. Me too but we don't yet know how the virus acts in warmer weather. The number of new cases in China is starting a down turn. It appears it's starting to run its course. Hopefully the if the citizens in the United States listen we will get past this and be on a down turn before we known it. Problem is people have to listen.
  18. This is much more serious than roller coasters but if it's that long before Kings Island can open I just wonder if they will extend the season. I don't care if the rides would be close. It would just be nice to walk around the park.
  19. I love this topic. A virtual cheers to everyone!
  20. Alot of people go to the ER for the sniffles in normal time. The idea of the quarantine is too keep from overwhelming the hospitals so we give the best chance of having the available doctors, nurses and equipment to treat.
  21. On the bright side of things it seems that the world is working together on fighting this.
  22. 700WLW just reported the national quarantine news is fake news until now.
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