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  1. I would think they would use the laser thermometers.
  2. We enjoyed an amazing sunset from our backyard last night.
  3. Bunberry has been canceled. It's not until June.
  4. Governor of NewYork has said they have apexed. Great news!
  5. CedarFairFan. I feel you. I actually lost a couple of new job opportunities. I have also had to cancel a Disney Cruise, we missed our Carowinds trip. We have a pending planned trip to Disney World which we still are planning but are unable to nail down a date obviously. The one thing we do have is our health and both my wife and I are still employed. Things will change with time.
  6. Is looks like there is a slight curve heading lower. Could this be a good sign or isn't it just a blip.
  7. Seems cases in New York has lessened. Hospitalization is down 50%
  8. This is rough. We still have a long way to go. 2020 was going to be an amazing travel year for us. We are still employed but it's scary. People are still hoarding food and it's hard to find the things we need. Hopefully May 1st if the light at the end of the tunnel. I pray each night for the nurses doctors and the janitors that are in harms way. I work in a hospital and I get nervous going in the building each and every day. I pray that the researchers are able to quickly find, test and mass produce a vaccine so we can stop living in fear.
  9. I thought it was going to be a long off Season waiting for Orion but I never thought it would be this long.
  10. I hear you. We were supposed to go to Carowinds last weekend finally. Been wanting to go since Fury was built. Finally pulled the trigger and booked a hotel but was unable to go obviously. We ended up going on a 2mi hike instead. While this is been a blessing in certain ways like finding new hobbies and spending some extra time with family but it has been hard on us as our family time is generally spent at the parks in the spring/summer/fall. It also sounds like a family gathering for Easter will be canceled.
  11. There are several vaccines that have been working well in animals. While it would be awhile for a normal person could get it this is great news.
  12. The 2020 park map could be one of the most valuable park maps if the parks never open.
  13. Those unemployment numbers are scary but they will hopefully go down quickly once people can get back to work. we are in this for the long haul.
  14. I dont think I have been on Kite Eating Tree and some of the water slides.
  15. The governor of Ohio said this will be slow process on turning things back on and getting life back to normal. I would think that almost condemns the park to being closed all season.
  16. I think my they should replace Viking's Fury with a screaming swing and bring back the sky ride.
  17. Got a little bit of work to do but she is topped off. Running out of parts though.
  18. Big brother helping out little sis.
  19. I agree but I'm just looking at the fact we still haven't flattened the curve and once you do you still have to worry about a second out break. Then people are still going to be scared likely to travel or visiting amusement parks.
  20. I really try to be positive on this but I think the season is all but officially over. Maybe they can open up a few weeks earlier in the spring time.
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