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  1. Too rich for my blood. Glad we didn't stick around.
  2. I was just at the stadium. No one was there walked down to tin roof for a beer.
  3. Rough week for Disney. Not to mention Disney has now closed one of its parks due to the Cornavirus
  4. There is currently no known vaccine for it. It also is viral so antibodies can't be used to treat it. You basically have to let it run its course. When and if a vaccine is found it will take almost a year to get it to market.
  5. What is the definition of awhile I wonder? I am thinking maybe the 2023 season we would see something in that space. That is valuable land in the park to leave empty for too long. Also, that post makes me think that something forced the park to remove Vortex before they really wanted too.
  6. It would be awesome but I don't see them brining it back.
  7. Apparently now some of Disney is on lock down due to a suspicious person.
  8. Currently there are no injuries reported but I guess that could change.
  9. https://wdwnt.com/2020/02/breaking-jungle-cruise-boat-sinks-with-guests-inside-at-the-magic-kingdom/
  10. Gemini doesn't dual it only races.
  11. Im on team dive coaster or team multi launch.
  12. Never been but we just book our hotel there for the same weekend. While we are traveling kids less we book a Best Western for the night within a .5 mile of the park for $70.
  13. So excited!!! Spring will be here soon
  14. Why would they want too? It probably wouldnt generate enough money for them even to notice.
  15. Both rides are marketed at costing $30,000,000 to build. Fury didn't cost any more than Orion.
  16. I was at first but I really don't care anymore. It's closed it coming down and there is nothing we do about it. #excitedforthefuture
  17. Those numbers are surprising as seeming Cedar Fairs numbers are up.
  18. Well, some of them anyway. One of the moves coasters is in the scrap yard.
  19. This ride is going to be awesome. We are going to Carowinds for the first time in late March and truthfully this Orion has more excited than Fury.
  20. I wouldn't think so. That lake was removed for health reason and maintenance on The Beast. Guest would throw trash in the lake all the time.
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