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  1. I am not sure how expensive Mack's are but I consider B&M the Rolls Royce of coasters price wise. The park has no problem affording them. I vote a multi-launch or a traditional looking coaster in Vortex old spot with 5 inversions and packed with quick transitions and airtime. I think a dive machine could work well in Flight Decks spot or Invertago/ Congo Falls area.
  2. With some of the park food I have seen and even consumed this would probably make my top 10.
  3. Can you PM what neighbor that is? Are they still building houses there?
  4. Maintenance low ridership, costly to operate
  5. I am not sure of the reliability of the T-Rex models but I dont think there is much about them that is different from a normal coaster other than being able to complete tighter turns.
  6. Brought to you by Idaho potatoes! Lol
  7. Just curious as to how the track has more stress on it. The track would receive the same stress on it I would think unless the trains weighed more.
  8. I have raised $100 so far. My wife is "surprizing" me with it as birthday gift as my birthday is right around.
  9. If and when The Bat goes I think a launched wing rider or a Mack multi-launch coaster would be a prefect fit for that area.
  10. I would like to see something similar height and something visually impressive. I think a B&M dive machine would do the trick however I am not sure that it would fill that space.
  11. Do all of those participants have the required $150?
  12. I know it's probably impossible but I have an old John Deer engine in the garage and I would love to turn one of the old cars into a go-kart for my son. I have had dreams about it since I learned of the removal.
  13. Thank you for all you do for the park and enthusiasts community.
  14. One day soon Vortex will be nothing but a memory. Soon a new ride shall be erected in its place and Vortex will mostly be forgotten. Kind of like King Cobra.
  15. I have seen those in one of the park stores.
  16. We actually live in NKY and drive past Coney on 275 depending on the route we take. I guess I can see the appeal but with river bend right and a casino there I do see that area being some prime real-estate as well for hotels, bars, ect. Only time will tell.
  17. The problem is the passes for Coney Island are $129.00. More expensive than Kings Island and being within less than an hour of each other there isn't much to draw me there.
  18. We are actually lucky enough to have the outside number pad on our car so we don't even have to bring our keys in
  19. Pretty sure we will be going. Does anyone know what time the gates open?
  20. I would love to bid but I'm sure I'll be out bid. I'm poor. Lol
  21. Coney Island will be completely gone in 10 years.
  22. I wish they would remove the end tunnel on The Racers. It's gross
  23. I never worry about lose articles. Apple Watch for the win. As a seasoned amusement park visitor 25 plus visits every year of my 32 year life I have learned travel light.
  24. Every year we take my sons photo in this spot so we can watch him grow over the years. Let's just say the next few years the photos should be rather interesting.
  25. Saw this on the Carowinds app today. Can Kings Island please implement this.
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