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  1. I'm anxious to see the decorations. I hope it'll be something unforgettable! ------------------------------------------------------- Web Designer at Petstreetmall"Pet Supplies for pet lovers everywhere! Petstreetmall is the only place you need for your pet supply needs.
  2. Diamondback scares the sh** out of me.
  3. Thank God, I'm just a little fellow. I think I'll enjoy my ride at Drop Tower and Delirium!
  4. ...... oopps! I guessed I've said too much, it should be a secret
  5. Thanks a lot! I think I should try the rides you mentioned. I hope I can ride them all!
  6. I think I'll have to try "The Flight of Fear and "The Beast"
  7. Try "The Beast" and "Diamondback", it will give you the highlight of your life!
  8. I think it is regarding the balance issue and the maintenance issue. Becuase if I am the owner of the rides I will not let the rides be occupied all the time because it has a higher possibility that it will break often. I will choose the people to wait for more than 1 hour than to have my rides broken all the time.
  9. What are the best rides during the evening?
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