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  1. I rode Orion this morning. I truly love this coaster. The first drop is ridiculous. What a smooth fast ride
  2. In two weeks I coming to King's island on July 18th. Orion looks awesome. However I'm sad that Vortex is gone. But I will be riding Orion. As well as Banshee
  3. hopefully when the stay at home order is lifted I will be making my July trip to King's Island to ride Orion. And Banshee
  4. Flight of Fear is a spaghetti bowl indoor coaster that has been at king's island since1996. The launch was intense but the inversions were a little rough. I wasn't a fan of the mid course brake run. However the ride is somewhat rough. What's your take on Flight of Fear
  5. Flight of Fear has gotten rough lately. I rode it two years ago and that coaster beat me up like a bad stepchild. However I got stuck on Invertigo for 20 minutes before I was pulled off the ride. I will never ride Flight of Fear or Invertigo again
  6. Thanks I have the King's island app on my phone and tablet
  7. I'm looking forward to coming to King's island Thursday. It's been 16 years since I've been to King's island. Looking forward to riding Banshee Mystic timbers diamonback and The Beast
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