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  1. one looked like Michael Jordan slam dunking.
  2. I am sure this has been asked already but what time does the parking lot open on preview night ?thanks
  3. not greatly on attendance but some probably . and yes income for the park.
  4. I would love to see a campground again!!!
  5. I think its awesome would love to see more !
  6. the train is really bland and need some love .
  7. I have the k I app but I never get offers at all..
  8. a dark water ride would be awesome as well!!!
  9. very true . I understand the cost. I just thought if it was a lot bigger it would draw more people.
  10. ttd then diamond back and of course The Beast.
  11. I always wondered why they didn't expand out to use all if not most of the land.
  12. how about a coaster in the building ? is it big enough ? I think it would be cool to have another indoor coaster.
  13. can anyone give opinion on the 90/10 verses the 100 poly ? good bad or indifferent
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