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  1. one looked like Michael Jordan slam dunking.
  2. I am sure this has been asked already but what time does the parking lot open on preview night ?thanks
  3. not greatly on attendance but some probably . and yes income for the park.
  4. I would love to see a campground again!!!
  5. I think its awesome would love to see more !
  6. the train is really bland and need some love .
  7. I have the k I app but I never get offers at all..
  8. a dark water ride would be awesome as well!!!
  9. very true . I understand the cost. I just thought if it was a lot bigger it would draw more people.
  10. ttd then diamond back and of course The Beast.
  11. I always wondered why they didn't expand out to use all if not most of the land.
  12. how about a coaster in the building ? is it big enough ? I think it would be cool to have another indoor coaster.
  13. can anyone give opinion on the 90/10 verses the 100 poly ? good bad or indifferent
  14. I think they should put flats in every section of the park. draw more people to flats . means less people in line for coasters
  15. ok I couldn't believe they would used the parts on the ride .thanks for clearing that up for me.
  16. or who are able to work due to being back in school
  17. so they used old parts from sob on Mystic Timbers the ride or decorations
  18. what was the price ?? I never get any deals and I live in ky
  19. loved the video thanks for sharing. brought back many great memories !
  20. jimbo t


    ok I didn't know that. I was talking about they are open the whole month of august and ki is not
  21. enchanted voyage !!!!!!!!! and the trams in the parking lot .
  22. jimbo t


    why does C P have a longer schedule than Kings Island?
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