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  1. The pass is for unlimited visits so limiting it to once a day would go against that. And like others have said I have left and came back with no issues.
  2. I got an email today for a $13 bring a friend ticket today. I also noticed that I had a perk from June that I didn't know I had, but my wife hasn't gotten any at all.
  3. You could always make your own. I have done it before. And the flavoring is raspberry and lemon.
  4. I noticed the license plates the last time I was there. Wonder how long before one is some letters and 20.
  5. It is on a day the park will be closed. The only real reason I am thinking of going is because I feel like everything would be a walk on. Thanks for the replies.
  6. So I have heard my company is hosting a private event this year. Having never been to one, I was wondering if anyone knows if I would still be able to use my dining plan during this event.
  7. I feel like the ride selection alone isn't worth it.
  8. If you look closer it is listed as day/month/year
  9. I really wanted to try the brew house tonight, but when I showed up around 5:30 or so they had the doors locked.
  10. They should name it after Cthulu
  11. I think the answer is pretty obvious. It's teacups.
  12. You also get 1 free beer per visit if you are a season pass holder
  13. I had this same idea last year but never did it.
  14. If I remember correctly most of the ToT's in other Disney parks are dropping the name and getting a re-theme. I thought I heard somewhere it has more to do with Disney not wanting to pay for the name rights anymore.
  15. My wait for Mystic last weekend was the shortest I have ever waited.
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