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  1. If I'm to be honest, I think that part about it that angers me so much is that as someone who vapes, I take the time to go to the smoking areas to do it. It makes me angry that people don't have the consideration for those around them.
  2. I greatly look forward to that part. The Beast, and Diamondback being out away from ambient light when you're doing a dark ride is AMAZING.
  3. I'm not going to lie, every day I jump on the KI website to see if that new cam is up yet. I have to imagine that they'll start going vertical in the near future. The footers are there, and there is steel showing up. I'm still stoked for a new ride experience. Can not wait for next season
  4. One of the ops on Racer Saturday said something about "go ride Firehawk in Area 72 now, if you can find it!!" then off the mic he said "I don't like that name". Honestly, it's ok to have an opinion, but I could see how the supervisors would probably have an issue with some of those opinions being voiced by the employees.
  5. When the ride was new, and was Top Gun, the station was actually 2 floors, and had the turn styles on the lower floor area. You walked through what looked like an aircraft carrier. It was actually a really cool station then.
  6. I’ve seen a lot of it today too. Disney has already done it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts to become the norm at all theme parks. I vape myself, and it makes me mad when I’m walking through the park and randomly walk through a cloud of that too.
  7. I looked in there earlier and there was nothing in it!! Lol
  8. Not much new. There is action, but the track piece hasn’t moved
  9. I’m at the park today. Sitting at the brew house now having an orange agave beer, but I’ll head up the tower when I’m done and snap a pic or 2. If anyone is at the park today, shout out on here and we can hang. I’m here by myself again today.
  10. I seem to remember hearing somewhere that PTC had said that the trains theoretically could be run backwards safely.... but I don't know if they would go back to that or not.
  11. Who wants to bet that the next rendering video they make, they'll have redone the digital rendering of Racer? After having 150 people ask him about recaR last night, Don probably called everyone in charge of it and made it known!! LOL
  12. I used to be terrified of heights... then I bought a house. Having to get up on the roof to clean gutters, and having a few rooms in my house that have 2 story ceiling heights, and having to paint those rooms, has made me get over that fast. Now I have a few friends that call me to come over with my giant ladder to do stuff for them because they're too scared to get up there and do it. LOL.
  13. A lot of people also go to that excuse to sound better than to say "ya know what, that's far beyond my comfort zone, I'm scared to ride that". I have a few friends that have extreme issues with heights, and won't ride coasters because of it. I'll take that (doesn't stop me from pushing them to face their fears and ride) at least they're saying "nope I'm scared of that", and it's a legitimate fear.
  14. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2018/january/winter-busiest-time-of-year-for-maintenance-crews You can start by showing them this blogpost and video, that shows the lengths that the park goes to to ensure that their rides are safe and mechanically sound. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amusement_park_accidents This page shows some statistics of ride accidents. In the end of it all, I usually point out to people that I'm 38 years old. I've been riding the biggest and baddest of coasters since I was roughly 6. I rode Vortex opening season. The worst I've gotten was a bruise, and that's because I'm an arms up rider, and end up bruising my upper arms on the OTS restraints. My odds are good so far!! You're more likely to be injured by tripping while walking to the ride, than you are on the ride. Your shoe laces are more likely to cause you injury than a roller coaster.
  15. I think that technically, I could make it... I get off at 6, and if I hit the highway immediately after, I could probably roll into mason at about 8. It would be a stretch, then however, I'd have to drive back to Indy, only to be at work at 6:30 tomorrow morning, and that sounds terrible. So I will be watching from the live stream tonight.
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