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  1. "We don't have a giga yet, but we've still got fun"
  2. That's awesome!! Keep it up! From someone who has gone from 315 to 220 in the past, I can tell you, you don't notice how much you've lost until you do something like riding a roller coaster you were super uncomfortable on last year with room to spare. It's unreal the difference.
  3. Wow, this went sideways in a big way. I personally haven't ridden in many different seats on Diamondback, but I'm one of those people that's been encouraged to just keep getting fatter because roller coasters are making their seats bigger to fit me. I'm 5'9" and about 240 lbs. I'm more of a power lifter figure than a beer bellied guy. Lots of chest and shoulders, little bit of belly. The only thing I've ever been uncomfortable on there is Drop Tower, and one time, my kids wanted me to ride the kids ride (can't remember the name of it) that has the kite in the tree (miniature Drop Tower kind of deal) and the first time on I had to be pinned in, second time on (after eating lunch) they couldn't pin me on so my wife begrudgingly had to ride with them.
  4. I have actually wondered exactly that. The hype on social media is awesome, and is going to help draw attention to the park, however, what haven't they shown?
  5. #whatsinthebar I just saw that.... which is wildly disappointing because the last time I looked at the camera, the cars were all still sitting and waiting. I love watching the process happen on that camera, and I missed it on the first train!!
  6. I could not agree more. I want a 500 foot tall coaster, I really do, but this is the kind of stuff that I can now bring my kids to a park I enjoyed as a child and point out and say "Daddy thought this was so cool when I was your age". These are those memories that most of us have of KI, and the types of things that you get to see all over again through the eyes of your own kiddos. Huge thanks to KI for seemingly doing most of what is being begged for on the forum!!
  7. Well that works too. With good reception, I'm sure as the years go by, we may see them adding more parades throughout the day.
  8. Hopefully this will be something similar to the way that Disney does their parades. I like the fact that they do them a few times a day. You get to stop and catch it once, and then the next 2 or 3 times you can go and get on rides quick while others are watching.
  9. The thing that I think a lot of folks on here are forgetting is that we're enthusiasts. It's nothing for us to make 4 or 5 trips a year to our favorite theme park. 10 to 15 times a year isn't even unheard of, but for the general public, you sometimes go once a year, every couple of years. New rides typically will draw a bigger crowd, but how many of those people are the enthusiasts that would have been there to ride their favorite coaster, and how many are the general public coming to the park for a day with their family? Life's expensive now a days. Here in Indianapolis, house prices are soaring to new heights (anecdotally, my neighborhood crested 200k for houses like mine, that I paid 115k for 10 years ago). The days of family vacations are getting slimmer. Do I believe a giga coaster would draw crowds? Sure. I'm certain it would draw me, and most of the forum members.... but I try to go at least 1 time a year to KI among my other favorite theme parks around the country. On the flip side of that, however, I am 100% certain that I'll make a couple trips this summer with my family, because I know my kids will love the new KMAA the same way I loved them when I was their age. Basically what I'm getting at here, is that throwing new and better coasters brings people that like coasters, but putting in flat rides and family experiences brings families, and while I eat at least 2 meals a day when I'm in the park on one of my "daddy is going coastering" days, I buy 8 meals a day, souvenirs, game play, and about 50 drinks when I'm there with my whole family. The money comes from the family friendly things to build the giant earth shattering coasters that we all love. All of that being said, BRING IN THE GIGA FOR '20!!
  10. I've still got too many inches for my oldest to grow to get that excited yet.... but she's getting closer!!
  11. I've got a pop up camper with heat and a/c .... I'd be happy to drag it over to spend a weekend at KI!!
  12. I was going to ask if you were on Vortex crew again this year... that answers that question!! Congrats on a second year crewing your favorite ride!!
  13. I'm looking forward to trying to new restaurant, because beer... LOL
  14. This time of year is about when I start having the webcams open all day at work waiting to see something cool happening. Last year I sat and watched them put the trains on Diamondback!
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