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  1. lifetimecoaster

    Future plans for Firehawk's station discussion

    It gets to be too much like real life. Tons of unused buildings everywhere, right next to where they're building brand new buildings. Or is that just in Indianapolis? LOL
  2. lifetimecoaster

    How was your 2018 season?

    Sadly, I made 1 trip in 2018. It was a great one though, since my wife surprised me with the ticket as a father's day gift. Got to take a friend that had never been with me too, which was very epic to be able to show someone my home park that had never been. Hoping that in 2019, the kids grow a little taller so I can start taking my daughter on "those roller coasters that flip upside down". Here's hoping 2019 plays out to be a better year for me and my coaster addiction!!
  3. I have to ask... does anyone else genuinely hope they pull the plans from the old cue line buildings to build this one the same as the old ones?
  4. lifetimecoaster

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    People keep talking about getting rid of the airbrush building, and it dawned on me.... Does anyone even do airbrushed t-shirts anymore? They used to be huge, but it seems to have died off.
  5. lifetimecoaster

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    That area of the park seems forgotten for some reason. I noticed the last time that I was there that there just isn't a feel to that area any longer. I looked at it as possibly they're thinking of a complete revamp of the area, or that it truly is forgotten. I miss the German theme it once had, and it needs to have some form of continuity come back to it!
  6. lifetimecoaster

    Discussion & History on the Kings Island & Miami Vally Railroad

    It's water themed... I'm sure by now the roof leaks pretty badly.
  7. lifetimecoaster

    Kings Island Music

    ^Now that song would get me hyped up to ride some coasters.... but lets face it, the folks that have to work the ride would probably go a little nuts listening to the same song on loop every day!!
  8. lifetimecoaster

    Is KI planning to rename rides?

    Got ya... The Banshee one was confusing, but I could see the park giving a nod to history with changing Diamondback to King Chaos as a nod to King Cobra.
  9. lifetimecoaster

    Is KI planning to rename rides?

    I was just looking at Google, and saw something very interesting. I've taken a screen snip to post here of what I saw, but either the Google machine has something wrong, or names are changing on rides in the coming season....
  10. lifetimecoaster

    The Swamp At Kings Island?

    Cedar Fair is no stranger to the idea of just making the exact same marketing work for all of their brands. They've done it before, and this is probably my favorite video compilation put together to showcase just that!!
  11. lifetimecoaster

    Titles KI Could Nab

    After I made that comment I looked at the satellite views and it is doable for sure, but will require moving and removing a lot of maintenance stuff, service roads being one of those things.
  12. lifetimecoaster

    Titles KI Could Nab

    What's interesting is that they have pretty well "bricked" themselves into the space that they have. They have always built perimeter style, and have blocked off areas of their park where they would have to make major changes to expand into them.
  13. lifetimecoaster

    What Else Do You Want To Come Back?

    King Cobra. I got to experience that, and really wish it was still around for my kiddos to experience. It was such a unique experience in coasters!!
  14. lifetimecoaster

    By 2035 Kings Island Will Have What?

    With the direction everything is going in now, I would say that Kings Island by 2035 will be a bunch of chairs to sit in and look at your phone, coupled with a few areas where you can "ride" a roller coaster from the safety of a chair with a pair of VR goggles on. I kid I kid. That's far enough into the future that there are so many thing that could change rides as we know them. VR experiences while on rides so that you don't have the same experience on a coaster back to back? Man... the possibilities are pretty endless.
  15. lifetimecoaster

    The Firehawk back-story...

    I had seen that tweet last night, and laughed this morning at the TV news when they said that it was "confirmed that the ride was being dismantled and shipped to Kentucky Kingdom where it would be known as "Kentucky Flyer". Then the other half of my brain thought "did I read that wrong?"