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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is there just 1 crane on it? From what I can see on the webcam, it appears that they've picked it up with 1 crane. These dudes know what they're doing if they can pick it up in the exact spot on the track to get the exact angle they need to install it!!
  2. Seeing the scope of the actual real ride, it is going to carry a lot of speed through the whole ride. Some of these "small" hills are still huge!!
  3. I would say 2019 was my best season yet!! I visited more times in one season than I had ever. Made 4 solo visits, and then 1 visit with my wife. Got a surprise visit right at the end of the regular season when my mother in law decided to take all of us for a "last ride on The Vortex visit". Well that visit ended up being a major awesome, because my daughter the roller coaster nut ended up reaching 48 inches. Once we got her arm band, we headed straight away to Vortex... a ride that she wanted to try. My wife and I had discussed it, and my wife was a little on the fence thinking it would be too forceful for her, and would possibly end up scaring her away from coasters for a while. I agreed, but my daughter persisted that she was going to ride Vortex. (she is 7, I rode it opening season at roughly 6 years old). The first go round we got front seat. She squealed and screamed through the whole ride, and I just thought to myself, "well those are either good screams, or this is the last lap she will do on this coaster ever". We came off the ride, and she just giggled "I wanna ride again daddy". And we did. All in, we rode 3 laps of Vortex that day. On the second lap she didn't scream, or yell, or squeal. She just smiled. While upside down in the second loop, she yelled to me "daddy, I thought you said this goes upside down 6 times, but that isn't six". It was at that point I knew, it's going to take a LOT of roller coaster to scare that kid off of roller coasters!! Looking forward to 2020, I'm likely as not going to be getting a season pass this year, because last year without one, I would say I easily spent WELL over what a season pass would cost buying the Indy Saver tickets.
  4. I concur with this post. There are cranes I can see. I'm assuming more of the overbank is being installed, and I can't see it because of a perfectly placed rain drop!!
  5. 2 years ago I was on Vortex on a Sunday afternoon and the park was dead. The woman that was working the deck told me I could ride until someone was in line for my seat if I wanted to. Did 5 laps before I started to gray out pretty bad, and decided it was time to get off. Went over and rode wind seeker, saw empty trains coming out on Vortex, and decided to go do it again. Glad I got that opportunity for sure, now that it's going to be a defunct ride.
  6. It's fun to think that the motivation is riding rides!! I lost a ton of weight and had a great summer riding anything I wanted at KI. I used to be a tough fit on some, but this summer was a cake walk. Bonus point, that 15 miles of walking around the park hurts way less 40 lbs lighter!!
  7. Well, my wish was granted yesterday. We went to KI for a day, with me hoping quietly that my daughter had hit 48 inches. She loves coasters, and I knew that Vortex would be awesome for her and that she'd love it. Well, luck had it, she got her purple wristband for the first time yesterday, so we marched from there straight to Vortex. I made sure to let her know when we were in line that it was going to be the single most intense roller coaster she'd ever ridden, and it was ok if she didn't want to try it. She insisted we go on it. We rode it once, she got off and said she wanted to do it again, later telling my wife she needed to ride it at least 2 more times. We did. We rode it 3 times yesterday, and she was smitten with the ride. On the second time through, we were hanging upside down in the second loop when she said "daddy, I thought you said this roller coaster goes upside down 6 times, I don't count 6". At that point, I knew I had a coaster fanatic on my hands. She wasn't remotely frightened by it, and was having a conversation with me on it. Terribly sad that she only got the one day to ride it, but glad she got the opportunity before it's gone. I teared up a bit when after the 3rd time through I told her that was the last time ever we would get to ride that ride. It was a sad moment, but one that I was glad we got to have.
  8. Well crap. I guess I'm behind the times!! There also appears to be the next piece of the drop side being moved over to where it's going to live, which is odd, it seems late in the day to still be throwing around track pieces.
  9. The big boy crane is parked out there now on the wood area.
  10. I stand corrected it would appear!! Not what I was expecting that section to end up looking like.
  11. Is it actually installed, or is it being assembled on the ground? It doesn't appear to be attached yet to the base footer. It's hard to tell because its far enough away from the camera that it's hard to tell!! Edit... There's no way that's the bottom of the drop, the drop goes into the ravine, and there is no way that will drop into the ravine. Another Edit.... They are adding another piece to it as we speak, and that piece is heading towards the trees. That is return track.
  12. The issue I have with reusing the station for a 3rd coaster is that the station is horrible for bigger lines. It just doesn't have the capacity to eat people.
  13. That's just horrible to hear. Such an icon at the park, that once it's gone, will be such a void. I'm ****ed that neither of my kids will be able to cut their teeth on this coaster, the same way that I did. It also seems like a terrible idea to shutter coasters prior to next season, where there will be a need for coasters to eat up some people to keep the lines better on Orion. All around, just not what I would have expected to see happen this season.
  14. https://www.wholesalebolts.com/hexboltgrade8zincsteel1-8x10per1.aspx Largest I could find is a 1 inch, 8 thread pitch and 10 inches long. They appear to be just shy of 14 bucks a piece. Or 150 bucks for a package of 15.
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