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  1. KI hired security? Sure, it is their job to insure the security of their guests. The 18 year old kid at a ride, or a food stand? No. The main issue I've had is that the government sets forth a rule, and then leaves it on employees of businesses to be responsible for making people abide by it. Your analogy would be, the state sets forth a speed limit, and it's now our job as fellow drivers to make sure people adhere to that speed limit. I'm not getting in verbal/ physical altercations with people that refuse to wear masks. As a matter of fact, here at work, I've had numerous people ask me "are
  2. I'm frankly a bit concerned about the vaccine. I fear for it. We are rushing too much to be the first country to put one out, and unfortunately, that's going to pan out to be a hurried vaccine hitting the market. I think I may sit out round 1 to see if it's even effective or safe. Once I've seen some type of evidence that it's actually working, and safe, I may be a little more on with the idea. Call it cautious optimism I suppose.
  3. Their safety record, rather good or bad, was overshadowed by one of their own PR people effectively saying we're going to end up killing some people with rides, but we just need to find the appropriate number of people to kill. I can't remember the exact statement, but it's out there on the internet somewhere. Edited to add: https://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-xpm-2004-05-04-0405040040-story.html
  4. See, that's a part I'm concerned about.... I am one of those people that makes friends with everyone when I'm out in public. You hear about those kind of people that "never met a stranger", but I can tell you I am actually one of those people. When I'm in line for rides, I never fail to strike up a conversation with someone. I refuse to spend my day at a park staring at a phone screen. I feel like I'll be stripped of my making friends in lines by the physical distancing, but I'm still stoked to get to go.
  5. I'm considering a trip this weekend. With rain in the forecast, it may end up being to my advantage, as I don't care if I'm walking around in the rain, and will ride whatever in the rain. Hopefully it pans out to lower crowds.
  6. I think that information gets shared like that because people just can't actually wrap their heads around the idea of something like this happening, because we've never seen anything like this in any of our lifetimes. The reporting of information has been nearly criminal in my opinion. So much misinformation is allowed to just stream out to everyone, and due to social media, it spreads like wildfire.
  7. Wow, 52 cases is cause for concern.... meanwhile in Florida, I think I saw 15k cases or something like that? Yeah, given the differences in what people find alarming, I doubt we will see anything close here in the good ol' USA
  8. If that's not a sign of the times..... Shot glasses and ashtrays featuring the KI logo!! If you could come up with a Brandy Snifter with the KI logo, we could have a party.
  9. I suppose this probably squashes the conspiracy theory that Cedar Fair doesn't want footage of how many people are in the park... which is disturbingly sparse looking watching the cams.
  10. You also have to keep in mind, there were still footers on that site from The Bat, that are what, almost 40 years old now? There was a lot that needed to be removed from that site, and the footers that were there from The Bat were pretty large in a few locations. There was one you could see from Vortex station that was about the size of a 1 car garage floor!!
  11. The only place that makes sense in my head is over in the old animal safari area.
  12. That's fair!! We're glad you are doing what you do, at the undisclosed park you do it at. Stay hydrated, and keep having fun!!
  13. I assure you that the employees are far more miserable. Where we get to walk around the park, and get some moving air across our face, they are standing in the stations most of their day. It's hot and miserable for sure.
  14. You may never go back. Unfortunately, due to so many people completely unwilling to do what it takes to fight a pandemic, we may be in masks in public spaces for years to come. It may be at least 2 years before we have a safe, viable vaccine to fight the spread.
  15. Oh the video when the police showed up at her house is even more insane.... this woman is out of her mind!!
  16. From what I've heard, the park is allowing neck gaiters, and I will reiterate, this is what I use. I wear it most of my day at work, I wear it to rock climb in my local climbing gym, it's not a bother. As an added bonus, you can dip the lower part in cool water, and it helps keep you cool, while you also cover your face with it. Very good all around thing, and way more comfortable than the multi layer cloth masks, and way less likely to hold your sweat in it than a surgical mask that is made of paper type material that becomes soggy with sweat. Or, don't go to outdoor places that require
  17. I wanna smell the flowers, but the smell of flowers are filed in "muh freedoms" and because I have to wear this mask, I can't have "muh freedoms" so I can't smell flowers. Or some other babble.
  18. The point I think that's being made now, is they tried. The governments of the states tried to open things back up, and trusted everyone to be adults about everything. Some chose to be adults about everything, and decided it was best to take precautions to be safe, most didn't, and we saw a huge spike in cases and hospitalizations. Adults can't be trusted to behave as adults, so now the back tracking and mandating is happening. This could have been far more simple and smoother if there wasn't a movement to do everything possible to try to get sick, and the general lack of care about what's rea
  19. That's all well and good, it really is, but I don't even like to have my allergy symptoms flare up, let alone get a cold, or worse, something like the flu (or worse). I'm not hiding in my house, I am going out and enjoying my life, albeit far more carefully than I have in prior years. That data all looks positive for folks that don't mind being sick, but for me, I'll still live a little more carefully.
  20. I mean, sometimes you've just got to. Editing to add..... what possesses people to decide that climbing all over each other in the sun on a 100 degree day is an exciting idea? I've never seen the luster of the idea.
  21. So, safe to say too that said "Youtube star" was likely also practicing mask removal procedures while in line for a ride?
  22. I usually only go to Meijer to do my grocery shopping anymore, because it just seems over all safer. People have their masks on, you can visually watch the people spraying down the carts the minute they roll them in, and the physical distancing people are doing is far better.... however, I had to go to Walmart last night because they are the only place local that sells my multivitamin. I can't begin to tell you how disappointing it was. That was easily the fastest in and out of an establishment I've ever had.
  23. I should probably add to this that I also have anxiety inducing claustrophobia and was very worried that a mask would end up triggering me going into a psycho spiral, so for the longest time, I did everything possible to not wear one. After my first night at the climbing gym it took me about 20 minutes to get over the stress it caused, and since then, I haven't had an issue.
  24. A question I have for folks that have been to the park during an actual day.... What is the climate of the humans like? Are people being jerks to one another for the sake of being jerks, or is it similar to any other day during any other situations? I want to go pretty badly, but I also don't want to deal with people being jerks towards each other.
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