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  1. On 8/21/2021 at 8:23 PM, super7 said:

    now we have coronavirus as bad as it’s ever been even though we have vaccinations

    And the theme parks have their eyes and ears covered like nothing is wrong. I believe that Cedar Fair, six flags, and sea world will be bankrupt within a year because of the continued upward trend of this virus     And they probably deserve it since they are taking no responsibility to protect their employees and customers now


    I disagree, respectfully. First off, the parks have been crowded this year. People are getting out to do things after everything being shuttered, and/ or masks required last year kept people from doing a lot of the things they would normally do over summertime. Personally, I also think that the parks do what they can to protect people, but beyond that, the responsibility is on each person. The park hasn't said no masks allowed, they said no masks required. The park said to socially distance in lines, the park said wear a mask indoors if you're not vaccinated. What else can they really do? Taking no responsibility would be letting it be a free for all, telling people they aren't allowed to wear a mask, and not posting masks required for anyone indoors non vaccinated. I'm not anti mask, I'm not anti vaccine... I am however pro personal responsibility. If you're in a place where yourself, or someone you live with are at grave danger of perishing from the virus, you need to take some responsibility for yourself. While spending a day at the park is fun, and a great release, it's not a life necessity. The grocery store holds life's necessities, and a lot of them here in Indy have started requiring masks again, for this very reason. They provide a necessary service, and thusly, they are taking responsibility for making their staff and patrons safe. The corner pub, Applebees, McDonalds... those aren't life necessities. If you're in a position where it's not smart for you to be in public, don't go to them. Take care of your friends or family that are compromised.  

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  2. Who ever would have thought that something like a vaccine would be so divisive? I'm reaching a point where it entertains me to watch the vaccine anti vaccine argument. Formulate your argument, and stick to that. People are so all over the place with their arguments, and that is why we are getting no where as a country. If you want it, get it, if you don't, don't, but can we just move on with life and stop looking down on each other? We spent an entire year fighting among ourselves over masks, now we're a year into fighting with each other over a vaccine. What will we let divide us next? I live in Indianapolis, and our murder rate is going to yet again eclipse last year's, and it has eclipsed the prior years' rate every year for as long as I can remember. Why? Because people can't seem to get along, why let this stuff be so divisive? 

    Ok, I've said my peace. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. 

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  3. 14 hours ago, bjcolglazier said:

    I think we've entered the stage of 'get a vaccine or take your own risk'. Which is totally fair at this point. Nobody over 12 can complain about vaccine availability, appointments are available in abundance.

    Precisely my take on the matter as well. "We've offered the vaccine, it's widely available, if you want it, get it, if you don't don't. If you want to say you did but didn't, you might end up sick." 

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  4.  Who all is going to be at the park tomorrow? I'm thinking of leaving Indy around 8:30 tomorrow morning to get there for rope drop. It looks like it will be me, myself, and I going tomorrow, so if anyone wants to wander around with another human let me know!! 

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  5. 9 minutes ago, chad_1138 said:

    Same here!  High school math teacher.  We have been in person all year, masks only in the hallways, not in the classroom.  Hope you enjoy your visits to the park!!!

    I know I always do!! Hope you do too! 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, chad_1138 said:

    One of the photos your are probably referring to was mine.  I didn't post it as a social distancing observation.  I posted it to discuss the 2021 season, as in the ride was officially running and we were in line.

    Now, it seems from your posts that you are not comfortable going to Kings Island at this point.  Guess what?  That is totally fine.  No one is forcing anyone to go.

    Was the social distancing as good as it should have been?  No.  Did I feel uncomfortable at any point during the day?  No.  Here's why.  I've gotten vaccinated.  (I AM NOT STARTING A VACCINATION DEBATE.  SIMPLY STATING A FACT).  I did this to get back to normal.  Saturday was one of the most "back to normal" experiences that I have had in the past year.

    Bottom line, if you feel comfortable in maskless crowds, enjoy the park.  If not, then either wear a mask or don't go.  As for me, I plan to enjoy the heck out of KI this summer.

    I hear you there, looking forward to visiting this season! Not concerned with being outdoors in crowds, but I'm also one of those people that has been deemed "essential" (expendable?) in a position where I work with the general public all day. I have managed to not only stay COVID free, so I'm not really feeling the discomfort that others are. 

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  7.  I'm starting to look forward to the start of the season... almost. The issue I have this year, is the same as last. The social climate that has developed in this country makes me sick. Last year is was masks, this year it's vaccines. The main reason why I have a little more excitement this year than last, is that the vaccine isn't displayed for everyone to see, so the arguing shouldn't be as frequent... shouldn't be at least. 

  8. 1 hour ago, silver2005 said:

    Will CF parks allow people that want to wear masks to continue to do so?

    I'm not ready to go mask free quite yet, even with what the CF parks are implying. 

    I'm sure you won't find anyone that will tell you to remove a mask at any park. Honestly, I'm pretty certain that you won't be alone either. There's been a following built in mask wearing now that I think we will see for years to come. Flu seasons, cold seasons, etc, you will see people wearing their masks everywhere they go. 

  9. 16 hours ago, disco2000 said:

    Wouldn't that be like telling the police to not ticket speeders?  I mean the speed limit is posted and people start to drive knowing what the speed limit is...and yet people still disobey posted signage and other traffic laws...

    In an ideal world, yes this shouldn't have to happen, but we do not live in an ideal world...so society needs enforcement of policies and laws...

    If KI sets forth policies, they then need to enforce those policies.  Ohio is proving that we cannot count on Ohioans to do the right thing:  https://www.fox19.com/2020/07/20/study-shows-ohio-is-among-most-irresponsible-states-limiting-spread-covid-during-pandemic/

     KI hired security? Sure, it is their job to insure the security of their guests. The 18 year old kid at a ride, or a food stand? No. The main issue I've had is that the government sets forth a rule, and then leaves it on employees of businesses to be responsible for making people abide by it. Your analogy would be, the state sets forth a speed limit, and it's now our job as fellow drivers to make sure people adhere to that speed limit. I'm not getting in verbal/ physical altercations with people that refuse to wear masks. As a matter of fact, here at work, I've had numerous people ask me "are you going to make me wear a mask?" No. I'm not going to make you do anything, but you are in a county that has a mandate requiring masks in public places. If we have a surprise visit from the board of health and you're caught not wearing one, it's a $1000 dollar fine that could be imposed upon you for not. Many of them still won't. I'm not here to argue with people about such a simple thing, I have enough other job to do. The positive is though, it seems that once they make it to our waiting lounge, and realize that they are the only person not wearing one, they suddenly have one in their pocket that they put on, because when you think you're a trend setter, but then realize you just look like an idiot compared to the group, you change your mind fast. Long and short, I don't agree with the fact that states and counties have instituted something, and then left it on the shoulders of their population to police it for them. In any other situation, it would be called being a vigilante, and that's considered bad. Employees of businesses have been beaten up, stabbed, and in a couple cases murdered over trying to get people to abide by mask orders. I have a family, and that's not a martyrdom I'm interested in. 

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  10. 29 minutes ago, CoasterFan3180 said:


    R naught below 1 basically what I was trying to say. Even if the epidemic gets under control, masks and social distancing a likely going to be the norm until a vaccine or effective treatment are available because there have been examples from some countries that one person acting recklessly can trigger an outbreak. I’m cautiously optimistic that a vaccine or treatment will be available in the foreseeable future since there’s been some encouraging news in that area. Until then, mask up!

     I'm frankly a bit concerned about the vaccine. I fear for it. We are rushing too much to be the first country to put one out, and unfortunately, that's going to pan out to be a hurried vaccine hitting the market. I think I may sit out round 1 to see if it's even effective or safe. Once I've seen some type of evidence that it's actually working, and safe, I may be a little more on with the idea. Call it cautious optimism I suppose. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, coaster sally said:

    Time to give it up.  Its like an old person saying they walked 10 miles in the snow to school.  Intamin has had a perfect safety & reliability  record for many years now...Intamin is quite popular across the globe.

     Their safety record, rather good or bad, was overshadowed by one of their own PR people effectively saying we're going to end up killing some people with rides, but we just need to find the appropriate number of people to kill. I can't remember the exact statement, but it's out there on the internet somewhere. 

    Edited to add: 


    "It's impossible to avoid an accident. Every accident is tragic and we should strive not to have any, but accidents do happen. The question is what is an acceptable number?" he said.


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  12. 25 minutes ago, BeeastFarmer said:

    I have been twice this season.  I'm just happy to be in the park and have zero expectations when I go up there.  It's quite different than years past where I try and plan everything out to get the most rides in.  I've had to work through the pandemic, so I was not deprived on human interaction, but it has been satisfying to be around people but not become overwhelmed by social interaction.  

    See, that's a part I'm concerned about.... I am one of those people that makes friends with everyone when I'm out in public. You hear about those kind of people that "never met a stranger", but I can tell you I am actually one of those people. When I'm in line for rides, I never fail to strike up a conversation with someone. I refuse to spend my day at a park staring at a phone screen. I feel like I'll be stripped of my making friends in lines by the physical distancing, but I'm still stoked to get to go. 

  13. 51 minutes ago, FalenLacer9 said:

    Statements like this are not only false but dangerous as it undermines those trying to save lives. I've talked to a nurse about this, and tests don't just sit around to be sent in blank. They have to be ordered from the lab for a specific patient by a doctor.  This is just unsubstantiated rumor that I keep hearing without a shred of proof. 

    Oh and the hospital she works at has a full Covid unit and people die regularly from the disease. Please take this seriously. 

     I think that information gets shared like that because people just can't actually wrap their heads around the idea of something like this happening, because we've never seen anything like this in any of our lifetimes. The reporting of information has been nearly criminal in my opinion. So much misinformation is allowed to just stream out to everyone, and due to social media, it spreads like wildfire. 

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  14. Quote

    Fifty-two new confirmed cases were reported in the region Monday, forcing the park to shut its gates.

      Wow, 52 cases is cause for concern.... meanwhile in Florida, I think I saw 15k cases or something like that? Yeah, given the differences in what people find alarming, I doubt we will see anything close here in the good ol' USA

  15. 54 minutes ago, KIfan73 said:

    I haven't been through my KI stuff for awhile, and came across a couple more items with the original logo...two of everyone's favorite items to remember their Kings Island visit:  a shot glass, and an ashtray.  

    Also, it doesn't sport the first logo, but the map pictured is from, what I understand, the opening season.




    If that's not a sign of the times..... Shot glasses and ashtrays featuring the KI logo!! If you could come up with a Brandy Snifter with the KI logo, we could have a party. 

  16. 4 hours ago, jimlaheyscar said:

    Web cams are up and running at CP if you want to watch opening day.  Crowd to get in is already long.


    I suppose this probably squashes the conspiracy theory that Cedar Fair doesn't want footage of how many people are in the park... which is disturbingly sparse looking watching the cams. 

  17. 2 hours ago, BeeastFarmer said:

    Another post to get attention.  It's fairly obvious that they are cleaning up the site.  Footings are being dug up, debris is being triaged and removed.  There are still footings in the ground, I counted at least 5 in the picture.  The company hired to demolish Vortex, ORourke, is plainly displayed on the equipment.  When I was at the park on Tuesday, they were using the jackhammer to get the large footing destroyed up by the train storage shed of The Beast.  

    The ignore option is a refreshing thing to have on this site.

    You also have to keep in mind, there were still footers on that site from The Bat, that are what, almost 40 years old now? There was a lot that needed to be removed from that site, and the footers that were there from The Bat were pretty large in a few locations. There was one you could see from Vortex station that was about the size of a 1 car garage floor!! 

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  18. 1 hour ago, RollerNut said:

    This is my opinion only:
    Actually it is not hot or miserable, you just have to get yourself in the mind set that you are wearing your mask to protect your guests, your coworkers and your family. 

    I find it far more bothersome that my mask hides my smile from my guests than anything else.

    I won’t say which amusement park I work at. My job is just as enjoyable with the mask as it was before pre-covid. 

     That's fair!! We're glad you are doing what you do, at the undisclosed park you do it at. Stay hydrated, and keep having fun!! 

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  19. 2 hours ago, King Ding Dong said:

    This right here.  

    Also mask or no mask with these levels of humidity and 90F+ days it is miserable outside especially if one is not acclimated to it which many of us are not because we haven’t been spending as much time outside doing stuff as we normally would.

    I bet the employees are even more miserable than the guests but are probably not allowed to post about it.     

    I assure you that the employees are far more miserable. Where we get to walk around the park, and get some moving air across our face, they are standing in the stations most of their day. It's hot and miserable for sure. 

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