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  1. Art's Renta Roller. They bring out rental coasters to truly troll the park!!
  2. Now why do you have to go and say a thing like that? Now they'll never offer an All Season Beer Plan, and my dreams are shattered!!
  3. Your wife did the right thing. It's hard to watch someone go through that any time I see it, because I'm a product of bullying in high school. All you can really do to hopefully impact that is to talk to the one being bullied, listen, lend an ear, and offer suggestions to get out of that situation. Talking to the aggressors is only going to make her situation worse. She needs the spine to get herself out of that and on to better places.
  4. yusssssssss I'm glad to hear they've gone back to the old days of the music theme. That's one of those highly timeless things.
  5. A little louder for the people in the back, bring back the Phantom Theater!!
  6. Oooh, this post has potential to get interesting. I for one don't judge for tattoos and piercings. The issue for the park as far as I am concerned however, is once you allow a little, you have to allow the whole lot, and while I don't care what you do to ornament your body, some people are made uncomfortable by certain things.
  7. LOL, You mentioning that is worth me telling my story then..... I was with the wife and kids. They wanted to ride shake rattle and roll, and while they were riding, I noticed multiple nearly empty trains on Vortex, so I told my wife I was going to go for a ride on it. Walked on to a front seat ride, got off, went and walked onto Wind Seeker. I realized that there were empty trains leaving the station on Vortex, so I went back and jumped on again. Grabbed a middle seat so I could marathon it. After about 3 laps, that last loop into the corkscrew all the blood rushed to my head, and then in the helix was shoved quickly back out. I woke up on the brake run before the station and decided I should probably call it a night on my Vortex marathon. Got a great chuckle out of it, but I certainly supports the theory that people in lesser health could have a very bad experience with that.
  8. I would love to go to the park this weekend. It would have to be Saturday for me, but I don't see myself pulling that one off.
  9. This is impressive work sir!! That being said, Home Depot carries pre-built "trolling fence" panels. They could save money by buying the pre-built panels and then throwing them up around random places within the park. Personally, the best troll they gave us was the "Giga Crane" game. We all know that building a Giga is going to require a crane. It's like they're coming right out and saying it to anyone that is smart enough to read between the lines!!
  10. I have heard the wind blow rumors of this being the last season for Invertigo. I'm actually quite surprised that it's lasted this long considering it has pretty low capacity compared to other rides in the park. Great ride, but horrible loading times and single train kind of kill it.
  11. Last season when I was in the park, I did multiple ride throughs on Vortex. Came back into the station, no one in line, I asked one of the girls that was checking restraints and she said no big deal, you can stay on until you're done, or someone is in your row. I think it may be a thing that some ride ops take very seriously, and others do not. Body count does make sense, and if you're staying on, it can throw off their count.
  12. https://www.wcpo.com/news/insider/remember-this-standup-coaster-king-cobra-kept-kings-island-visitors-on-their-toes-for-17-years?page=2 Don Helbig was a part of this article, so I think that may settle that question.
  13. I had assumed that would be the case. I don't remember where I had heard that, but somewhere along the line, I had read somewhere that TOGO had set up a prototype with lesser quality steel and that was why the tracks and supports rusted so badly between paint jobs.
  14. Ya know, I'm feeling impressed so far by the reviews on here about the food offerings. Going to have to try the new Bar b Q joint this summer. A theme park with good food offerings is so often not common, and I'm excited to have it. It will probably be dinner for me though, I'm not into the big lunch meals on hot days!!
  15. I have always heard both of those points as well. The most believable statement would be that TOGO went out of business, making replacement parts near to impossible to obtain. I have also heard rumors for some time that when TOGO built what would become the king cobra, it was a prototype, and KI didn't want to wait for an actual coaster to be built for them, and demanded the prototype be brought out and installed on site. Anyone know if there's any validity to this statement? The world of coasters is always so full of lore!!
  16. That could potentially have been some form of early season maintenance. The lines seem to be right in line with 2 of the mounting bolts. Potentially could have replaced some mounting hardware on the support.
  17. Drainage/ sewer pipes could finally mean bathrooms in X-Base.... could it be?
  18. It's been really rainy here in Indiana too. Today is the first dry day this week. If it wasn't heavy rain, we had at least light drizzle nearly daily.
  19. It should. I'm north west of the park in Indianapolis, and today is dry and sunny. Cold though...
  20. There are some of us that have stopped cigarettes and moved on to vaping that every once in a while will complain about how smoky smoking sections are. For me, it's mainly because I still want cigarettes, but dropped them to try a "healthier alternative", and now, here we are, lumped right back into the same group, still huffing away on the smoke. Can't win, so we whine. I do understand the reasoning, I get it, but it sucks.
  21. Hey, I've already admitted I'm a little unhinged when it comes to coasters. I also like watching the process of starting the season.
  22. Just saw Mystic Timbers run all 3 trains. Also was watching BLSC running earlier. They sent one train out, and it didn't make it all the way up the helix. It was kind of funny to watch it get ALMOST to the top of the helix, and then roll back down it towards the station. It made it on the second launch. Edit: Mystic Timbers is running right this second.
  23. Vortex is currently running on the Diamonback webcam!!
  24. KImom, that is the one. One of those goofy things I will always remember about my youth at Kings Island. I was always excited about the fact that it was right under Vortex, my parents were always excited by the fact that it was fairly well shaded back there, and mainly, it's right next to a bathroom! Also, nerding over here still watching the live cams, there is a fork lift dropping off cars for the Diamonback train by the station. Looks like they are starting to reassemble the trains!!!
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