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  1. I don't think there's been a time at the park where I didn't hear a story about "did you hear someone died on *insert ride name here*". It's one of the most annoying things I hear any time I'm in any park. I don't know what the perceived right of passage is that people get from telling people that someone died on a ride that they're getting ready to ride, but it's obnoxious the amount of misinformation that gets spread. As a matter of fact, there are people I know that are still under the impression that The Bat was torn out because it killed so many people. Same with King Cobra. I've reached a point in my life where the moment someone says "Hey did you ever get to ride The Bat at KI" I immediately respond with "no one ever died on The Bat" and then "I was 2". The worst part is that it's public record. It always has been public record. In today's society, you can find this information with a very quick google search! There have been very few guest deaths in that park considering how long it's been open, and the number of warm bodies that pass through the gate every day. Sorry, just a little rant.
  2. The shed is fun. Sadly for me, I had already been on KIC before going to ride the ride for the first time, so I had a bit of an idea what I was going to experience. It's nice to see a theme in a ride for me, and the shed carries the theme well. Now on to answering the question asked by the thread: Small kids stuff. They have a great selection of kids rides for kids that are over 40 inches, but my son who's only 38 inches was very limited in his ride choices, and that was disappointing to me. Wildly, my kids are 2 years apart, my 2 year old is 38 inches, and my 4 year old is 42. They both love rides, and I would like there to be more for them to do!!
  3. King Cobra hands down. As most have likely already figured out about me in my short tenure, I'm very nostalgic. Most of the things that I miss most about KI are based upon memories I have from when I was a kid. Much to my mom's dismay, my dad would gradually take me on bigger and bigger coasters when I was likely far too young to be on them (I was very tall for my age when I was younger) and one year we went to KI and he took me over to King Cobra. I was JUST tall enough to fit the harness system, so on we went. I couldn't have been more than 7 at or 8 at my first ride. That ride hooked me so hard, and my dad realized he created a monster probably the 3rd of 4th time we waited through that line that day.
  4. Still absolutely love this ride. The first ride in my memory that I rode with inversions. I think it's safe to say that 40 percent of my love for it is nostalgic. The other 60 percent is that fact that I actually enjoy riding this ride. Last time I was there I jumped in a front seat ride while the wife and kids went to scrambler, then went back after a wind seeker ride to ride 3 laps through in a random seat. It is just such a classic and iconic coaster. I will ride it at least 1 time every time I'm in the park, until the fateful day comes...
  5. I personally would find great excitement even if they did nothing between 17 and 18 other than just go through and touch up the theming of the park as a whole. I'm going to be that old guy now that throws a hissy about the old days, but honestly, that's what I'm looking for. I've noticed since I had kids that when I take them places I remember getting such joy from as a child, that I want them to feel the same joy I felt as a child walking in. I often have trouble separating myself from them when it comes to this. When I walked under the international restaurant and into the expanse that is international street the other day, I felt a little bit of it, but not all of it. I miss that musical build. Quiet orchestral fanfare music as you walk up to the gates, followed by louder versions playing as you walk into the park. I miss walking through the park and physically feeling the feel of each different world. That feeling like you're passing between different places was awesome. It would be cool to feel that again, but I know Cedar Fairs isn't very big on theming, so I will not expect that. Then I also realize, my kids don't care or notice, they want to ride the rides. They have been asking me all week when we are going back. Disney World at the beginning of September is the next stop, but I have every intention of trying to get at least 1 or 2 more KI trips in this year, preferably better planned, since it was just my wife, the 2 kiddos, and me, and I didn't get all of my coasters in!!
  6. On my most recent visit to the park, I did note that it seemed the fast pass holders were very few and far between. It was surprising to me honestly. The one thing that I noted about the KI fast pass was that you don't really miss anything by having a fast pass. My family are very regular Disney World visitors (2 year old and 4 year old, they're big for their ages, but still not big enough to have the real fun at KI yet) is that when you fast pass into a ride you miss 90 percent of the theming of the ride. To save myself from 2-3 hour waits for the rides my daughter enjoys, I'll deal, but it's not as immersive when you have to skip past everything that themes the build for the ride. As far as a year long pass, for 500 bucks, I'll pass. Especially considering for me, that's 2 grand for my family of 4 next year, on top of a season pass. In a few more years when the kiddos are big enough to do the real rides at KI, we may rethink that decision. My 4 year old daughter is already a coaster fanatic, and my 2 year old son was showing traits on the pumpkin coaster Sunday. I told him to hold his hands up, so he was very angry with my wife that she wasn't doing the same!!
  7. Shaggy, I joined up on your facebook page last night, and then didn't go to bed until midnight. The memories. I was born in 1980, and started visiting KI about 84ish if my memory serves. So many long lost rides, features and attractions are showcased in your photos. I love it!! Keep it up!!
  8. Did my first ride on MT last Sunday. I got off all smiles. That is one of the best build outs that KI has had in a very long time. Like many, I was very happy to see that KI seems to be going back to theming rides and areas. This is one of the pieces of my child hood that I miss about KI. I got snakes in the shed, with Cars as the song.
  9. We were there last Sunday 8/13. The morning was busy, but not packed, by about 1pm, it was like a mass exodus had occurred. I was on MT in about 35 minutes, and walked onto wind seeker and Vortex. (I actually got 3 ride throughs on Vortex). I asked one of the girls working The Vortex station what was going on, she mentioned that Cincy area schools started Monday, so people were getting their last hoorah in early and then going home to get the kids ready.
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