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  1. You can certainly tell that the original TV commercial was done by Hanna Barbera. That was like a scene straight out of Scooby Doo.
  2. Does it appear to anyone else as though they closed in the queue line area for FOF? Kind of an interesting move!
  3. I do enjoy sitting on that patio back there, watching Diamondback, sipping a beer from their bar quite often. Very nice little area for sure!
  4. LOL! Methanol in hand sanitizer? That's a treat right there. I have spent a large amount of my life in the drag racing world, where methanol gets used frequently, and can tell you, when that methanol hits your nose, you're going down.
  5. You.... you did the math? That's actually awesome!! However, this is also assuming you're at the very end of the line of 8750 people, so realistically you likely won't be stuck in line for 1641 minutes. I guess being that they're only open 8 hours per day, there is a strong possibility that riding Orion is going to be the only thing that people do in their visit though!!
  6. If I had to guess, it's likely going to be a forever thing. Disney did it already, and I think the majority of their customer base saw it as a positive. Lets be real, the number of people that smoke still is dwindling, the number of people that hate smoking is growing. I feel like there is a strong possibility these smaller regional parks likely look to Disney and Universal for social cues like this. When the huge parks continue to maintain attendance, while telling people to go outside to smoke, then the small regional parks are willing to give it a shot. I vape, used to smoke.... I'll walk outside to do so. My typical day at the park is usually about 13 miles of walking, so I can tell you pretty easily that I'm by the front gates at least 4 or 5 times in my visit, and have no issue making those times I'm up front a time to wander out to the smokers patio. I also am one of those people where if it's not convenient for me to go vape, I likely won't. I know for some folks, the smoke or the vape is an hourly occurrence, and I understand
  7. That is a fantastic point! And honestly, the park has security. I'm not sure if they have ENOUGH security to police this matter, but they do have security.
  8. I do agree with this, up to the point where, people are highly autonomous. As far as I'm concerned, the park appears to have made strides to do what they can do. They've marked safe distance, they've asked folks to follow the rules, they have signs up all over the park requesting you to remain socially distant. They did what they could. From there on out, it's about people doing what they need to do. You aren't wrong in that the park does have some onus to do what needs to be done, but in my opinion, they did it. They set up markers, they put up signs, they made it known that this is what is expected. From there, it's up to us as humans to do what is right.
  9. I get both ends of this argument, but we are all intelligent enough to know by now how the general population of our country is behaving in regards to the pandemic. You and I both know that some will abide by the guidelines, some wont. What ends up happening when you start going all "Karen" on social media is that it draws the attention of the folks that have the authority to say "shut it back down, they aren't following the rules."
  10. That sounds like another interesting tip!! I frankly have more than enough trouble with just the neck gaiter. I have some pretty severe anxiety inducing claustrophobia, so just wearing the mask is enough, adding more layers may make it worse. If I may too.... I'm off on another point right now, I saw over the weekend that there were some folks posting pics from other parks that have opened already complaining because social distancing was not being followed. Look guys, I know that the new thing is putting people and places on blast for not adhering to guidelines... but please just don't. We are finally reaching a point where the parks can open. We are finally reaching a time where we are being able to have a little fun, don't get the parks shut back down after their first weekend by sharing these pictures online and drawing attention to the fact.
  11. That's not ideal for sure, but I suppose it could be worse... somehow it could be worse.
  12. I think it will end up being detrimental to their bottom line for sure. They make absurd profit on the snacks and drinks at the movie theater, but I'm certain there are going to be provisions for removal of the masks for drinking and eating.
  13. Trust me, it's not a lot better up here in big city paranoia land. It's easy to get sucked into the anger and ridiculousness. BTW, thanks for the pointer on the glasses fog spray!! I need to get some of that, because more often than not, I climb without my glasses on, and that's not super easy to do blind!!
  14. I would put my opinion at about 85% that it was Cedar Fair that decided it. I think you're from Indy too, but can't recall.... Here in Indy AMC theaters announced they would be opening, but wouldn't be requiring masks. There was an uproar over it, so they reversed the decision within hours of announcing it, there was an uproar from the other crowd. You can't make a good decision right now, so the best decision is always to err on the side of caution. That's what I think happened with Cedar Fair. "We will lose going left, we will lose going right, so lets veer towards the safest thing we can do, and face the backlash from those that aren't interested in the safe bet"
  15. I tend to agree with this. I don't think that people will adhere to the new smoking rules, and likely will get belligerent over being told to stop. I'm one of those that could go through my entire life with zero conflict and be a happy human, so I'm not usually one to try to direct people to do anything. Not my circus, not my monkeys. I know I'm not the norm when it comes to such things, so I can see this turning real sour real fast....
  16. I read back a couple pages and got caught back up. For the folks awaiting their start dates to work at the park, I genuinely feel bad for you guys. As I've mentioned a few times in this thread, I've been working like nothing happened for the whole pandemic. We slowed way down for a while, and that felt safer to me, because we weren't packing the dealership full of people day in and day out. In the past 2 weeks, we've gone right back to normal daily numbers, and it's been a little less comfortable to have so many people making their way through here. That part alone is stressful. Add to that, people are indeed becoming meaner to their fellow man, and you actually have an even worse situation. I've been yelled at and cussed at because we are trying to structure our schedule around not having 10 people standing around in our tiny office at the same time, and it's been nothing but a fight. The whole "what do you mean I can't do what I want when I want" mentality is tiring. I can only hope for your sake that being in a fun environment will shape the attitudes a little bit. A little advice: keep your cool, don't let them get to you. Their ridiculousness isn't your battle. I'm still not exactly super happy about the idea of all of the signage everywhere about social distancing, much as some have stated about the virtue signaling, if I hear "social distancing" much more, I'm going to lose my mind. As far as the masks go, I've seen numerous posts on the Facebooks that says they are allowing people to wear neck gaiters. If that's the case, then go grab you one of those. That's what I wear at the climbing gym, and I can tell you 100%, that of the masks, it's the easiest, lightest, and stays put FAR better than much else of what I've tried. As an added bonus, if you get the bottom of it wet where it rests on your neck, it helps keep you cool. I got mine at REI for about 20 bucks. I highly recommend that route. I'm considering leaning towards at least 1 visit to KI this summer now that I've actually done strenuous exercise wearing it. It's not bad, other than it fogs my glasses all to hell. As to my first point however, I'm going to need to see a shift in humans prior to making my solid decision. I don't want to be in a park with angry evil people. That's something I have no desire to be involved with.
  17. If you are wearing an ear strap mask, remove the strap from one ear, hang the mask from the other ear, scratch your nose, sip your drink, etc. As far as adjusting the mask, well, you're not wrong, you have to move it from time to time, so if you have to touch the front of your mask, wash or sanitize your hands after. If at all possible, first make attempts at adjustments by using the ear straps, because that's the safest place to grab at your mask as far as transmission goes. If you're not wearing the surgical or cloth kind, and are wearing a neck gaiter (which is my go to, because of ease of use, and overall stability), it's a lot easier to adjust, or drop and raise the mask by touching no where near the nose/ mouth area of the mask.
  18. Alright, we're rounding the wagons, I'm backing out. As much fun as it is, I can see there are a handful of you that are just going to be mad because someone has a differing opinion.
  19. You do realize you're furthering my point about people feeling it necessary to talk down to, and treat people poorly over the whole thing right?
  20. Still picking the points you want to respond to I see.
  21. I enjoy that not one of you approached the point that I made. When you feel it necessary to have your facebook profile picture be you in a mask, you are doing it for credit. It's the social media craze. Do what everyone else does. Wear what everyone else wears. Buy what everyone else buys. It's all about an image. When you go out in public, wear your mask. You don't need every other post on your social media to be about people that don't. You don't need to put pictures of yourself all over the internet wearing your mask. Just wear the thing. When you see someone not wearing one, walk past them, say nothing, go on about your life. The one thing that the pandemic has done, is that it's turned people against each other. People feel like its on them to force other people to do that right thing. Ya know, virtue signaling. But yeah, my opinion is ridiculous, and absurd.
  22. For most, the mask is a virtue signaling device. Some are actually wearing it to keep themselves safe. I've seen so many with a mask that is an inch from their face on the sides because it doesn't fit them properly. I've seen many with it on, but tucked under their nose or chin..... I've seen an increase in facebook profile pics that are mask selfies, which shows me that it's an image thing to most. The desire to fit in.
  23. It's kind of interesting to look back at pictures that were captured in the days of film. People had to take the time to actually take a quality photo. Also photos used to be taken to capture memories of great times. They were few and far between because you only had so many exposures on your film roll. Now, photos are taken to be put on instagram. You take 50 shots of the same thing so you can keep the best one, and most of them aren't of anything but the person taking the picture, and the best looking background that proves to 500 people you don't actually know that you were on a beach in some expensive destination.
  24. I've learned a new phrase during this pandemic... it's "virtue signaling". Much of what's being done right now is exactly that. "Look, we care, can't you tell we care by all of these things we do? You can really tell we care!! Please notice that we care!!!"
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