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  1. I also have to ask at this point, how much info do you guys think will really be revealed tomorrow? Do you think they will throw out the stats tomorrow, or do you think they'll leave a little to the imagination? It's a tough double edge sword. You want the general public excited by throwing out the stats, but it's fun to mess with the enthusiasts too!!
  2. But what's in that little metal tin that's in there with the Eiffel Tower trophy?
  3. LOL I can see the conversation now "KIC is trying to get into the lock box, take the lock off, and pull the stuff out, they're gonna get it figured out"
  4. My wife and I were watching videos online last night, and there was a pic of Vortex when she was actually deep royal blue and bright orange. It was beautiful.
  5. The problem with the removal of Vortex is (that it's still one of my favorite rides in the park, and it is such an iconic coaster to me, and to me it's the biggest nostalgia of feeling like a bad arse the first time I rode it) that it's such a beautiful coaster. If they pull that out of there, then whatever they add back is going to have to be something amazing, because of its location and the fact that it is very much a decorative fixture for that area.
  6. "Go look at the posters" is also a great way to get people to come to the park. Hard to say for certain though, there may be info hidden in the posters.
  7. It's wild to me too, because I heard that same rumor from my own dad. Growing up, finding out that it never happened, it's odd to see that these stories got shared among numerous people. Same thing of course, The Bat was torn down because so many people got killed on it.
  8. As a weee lad, I remember when the train would leave the station, looking up at the driver thinking "That guy has the best seat in the house, getting to look down at his amazing coaster". Back then, and still to this day, I often like to believe that there is some strange feeling of loving ownership that a ride op and or driver feels for their coaster.
  9. I could see that being the case. The part that is approved is the station, so it makes sense that the station and transfer track footers are done. There are an awful lot of holes already dug for other footers though. It's hard to say.
  10. If TEOTWAWKI is leading to a name of the coaster, given the theming of the area being area 51 ish, it may be a more war of the worlds theme.
  11. Viking Fury (much to my daughter's dismay) was still down yesterday. She was consoled by the fact that she got to ride Flying Ace, and White Water Canyon (2 times back to back much to her dad's dismay). My son is now tall enough for Woodstock Express, so he got to ride it (9 times)
  12. I was at the park yesterday. Took the kids up in the tower for the first time in their lives, and took some time to study the construction site. Didn't see any real new work done other than maybe some new holes in the ground. Later in the day there were some trucks parked over there by the footers that have already been poured. It's like the whole thing has kind of slowed for a minute.
  13. When the rope drops, and everyone is running to X Base to look for posters instead of running to their favorite ride... LOL
  14. See my avatar picture.... that was one of my absolute favorite coasters as a kid. Part because it was super fun, part because I was YOUNG when I first rode it, and you were really cool in my little world if you rode that when you were as young as I was
  15. That's weird.... Steel Force is 200 feet tall. The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet tall. I'm confused by their statement.
  16. It's an interesting theory.... but as a layman, I can say that this is the first time I've ever heard that name, and I don't know that a campaign for a roller coaster for the general public would use such an obscure reference.
  17. Well that made it more confusing.... However, the W is out of sequence number... so are they throwing it even more off by hanging them out of sequence now, and then moving them back into sequence? Is it going to be a hashtag? Will it be #URWRONGKI?
  18. It would end up looking something like this.
  19. I've heard the rattle on Banshee while on the ride, I've only heard the rattle on Diamondback from the ground. I've known for some time that B&M's rattle, so it's never been a concern.
  20. I'm not sure if it was one of the coasters at KI or the Starliner in Panama City Beach at what was Miracle Strip Amusement Park.
  21. Now THAT is something that takes you back to a childhood!! Definitely remember that!!
  22. "Ovaltine? A crummy commercial"
  23. Oh I assure you, who I am as a person has been molded, and re molded by seeing things from a different point of view numerous times over. It can happen for sure, but there are also the foundations upon which you stand, and some of those things are more moral based than anything. There, you probably shouldn't be as flexible.
  24. To play devil's advocate.... Why is it such a problem when someone says "that offends me" or "I don't find that funny"? Opinions differ. There's nothing wrong with that either. I will however side with you on the idea that everyone thinks they're right about everything.
  25. To expect a thread like this to not go poorly is short sighted to say the least. Sexual harassment/ assault is a VERY polarizing topic. You have your "always believe the accuser" camp, and you have your "I need hard facts" camp. Where the line gets blurred is when you attempt to discuss the legal aspects. On one hand, in situations of sexual harassment/ assault, as a human, you should side with the person that FEELS they were harassed/ assaulted. I'm not the judge, I'm not the jury. Did something happen to this woman that made her uncomfortable? Yup. It's that simple. I will side with her on the fact that she was made to feel uncomfortable in her working environment, and went for help and was ignored. We can all agree that she FELT that happened to her, whether a court room, and jury or judge will see it the same, is up to that court room. It's a terribly sad thing to happen to anyone, for any reason.
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