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  1. One of my favorite childhood memories from Kings Island is standing in line trying to guess what color car we’d be in when it was our turn. So glad these are coming back.
  2. I was just curious as to what they’ve been in past years.
  3. This was our first year as gold pass holders. I know we got in for cheap with free parking once last year when we purchased them. Are there usually any incentives when you renew?
  4. I’m really not trying to be a negative nelly here, but it’s fairly easy for everyone to walk away safely when there’s no actual threat. I hope they have proper procedure in place so everyone can walk away safely if there’s ever a real problem. Even more so I hope there’s never a real threat.
  5. Anybody in the park and able to tell me if their Build a Bear is open?
  6. I must’ve missed where anyone was whining about that. That being said, not everyone can afford season passes to get there nightly and for some a once a summer visit is all they get, so yeah, I can understand how some people would be disappointed they were canceled.
  7. Yes, there’s a fine line. Don’t know exactly what is the best way to handle things. You can’t tell people that there’s a suspicious object that’s been found because then you potentially have people stampeding for the exits but you also need to keep your employees somewhat informed so they aren’t just telling guests “we have no idea what’s going on, just sit and wait.” Glad it was just a scare and everyone is safe, of course.
  8. To be honest, there wasn’t a completely professional handling of the situation from the KI side. People were being told the fireworks were still going to happen and to sit and wait for them. They need a protocol for things like this and their cast members need to be taught how to follow it.
  9. No. They disappeared last night right as whatever was going on went on. Too much of a coincidence.
  10. I would assume from the heavy police presence as everyone left the park last night it was not your run of the mill weather closure.
  11. You used the word “you” more than once. On top of that, your entire tone is very hostile. You’re going to catch more flies with honey than vinegar, I promise.
  12. If it makes you feel any better they wouldn’t let me and my toddler on Woodstock Whirlybirds until I put shoes on him.
  13. Thanks! My daughter was hoping for a ride on it Saturday.
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