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  1. The Giga Speculation Thread

    It’s amazing how observant we all are. It truly is a game of cat and mouse, and I love the constant uncertainty of what the future awaits. PR staff does a GREAT job keeping us on our toes as we do the same for them. This is some pure off-season fun! -Rapp will tell these stories of amazing times to the future crop of enthusiasts [emoji5]
  2. The Giga Speculation Thread

    A new spark of hope just ignited into my little KI fanboy heart. I know it’s nothing grand or confirmed, yet, it’s the icing on the cake of such a fantastic and memorable year at Kings Island. The future is bright for us Kings Island enthusiasts.
  3. Kentucky Kingdom

    Thanks to Kentucky Kingdom and Reddit's r/rollercoasters I stumbled upon this teaser trailer. The trailer is quite vague and leads to many questions. However, a few facts can be drawn from the trailer... There appears to be a change from black and white into crisp color, there numerous video clips stretching from aerial views of the park, coaster POV's and dining options. Dramatic and climatic music plays throughout the trailer. A voice over states "You may know who I am", "You may not know who I am"... "You may know where I am", "You may not know where I am"..."But you will soon". Let the 2019 teasing begin! Are you ready for it?
  4. Official: WinterFest 2017

    Looks like the Eiffel Tower is suffering from flat-head syndrome. At least the LeVeque Tower is no longer alone [emoji23]. The symptoms are apparent.
  5. Intamin or B&M

    I feel this is a coaster enthuasist age old question, and truly has no definitive answer. Both manufacturers are innovative, brilliant and bright in the industry and have provided some breathtaking thrills throughout the amusement park world. The aesthetics of B&M’s have always struck me. Something about their perfectly symmetric steel track and the way the spine interacts with the narrow, parallel rails. The recent B&M’s front plazas are just gorgeous and stunning (Fury 325, Banshee, Thunderbird, Leviathan). The name... Bolliger and Mabillard sounds so professional and strikes fear into any non-seasoned manufacturer. The sounds of B&M’s are heaven to the ears. Each coaster has it’s diverse noise it creates throughout traversing the circuit, whether it’s the loud, jar rattling roar of Raptor or the endless WHOOOOSH of Banshee. Yes, B&M’s can be slightly lackluster (Rougarou, Apocalypse, Raging Bull) yet, there are far too many amazing and G-force packed B&M’s (Fury, Kumba, Behemoth) to accuse “B&M’s of being forceless”. The consistency and capacity of B&M’s are often regarded as top tier of the coaster spectrum. There’s truly no reason to completely despise B&M. Intamin is a similar yet different manufacturer. In a metaphorical sense, Intamin is the father of a run away child (Claude and Walt originally worked under Intamin until they branched off to form B&M). Intamin coasters seem more intimidating and in your face. Their steep lift hills found on Millennium Force and Intimidator 305, their blazing fast accelerations found on Formula Rossa, Kingda Ka, and Top Thrill Dragster, and steep vertical lifts found on coasters such as Fahrenheit make even the most seasoned enthusiasts shudder. Intamin trains sit lower on the track giving yourself and increased perception of speed. Innovation is in Intamin’s blood. Millennium Force and Superman the Ride have led to the B&M hypers models. Intamin stretches far from coasters as well. The manufacturer is infamous for its drop rides and water rides. I firmly believe that this is pure personal preference and no manufacturer is better than the other. Hopefully, this debate continues to rage for years to come. Thoughts?
  6. Official: WinterFest 2017

    Carowinds went the extra mile decorating Fury 325. Hopefully Mystie is decorated or additional theming is added to truly spruce up the Christmas theming. Source: https://www.coaster101.com/2017/11/11/beginning-look-lot-like-christmas-carowinds-prepares-winterfest/
  7. Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    I have to agree that BLSC doesn't fit it's current location and plays a quite odd role in Kings Islands coaster lineup. I personally feel that BLSC is a strong coaster with a variety of forces, the first launch into the helix has had me seeing stars on a few occasions. Yet, it's something about the dilapidated theme and long lines that seem to repel me away from it's tacky and uninviting entrance. Kings Dominion's and Canada's Wonderland's BLSC's both look to be wasted space. I wouldn't be surprised if these clones were to get the chopping block sometime in the next 5-10 years. Now what would takes its spot? Due to the open, arid, grassy area in which BLSC lays I feel it would be amazing if Cedar Fair would experiment with a new method, artificially created theming (Taron at Phantasialand). Kings Island lacks an intense low to the ground coaster such as a Maverick, Skyrush or Intimidator 305. A Mack or Intamin multi-launch coaster with interactive theming (Mystic Timbers thrives in this category) would help strengthen Kings Islands lineup. Adjusting the entrance from the busy and crowded Vortex midway to the less densely populated path between Diamonback's splashdown and BLSC would also be a positive. All in all, it's not necessarily BLSC itself, however, the acreage it possesses is far to valuable. - As for you BFF, you are truly a coaster enthusiast anomaly
  8. Official: WinterFest 2017

    That Eiffel Tower reminds me of something down south... Hmm... Yes! Here it is!
  9. I have been thinking about a speculation fence a LOT lately. My coaster enthusiasm was truly started at Kings Island and I will forever cherish the sacred land, no matter the coaster lineup. On August 8th, 2013 Banshee was announced, a record-breaking B&M invert that would establish KI's dominance in the Midwest. However, I had solidified the thought that Kings Island would be receiving a B&M Giga, similar to what Canada's Wonderland had received only a year prior. I was slightly disappointed but was ecstatic that my home park was getting some 24 million dollar TLC from Cedar Fair (Cough, Cough, Michigan's Adventure).Three years past only to be once again surprised with another good ol' fence. Again, my early enthusiasm Deja Vu struck hard and was once again believing that Kings Island was going to be receiving a Giga in 2017. These thoughts were quickly spoiled as a GCI was leaked to wreck havoc in Rivertown. Don't get me wrong both Banshee and Mystic Timbers are both Fantastic coasters, and fit Kings Islands lineup needs greatly. I don't want my statements to have come across as greedy or ungrateful, I'm so thankful to have a home park filled with like-minded individuals, as well as, great coasters and flats. However, Banshee and Mystie aren't a Fury. A seemingly reoccurring thought hits me as I roam Banshee's Plaza, Kings Island has steadily grown in the last ten years and Cedar Fair has refurbished the coaster lineup exponentially. A B&M Giga with a dedicated and well-drawn out plaza would make the atmosphere of Kings Island feel like a clean, utopian wonderland. Metaphorically speaking, Kings Island is sleeping giant, a B&M Giga would wake up the coaster world. Take the addition of Fury 325 to Carowinds and Intimidator 305 to Kings Dominion as prime examples. I have a feeling that the fourth gold ol' fence since 2014 will be the largest, tallest, fastest KI gem.
  10. Does KI compete with area parks?

    All those reasons that you stated are very viable and valid options given the financial capabilities of Cedar Fair and Six Flags. However, I feel I can speak for all enthusiasts who know about the late Will Koch and the family ordeal that occurred after his tragic and abrupt passing. To make a long story filled with legal family arguments and many severed relationships. 70 years ago Holiday World was founded by So Louis J. Koch, two generations later So Louis J. Koch's grandson (Will Koch) took management over Holiday World and it's operations. Will's innovation lead to two great CCI coasters that call Holiday world home. The Legend and The Raven truly put Holiday World onto the map and enabled a larger woodie to rise out of the wooded, southwestern Indiana wilderness. In 2001 Will tragically passed away due to diabetes complications. As result his widow, Lori Koch took control of the park. Will's brother Dan Koch was promoted to interim president, however, due to severe disputes and disagreements Lori fired Dan completely destroying a family. Dan and his mother (Pat Koch) moved down to Alabama to form Alabama Splash Adventure. The dry park features Rampage, a 120 foot, terrain twisting, CCI woodie. Though unlikely, I would love to see Dan and Pat rekindle their severed ties with Lori and the rest of the Koch family. Similar to Herschend Family Entertainment, who owns both Dollywood and Silver Dollar City. I feel the only way that Holiday World can endure the brutal amusement business in the Midwest is if the Koch's would reunite and invest equally in both parks. Hopefully, love and family will prevail in this situation possibly preserving the fate of Holiday World and Splashin' Safari. Sorry KI, I hope to see a classic, family-run park succeed!
  11. Final ride of the Season (Winterfest excluded)

    I was watching the most recent Koaster Kids video and quickly noticed @malem riding on the final train of the season on The Beast, with shorts and a t-shirt. Your a very brave man! Malem can be seen at around 8:35...
  12. Final ride of the Season (Winterfest excluded)

    Sadly my last trip to KI was on Sunday August 13th. The day was very fun as my nine year old took his first lap on Mystic (Picture soon to come). However, I closed the night wanting to grab a new credit, being Woodstock Express. They were only running one train operations leaving me waiting 20 minutes just to get one ride. Since my brother rarely ever goes to KI, I also wanted to grab the elusive Great Pumpkin Coaster credit. To my surprise, my GP parents swooped us up an hour before closing. That sums up my last ride of the 2017 season.
  13. All of those platforms would be very compatible with podcasts. Some of my favorite podcasts include: Coaster Radio, In The Loop and Coaster Buzz. Some very cool ideas would be guest interviews, construction updates, debates, (these would be very interesting and different) and trip reports. I enjoy those coaster podcasts, however they all are very broad and vague on specific parks. A KIC podcast wouldn't just help expand KIC, but also strengthen the unity of the community. I'm 100% for this idea and would LOVE to make this dream a reality!
  14. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    A smokehouse in Coney Mall would bring life back to the somewhat dilapidated area. My nose can already smell those juicy, barbecued ribs radiating throughout Coney Mall. Plus, who doesn't love some good homemade ribs!
  15. Will Coney Mall be Overhauled?

    Millennium Flyer trains could possibly transform The Racer's ride experience. The Millennium Flyer trains are "the ONLY trains that can negotiate the highly twisted track configurations of a GCI roller coaster" (GCI). The only problem that GCI could run into with installing Millennium Flyer trains is Racer's track configuration compared to other GCI's. I don't know if the width of The Racer's track is compatible with the width of Mystic's track, however, I'm sure GCI could create custom width trains for The Racer somewhat similar to what B&M did with Banshee due to the wider vest restraints. I could just imagine popping over those airtime hills and feeling the clock rewind 40+ years. Information regarding the compatibility of the trains