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  1. Flat Ride at KI

    Please! Bring it back!
  2. Flat Ride at KI

    Here comes an unpopular opinion... I would be fascinated if Huss were to re-design their "topple tower" design. Yes, structural flaws plagued the past models such as, Timber Tower at Dollywood and Ornen at Somnerland, however, if designed correctly the attraction could supply thrills for all ages. The visual appearance of the ride has proven to be worthy, strong theming elements and bright colors make the ride look appealing. I think the tower could stand in Coney Mall where Flight Commander once stood, and would be themed somewhat like the past attraction. The theming is half the appeal...
  3. Guests Say The Darnest Things

    Back in the year of 2012 when the structure of Son Beast was still standing much speculation was generated throughout the "GP" community. I overheard an older gentleman with his family discussing the tragedy in which Son of Beast inflicted onto an unlucky train of riders. He stated that "The train flew off the lift hill, this caused the riders to go flying into the parking lot killing hundreds of innocent onlookers." During that period I wasn't an avid enthusiast, however, I did possess common sense, resulting in myself to laugh out loud in cringing laughter.
  4. Improving Que Lines

    An evil technological breakthrough has been lurking around the queue lines of Kings Island. What is this awful, brainwashing breakthrough you may ask? FUN TV (*Insert evil, demonic voice). Here are it's victims being brainwashed by it's horror: The AGONY! Fellow members of KIC, stay strong during this dark period of technological misery. Best of wishes!
  5. Improving Que Lines

    "Power hour" also commonly known as "efficiency hour" seems to be a subject of debate in the community of enthusiasts. I have been subjected to this technique a few times and contrary to many opinions, I actually enjoyed the process. Yes, ride ops can skimp on routine restraint checks and rush riders, however, waiting 20 minutes opposed to 45 in the brutal southern Ohio heat is much preferred, in my opinion. I personally enjoy when the Diamondback crew does this as the trains rarely ever stack.[mention=8280]VortexBFForever[/mention], from past experience, Vortex' crew performs with GREAT efficiency and never skimps on restraints. Keep up the amazing work on my favorite Arrow looper [emoji4]!
  6. GM - Mike Koontz interview

    Loved the interview! I found it very odd how he really did seem to downplay the removal of Dino's. You could truly take his statements in any direction you would like. I'm sure when Mike was asked about the removal of specific musical genres he thought, "Geese, enthusiasts really do pick up on those details."
  7. Recently, the track work for Steel Vengeance was 100% completed. We were lucky enough to have Tony Clark shoot a video of this historic event. The RMC installation crew will he heading down to Doswell for the next few months to complete Twisted Timbers. Both rides will likely get rave reviews next year. To note, I find it funny that Tony Clark joked about the testing process .
  8. According to Tony Clark and Cedar Point track work is 100% finished on Steel Vengeance. RMC did a superb job with the layout as well as the construction. Hopefully, RMC continues to stay ahead of schedule.
  9. Haunt 2017

    This past Saturday I visited my first horror maze of the season. As some of my buddies often know me for my "bravery" on coasters they wanted to see how I would react on the spot, to horror actors and jumps scares. We visited Scareatorium, "Columbus' priemer haunted house". However I was let down with a quite bland, expensive ($22 for general admission), And not so frightening experience. The scare actors were decent however, didn't try to conceal their ways. To put this into perspective, voices of scare actors talking amongst others could be heard while I was walking through the maze. I have gathered some photos via Scareatorium's site and wanted to share. To note, I only have TRULY visited Cedar Points haunt, in comparison of price, quality and fear factor I was quite let down with Scareatorium.
  10. It seems as if Steel Vengeance's track work is 99% finished, as it appears only one to two pieces of track have yet to be installed. Today, the first piece of vertical, first drop track was placed onto the structure. I'm sure by this time next week mechanical work will have already started. Do you think, if done with maximum efficiency, this project could have been completed in one year? credit on photos: Cedar Point
  11. What could 2018 bring KI

    Many enthuasist including myself want to see more then just a coaster in X-base yet, an immersive, themed and interactive area. Ironically, Toverland in Kronenberg, Netherlands announced what they would be receiving in 2018 and here are the results... Queue Theming... The B&M Wingcoaster (Fenix) If the ride itself is half as good as the train design, then the Dutch are in for a real treat! An interactive, interesting and in-depth themed section will be coming to Toverland in 2018. This park expansion will include a new B&M Wing coaster that interacts with the front gate (Hmmmm. Wonder where they got that from?) by the name of Fenix. The coaster will be over 2,667 feet long, reach a maximum height of 131 feet, top speeds close to 60 mph, and will contain 3 inversions. The icing on the cake however is a boat ride manufactured by Mack Rides. The ride will interact with Fenix and will take riders on a 12 minute, mystical journey. I would LOVE to see Kings Island create a strongly themed section of the park with many flats, coasters (A B&M giga could be flattering if done correctly) and eateries.
  12. What will replace Dinos Alive?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLi8boiQsBU This breathtaking B&M Giga by the name of Hejdlost would be a perfect fit into Kings Islands coaster lineup. The way the coaster dips and weaves throughout the forest, as well as the seamless and picturesque environment, makes everything about this coaster brilliant. The trees seem to be immense and the way the water glistens is somewhat tranquil. Not to mention, the way the coaster effortlessly plummets into the ravines. The coaster from a first glance reminds me of an "Outlaw Run" or "Lightning Rod", yet the beautiful B&M supports and track immediately remind any enthusiast of "Fury 325" or "Leviathan". The transitions are seamless and heart lined perfectly, and the tunnels remind me of Fury's "Hive Dive" or even The Beasts double helix tunnel. The Coaster combines the elements of a B&M but most impressively delivers from a terrain element.
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/cedarpoint/status/913514200428838912 In follow up to my other post, Steel Vegeanance was topped off today at its max height of 205 feet. Huge shoutout to the RMC crew as well as Cedar Point. I have a really strong feeling that this ride may truly be the best RMC and dare I say best steel coaster, we will have to wait until May to judge.
  14. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/september-construction-update Recently, Cedar Point and Tony Clark released a new update regarding Steel Vengeance. RMC is making excellent progress and track work is 95% finished. The top of the lift and the first drop are expected to be finished in the upcoming week. Mechanical work (Computer systems, Braking systems and the lift) as well as clean-up is expected to begin in October. If everything goes smoothly testing may begin as early as December. Spring of 2018 holds many anticipated rides. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. What will replace Dinos Alive?

    Could you imagine the energy of that announcement!? "The largest capital investment of this parks 46 years, comes Centurion, the worlds tallest, fastest and longest giga coaster." It gives me goosebumps just thinking that that could be reality in a couple short years. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk