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  1. In my opinion it has a lot of potential, but as of now it could use some work. First, decorations, It could sure use some more props. All that is there so far are movable walls that weave victims in and out. It sounds good on paper but I usually always see an actor a good 5 seconds before he/she has a chance to scare me so that rules out many pop scares. It also is very well lit with yellow lights, so it's easy to pinpoint where actors are and aren't. I think if Kings Island adds some decorations in the trees (like nightmare ally) and add a couple toxic barrels here and there in the scare zone would add to the immersion. Plus, adding barrels would give the scare actors a lot more creative freedom to the actors and that will bring in many more scares just walking around with a prop or sometimes nothing. However, I will say those "clown blasters" and some of the actors sprayed a little water was really scary and I haven't seen it anywhere else in the park, so that's a plus! I don't want to judge the lack of actors too harshly because I thought that year many houses were pretty understaffed. But overall, I would add some ground props for actors to get creative with scares and I think that would really improve the scare zone!
  2. Maybe something's wrong on my part, but Backwoods Bayou and Freak Street are now off the website. I hope this doesn't mean even more stuff getting removed...
  3. Also the Skeleton key rooms weren't that good really. I just bought It for the Fast Lane. And Haunt has been going downhill. It's a shame really... I love Haunt and I'd work there if I lived closer.
  4. Cool! Can't wait to get one and see any other KIC members around the park!
  5. Anything you wish was there? New Haunt attraction, return of the action theater? (I'd love the action theater coming back with the moving seats... I doubt it will though
  6. I just don't see KI getting rid of Carn-evil. That might be my Haunt nostalgia trying to cling on to that maze, but I never saw a loss of popularity enough to take it down. Personally I think it'll just get moved somewhere else.
  7. I'm more excited for the exclusive night rides this year. This year i'm actually able to go to most nights to get more night rides on Mystic Timbers and see Blackout maze early.
  8. In Boo Blasters, Shoot both curtains in the living room section Get an airbrush T-shirt Try The Coney Bar B Que (Sadly still haven't) Go to Soak City more often Ride the Slingshot Use the cannons at White Water Canyon (I forget if they took those out, they might have...) Use one of those vibrating foot massages you see in Oktoberfest That's all I can think of off the top of my head
  9. Is anybody else sad the the used to be "10$ and under store" (Or Coney confections) isn't 10$ and under anymore? They still have a lot that is but now the store has 30$ jackets and what not. That just takes the fun out of it for me at least.
  10. My biggest nitpick is that the old Spongebob/Dinosaurs Alive Action Theater is only used for Urgent Scare. Don't get me wrong I love that house but I wish at least something was over there.
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