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  1. If we go by that map, Diamondback is like 8000 feet tall. I wouldn't take that map as gospel.
  2. With the listing of hydraulics, construction companies, B&M, and various part manufacturing companies, I highly doubt they're just painting Diamondback. if that was the case why would they not announce it like they have every other renovation? We had an extremely similar document for Mystic Timbers. People seem to be on this weird coaster skepticism bandwagon. It's fairly silly to say they'd need documents to perform annual maintenance. They didn't even have documents for GCI retracking racer's turn around (as far as I know).
  3. I think we're still gonna see a lot of additions for a couple years. After that I hope they continue themed areas and renovation. The Giga will just put King's Island on social media's radar. I've already had people tell me they're only gonna go next year for "Steel Beast" (that concept video that the GP thinks is real).
  4. That's a great concept! My only critique layout wise is that b&m usually uses sharper banks to avoid awkward G's with the exception of Fury's turn around. Also I know that probably had to do with Planet Coater's smoothing system. Great layout tho!
  5. I'm looking forward to the movie they'll make documenting my story.
  6. If we have a 300ft coaster themed to Deer, I will walk into the ocean.
  7. Okay but the fact that we're discussing a deer-themed coaster is like "r/Whoosh" material.
  8. There is nothing different about Hypers and Gigas. The main differences are the height and support structure of the lift hill. Layouts are entirely subjective, we haven't seen a MCBR on a Giga, but other than that, Giga layouts are entirely subjective. You could see an airtime giga eventually, and maybe a low to the ground Hyper. They're largely interchangeable. I've not seen B&M take risks in recent years, I've only seen improvement on pre-existing formulas. Don't get your hopes up for a launched 399ft Giga with inversions, It's probably just gonna be a further improvement on what they've already done. (I also don't mean to come off argumentative, I just don't want to see this thread speculating a Roller Coaster Tycoon level of realism)
  9. To be fair, KI lists a Giga as a hyper. They don't label it like enthusiasts. So my point in that is I don't think they'll change the Relatively efficient way they've ran Hypers and Gigas for the last 20 years. Sure I could be wrong, but when I went to Carowinds, Fury's line flew by because of the well oiled machine B&M had in place for capacity. Hey I could be wrong, you never know. (Edit: when I said KI lists it as a hyper, I meant B&M)
  10. Oh I think it's probably easy, they're just known for not changing anything in 20 years.
  11. I'll bet money they're going with a Chain Lift, and one Unloading and Loading station. I can't see them taking risks after things like SoB. The park doesn't need an unreliable experimental ride. Just my opinion. (Remember, it's b&m, they don't take risks often)
  12. With International Street and sections of Cony Mall being renovated, what areas do you think will/should be renovated or re-themed in the coming years?
  13. I swear if it has the work "Force" or "Striker" in it, I'm gonna switch to Six Flags. "Twisted Timber Striker Force 370 Coming To King's Island 2020"
  14. Oh I agree that we should get a Blitz over a Mack, I just don't see it ever happening unfortunately. We're going on what, like a decade of no new Intamins in Cedar Fair?
  15. As much as I actually love Intamin, it'll probably never happen. With the issues with volcano, Xcelerator, TTD, and the reprofiling that happened on i305 and maverick, it's probably too risky for CF. It sucks, I wish Intamin would get their crap together.
  16. I think the park could use 3 coasters. A Giga, An RMC, and a Mack Launch Coaster. All of those fill very unique rolls and are like nothing we already have. We don't need a Dive or a wing or a floorless. Cedar Point is roughly 3 hours from KI. We don't wanna be Six flags where they copy 90% of the rides across all the parks.
  17. Absolutely! (Side note:) Just saw a concrete truck on the Live Cam behind Banshee. Hopefully that means some of that document is true.
  18. What if X-base gets a new updated theme with the Coaster, like they've been doing with other parks. Like a full blown Area 51 theme with like restaraunts, bathrooms, games, a Giga. They have the space, no reason not to if people will be in that section of the park. (It also makes sense since all of the current updates to the park have been Cony Mall related IE: BBQ, Antique Autos, Racer retrack, Firehawk removal etc)
  19. I personally like it, Maybe a deeper purple would work tho to keep it from looking like Barney The Dinosaur. In all seriousness, I think it's a good color scheme. I don't want another red coaster, or another blue/teal Giga. We've had our fill.
  20. Has anything been said as to whether it'll be receiving GCI trains or if it will remain PTC trains?
  21. I love that aspect. I was talking like commercially, it's nowhere near a major city, airport, or highway and it's still super successful.
  22. They've done an incredible job not showing any disassembly on the Live Cams. I'm a little disappointed tbh.
  23. It can be argued that without the Gigas, these parks wouldn't have the attendance they do. There may have been some cases of people traveling but the Gigas put these places on the map. Just think how there's facebook videos of Fury and I305 etc that expose the GP to these parks. The big stats attract the public whether it's the best ride or not. Carowinds attendance skyrocketed after Fury. MF is what made Cedar Point what it is today. King's Dominion would've been a local park with very few outside visitors had it not been for i305. Family rides appeal to locals, hardly anyone travels hundreds of miles for that. Antique cars wont make King's Island a vacation spot. That's what I'm saying. While there are rare cases of people traveling to all the parks, the public usually don't until that place has a standout attraction. It's worked for Cedar Point and it's in probably the worst location for a park.
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