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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. In line for Kraken at SWO: "Yeah, I don't think this goes upside down." in line for Primeval Whirl at DAK while it was down: "It's broken because somebody got stuck upside down in a loop and died. It happens all the time." Amd finally, this conversation with another lady that I had in line for Expedition Everest: Her: I live really close to a park called Carowinds! It has the tallest coaster in the world called... the Fury 306? I sat in the front cart once! me: *internally dying* Yes... Fury 325 is amazing, isn't it?
  2. 1. Banshee 2. Alpengeist 3. Raptor l'll be at Busch Gardens Tampa tomorrow though, so Montu might change things. Edit: Montu is now my #1 invert
  3. I for one am not too sad... we are Kings Island central, so we all kinda have a clone at our home park to ride if we really want to (well, I'm assuming it's probably the home park of most people here )
  4. I'm going to Busch Gardens Tampa next week, (probably Tuesday) and I'm terrified of SheiKra. What do the first drops on dive machines feel like? Ive never done a Drop Tower but I've done a few beyond-vertical drops like Maverick and Mystery Mine. Does it feel like either of those? Thanks in advance
  5. Diamondback, just because that was the coaster I had chosen to help me get rid of my coasterphobia once and for all-- and it worked, so it'll always have a special place in my heart. 2nd would be Banshee, 3rd Mystic Timbers, 4th Beast, 5th Firehawk 6th BLSC (my first launch coaster, so that one is also pretty special to me) 7th Racer 8th Bat and 9th Flight of Fear. (I haven't been on Invertigo or AE)
  6. idek how to start this so my family took a trip down to Dollywood today, and I had a total blast! I started out my day with the second row of Wild Eagle, which was also my first wing coaster. After that we waited about 45 minutes for Firechaser Express, which was a pretty darn top-notch family coaster, plus it was my first step in starting to get over my fear of launches. I didn't mind the wait because I spent the whole time trying to calm my little sister down (after she heard about my random rivalry with Flight of Fear she decided she didn't like launches either.) But she ended up
  7. I'm going to Dollywood either Friday the 24th or Saturday the 25th. I'm guessing those days will both be rather busy since it's Thanksgiving weekend, but which day would be less crowded, and what should I expect as far as wait times? Thank you!
  8. Yeah, I agree that Voyage is a pretty rough one, I only got to ride it once a day while I was there (but only because I rode the other woodies a lot and they gave me headaches too ). Also, does anyone else think Legend has an underrated night ride?
  9. We all know we want a giga... besides, ki HAS to get a Gigi eventually, so it might as well be now.
  10. Minds with great coaster tastes think alike!
  11. Yes... I'm sorry, I didn't realize you existed until it was already too late!
  12. Part of the reason for the crazy crowd today might be because the exchange student program in my area took a field trip. Really, they should have known better than to go on a Saturday, to spare longer waits for themselves and for every other guest!
  13. Well, I was going to be there today, but then stuff got complicated and now I can't go.
  14. Thank you to everyone who gave me advice about how to handle my fear Unfortunately, my family has canceled the trip we had scheduled for this Saturday, so I'll have to wait until next summer to test your methods out. More time to prepare, I guess!
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