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  1. I definitely enjoy the instrumental music on I-Street, i plan on visiting Kings Island sometime this summer hopefully, but at some point, a bit before Haunt, do they revert back to the regular songs?
  2. Hi chuck norris, thanks so much for the response. thats so nice that the instrumental music on I street is back, i guess many people liked it. would u say the instrumental music is pretty much the same as what it was in 2017?
  3. hi, this year i havent had a chance to go to KI just yet, been so busy with work etc, however planning to go sometime in the near future. i wanted to ask, this year did Kings Island bring back the instrumental music that they had playing last summer? they started it in like april i think, and ended it before haunt, and supposedly it had been brought back after a while, this year is it instrumental music or is it just regular songs like before? thx so much.
  4. Hi, I was wondering, what are the 17 rides that are open during the course of Winterfest? I heard somewhere that 17 rides will be open, however I don't know which ones there are, does anyone happen to know which rides are in operation during Winterfest or is there any page that has this information? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hey, I was wondering, is there like a way to listen to Kings Island's Haunt background Music? It's not a particular song that I'm talking about, sorry it's a bit hard to explain, its the main background tune that's playing throughout the course of the entire Haunt from 6pm to 1am, like it seems like it goes through an hour of music, and then after an hour or so has passed the tune replays itself, it's like the main background music for Haunt, there's no words at all if anyone knows what I'm talking about. Like at some point of the tune, it plays something with a loud high-pitched sound that the whole area can hear, and then after that it repeats itself one more time and the duration is a little longer. it goes like ting ting ting ting---- ting ting ting ting, and then there's a few second pause and that loud noise repeats, it happens every hour as part of the background music of Haunt, is there a way to listen to the Haunt's background music that's always playing over the PA during Haunt hours? Thanks so much
  6. yeah i myself am also not ready for Halloween quite yet, for one thing it's so hot this weekend that it doesn't even feel like Fall. I would definitely prefer to go to Halloween Haunt on a cooler day, I heard that the music they play during the Haunt is not those typical songs that they played during the summer season, do they play like spooky tunes in the background?
  7. Thanks so much guys, it helps a lot to beat the crowds. yeah we're planning on either going today or the next 2 Fridays, I kinda figured Saturdays would be busy since that's when the park was busy during the summer season, looking forward to going to Haunt for the first time in my life, been to KI several times during the summer season but never been to KI's Haunt, quick question though, someone mentioned that that earlier in the haunt season the crowds were lighter then later on toward Halloween, what is the reason for this I wonder?
  8. Hi, Quick question regarding Haunt, how do the crowds of Haunt typically compare to the Summer season at KI? From what I understand, the park is only open on Friday nights, all day Saturday till 1am and Sunday till 7pm, how would you estimate the crowds to be like in order from the busiest day to the slowest day? Thanks so much.
  9. Hi malem, Thank you so much for your help, originally I tried using Chrome(the browser I typically use) and it wasn't working but then I tried it with another browser, Edge and it worked perfectly fine, I was able to set up an account with Spotify, I'm guessing I may have had something in Chrome that would have prevented Spotify from installing, I really appreciate your help. Now that I've set up an account, should I be able to listen to the songs and add some also as needed?
  10. Hi, my apologies in creating a duplicate thread regarding the KI music. Unfortunately, when I try to create a Spotify account using my email, it does not let me proceed. After I hit the Sign up button, the page keeps loading and doesn't take me to the next page, I wonder could this be an error with my computer or is it an error with Spotify? Anyway I was wondering, is there a way to access the songs that have been played at Kings Island this year? Thanks so much.
  11. Hi, I would like to know the songs that play in the background at Kings Island. There are so many songs that I really like, but I can never make out all the words or the artist, is there any way to find out all the songs that play at Kings Island? I tried creating a Spotify account but wasn't able to create one, is there any other way to find out the songs that Kings Island plays? Like is there a particular soundtrack that plays, since I hear almost the same songs each time I go there?(I actually am an associate there so I'm there pretty much almost every day the park is open) Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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