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  1. I also find it interesting that they pulled the link for the live cams off the website.
  2. I hope they bring LaRosa's near Cleveland sometime soon, it was one of the better pizzas I have had compared to others in my area.
  3. I don't think they'll do anything major to the front gate anytime soon. I could see them remodeling the facade to make it more modern, but not exactly as major as a GateKeeper or Fury.
  4. I'm glad they're taking care of some of the 'smaller' things. (Not saying new seats with a different color are 'small'.) It makes me wonder if there will be some other smaller changes around the park for this year compared to other years.
  5. You see, I don't think they can. Cedar Point has 3 cameras that are larger and look more like security cameras that you'd see outside of a Target or Walmart. Since they're larger, they also can move around. KI also has the 3 cameras, however the two on the Eiffel Tower look to be cameras that you would find on the inside of a Wendy's or McDonalds. They're way smaller, probably so they wouldn't be as noticeable to the average joe if they were to look up at the remaining segments of the tower. I'm not sure if Mystics cam is the same, but it might be since the interface is the same. But all in all, they don't have to do anything, the cameras are still a huge upgrade from the older cams that only took a picture every 5 minutes. After all, they don't have to have webcams at all right? Sure you'll have the same view, but it's better than waiting until April to see the inside of the park. Next time you're on the observation deck, take a look up, last time I did, that's what I saw.
  6. Has KIs attendance declined at all? Or has it always been around the same area for the past few seasons..?
  7. If I'm not mistaken, SpringHill leans more toward the higher end of hotels. I am curious to see how this develops over the upcoming years, not just for Carowinds but Cedar Fair as a whole. I wonder how much money Cedar Fair would get from this.
  8. I called to make sure it just was not just International Street, and the representative I spoke to said that the whole park will be open at 4. It may mean that the front entrance may open at 3:30 or as early as 3, but if it were to open early, I could see them opening I-Street at 3:30.
  9. Yes, there is, I think if you look far left on Banshee's Live Cam you can see it. It looks to be between and in front of Drop Tower and Skyflyer.
  10. A few early mornings ago, I noticed some blue lights along some trees near the entrance for Slingshot, and possibly near Festhaus and the KI Theater. If these have been in place for a while, and I just haven't noticed, please let me know. Anyway, could these be for WinterFest?
  11. I am sure that they'll try to get it open asap if they have the parts available. It sucks when a major ride like TTD has the possibility to be down for the rest of the season. Is this similar to what happened at Knott's with Xcelerator or was that something majorly different..?
  12. I am excited to experience my first WinterFest this year. Although I have not been to the original or Paramount WinterFest, I am very curious to see how Cedar Fair will do in comparison. I'm wondering if the Eiffel Tower will be fully surrounded with lights, compared to the one face from the Paramount days. Overall, this looks great!
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