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  1. People are really underestimating how hard this turn is gonna snap to the right, Imagine the right hand 180 going into Vortex's mid course but probably 4x the force.
  2. Sounds like a park problem and not mine. I highly doubt they are without security cams.
  3. Ya cause webcams are the priority with haunt tear down into winter fest setup. Not to mention them building their biggest investment in history and also removing one of their most historic coasters, ya I'm sure the webcams are a bigger priority.
  4. They would walk up the lift hill and tell you to put your drone away
  5. Anyone else think it's kind of sad but funny that the best shots we have gotten are from a "unauthorized" source? Also I feel like they created the most hype yet... Either way though this thing looks like a monster.
  6. Just curious on what faa or local laws would be broke? I thought it was under 400ft and not above crowds? Also off park property of course.
  7. Definitely the best shots we have gotten so far.
  8. Love it! The rapid transitions remind me a lot of RMC in a way.
  9. With shaggys rep around here and seeing what he posts I trust his info
  10. I get where your coming from thinking it would save on money. However they will more than likely be cutting it into pieces like Firehawk.
  11. RMC or a Multi Launch would be amazing. I would love an Intamin blitz but I want something that eats the line and is more reliable. I'm thinking Mack is our best bet but they are pricey aren't they?
  12. Exactly but let's move on please. Were here for webcams I guess? Not drones lol
  13. Very well done on that explanation. Like I said it was an "if" anyway. I'm not in the majority that can't wait for webcams to be back. Is there anyway I could pm you with some questions regarding on what I was wrong on? Also have some other questions. Going to the park tomorrow though, looking forward to seeing the size of this thing. Did anyone ever find a link for the channel 9 chopper footage?
  14. Where did I say I would be on their property??? And trespassing in the air ya good luck with that. Does that mean your trespassing in the air too? I really am done with you. Your points are silly and you take this webcam thing too serious.
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