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  1. Oh believe me I get it, I just feel like it needed to be said. Not all of us have free time all day and it's hard to see the "real" updates. How else could it have been addressed? Just seems like this forum is filled with meaningless posts.
  2. I am contributing in saying that it's hard to find actual updates on here cause of this nonsense. So instead of saying the same thing that has been said over and over post actual updates. Said the problem and solution. Happy now?? Probably not.... As I said some people don't have all day to read through pages of nothing. I think having a chat on this site would help this problem 100% but what do I know??
  3. Cause naming a crane, and debating if it's called clifford or zeus is discussion. Seems like some of y'all need some other hobbies if you got that much time on your hands. All good being excited but jeeeezz. The same things keep getting said over and over. It's hard to find actual updates when there's so much on here that doesn't matter. Not all of us have time to go through 10 pages of nonsense.
  4. Isn't that a bit excessive? Seems like that last couple pages are about nothing in particular...
  5. How many times do we have to say or talk about Zeus?
  6. I've noticed a good rattle on Dback and Banshee this year.
  7. I haven't spoke on this yet cause I feel it's a very touchy subject. My honest thoughts on this, I am not happy at all. Was at the park Sunday and didn't see a single thing to pay homage to this ride. This has been a bad year for CF in my opinion however I'm sure you will disagree. I see Firehawk and one of the most iconic coasters leaving the park in a year span, and we lost the royal fountain. I have lost hype for Orion, I just feel like they should have waited at least a year for this one. Not seeing Vortex anymore will hurt for sure,and it will hurt more than not seeing the original fountain.
  8. Knights Inn. Best place I've been too.
  9. What KI did is unique and it doesn't matter what size the lift is the drop is 300ft down WHO CARES???? The ride will be great just wait... Just look at some of the videos of Andy and Danny on CN it shows how that channel is....
  10. I really miss seeing you around here lol
  11. Do they still have shirts available? I wanted one last night but the line was already to racer with what appeared to be only one register open I also hate how they put "the ride" in the logo on the shirt, just looks goofy to me. The ride looks great IMO though.
  12. spooky21

    Decoding 2020

    pretty sure it's a twisted snake dive
  13. spooky21

    Decoding 2020

    Exactly! asking credit for a screenshot from another news outlet is a little much. Some ppl think they are the CNN of coasters though, I don't get it. I'm just ready for the announcement so this bickering on here can come to a crawl. People arguing of senseless stuff when we can be talking about the station/queue setup, or if they are gonna go all out and make it a new "plaza" type area. I don't see them putting in just the coaster without some renovations in that area. Its hard to believe, cause Carowinds went all out from what I seen with Copperhead Strike. Some of you seriously need to chill though. I've been on other coaster forums and they are literally laughing at KI and the "fanboys" over this. It's been going on for years with all this "demanding" for a giga and now that it's finally happening most people seem unhappy or are being plain rude to others. I'll be glad when this is over lol and no matter how this ride is you all will be at the park next year. Wait for the announcement and be happy with what your getting whether it's a 296ft lift or a 3xxft lift.
  14. spooky21

    Decoding 2020

    I doubt it as that has no paint
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