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  1. Tell me how unemployment works for a 2 week stay at home period. Let me know how well it works for you and how soon it starts.
  2. that's my main issue here nobody seems to truly know...
  3. people having no money to pay their bills isn't good either
  4. Good lord when did everyone become an expert on this situation? The people are doing what they can, life will go on. So many people making comparisons, and showing graphs on something hardly ANYONE knows about. Let the scientists and doctors get the data they need. The #'s are nowhere near accurate at the moment anyway. Also the ones worried about a amusement park opening right now kind of disgust me, it's disappointing but get over it we got bigger problems. Stay home unless its essential.
  5. I see monster jam fitting in there perfect.
  6. Holy jeebus that headchopper at 35 seconds in.
  7. Maybe it's just me cause I'm old school and don't understand the whole name thing, like the cranes especially. Have fun with it but its pretty simple as is, Orion.
  8. I would pay $$$ right now for a piece of Vortex, anyone at all with a source please PM me.
  9. Monster Trucks would be great, they were awesome at CP. Plenty of activities for kids and adults plus the rides on them. Just cause you don't like something doesn't mean that it's "trashy"
  10. not really it's much smaller, but they could make something out of it rather than using it for what 4 weeks out of the year? Seems more profitable that way
  11. what if they take the CHAOS building and put different dining options in there with restrooms? Kind of like Festhaus?
  12. lifting track now. Edit: track is now off the trailer.
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