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  1. Is Delirium the most dizzying and intense ride at Kings Island and what makes it so intense? What Kings Island ride was/is the most dizzying ever throughout all the years and why? What coaster throughout the years was the worst and roughest and why?
  2. Where’s the best seat on these? The Beast Diamondback Mystic Timbers Vortex Racer The Bat Flight of Fear
  3. What does it mean Invertigo valleyed? Are they getting rid of it?
  4. So how high and fast will the 2020 coaster be u think?
  5. What’s the worst wood coaster u ever been on and why?.
  6. What new coaster is Kings Island building for 2020? Do u know how high the drop will be and how fast it will go?. Do u know a name?.
  7. Is Son of Beast the most roughest coaster ever at any park?. What made it so rough?. What parts of body wasit painful?. Was there any airtime on it?. Was the big rose bowl helix the worst part of the ride?. What was it like riding it?.
  8. Is The Beast a really rough coaster and jerky and bumpy throughout the ride?. What part of the ride is the most intense and nerve shattering?
  9. Was drachen fire at bush gardens Williamsburg a headbanging coaster?. Was it the worst coaster ever?. How was the ride on it?. Hope to hear from u sean Kaufman
  10. What's the best amusement park you have been too? What's the best wood and steel coaster you have ever been on? Ever been on flight commander spinning ride at Kings Island in the 1990s? If you have how was it? Have you ever been on Son of Beast coaster with and without the loop at Kings Island back in the day? If you have was it better or on par with The Beast coaster and mean streak? Was son of Beast really rough? Was it the roughest coaster you have ever been on? What's the roughest wood and steel coaster you have ever been on? What are the top five worst stee
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