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  1. My mother in law is 230, 5 foot or so. She carries her weight in her midsection, including her backside. Every ride is accessible for her, just snug to tight fit but no walks of shame. The Beast and The Racer appear to be very similar trains, so if you can ride one, the other should be fine. My father in law is close to 6 foot and weighs around 300. He carries his weight in his thighs and upper chest. He has had issues on Diamondback (thighs)and Drop Tower (chest). He’s had walks of shame frequently for Diamondback.
  2. Ok maybe I am just too tired. If you buy the pass, it’s good the remainder of this season and all of 2019. If you buy the add ons, they are not good until 2019? Also, I read it’s good for fall, but didn’t specify Haunt. Is it good on all public days they are open? My monster in love is giving me a headache with her questions.
  3. I have three young children. We get wrist bands when we go. It’s really a simple, obvious thing to do. Often times the Mr and I will just switch duties with one in Planet Snoopy the other on the bigger rides or sitting in Reds pretending to ride rides for a few minutes of precious golden silence. Common sense and a desire to keep my children safe is key. Why chance harming who should be the most precious things in your life. I have seen people scream at ride ops for it. I have seen people screaming in guest services. It’s not worth getting that bent out of shape over someone doing their job. I know it’s expensive and trying to make the most of a visit if you can only go once a season can be difficult, but think parents put themselves before their children to have a good time not realizing it could injure a child.
  4. Someone told me they were down a drummer tonight. From where we were standing I couldn’t see over the tall people in front.
  5. I really like Blood Drums a lot. Not sure why they do not have their own thread because they are really talented. I don’t understand why the sound seems like you can’t hear the drums as well as you would think. Well I would think. I also wish they’d have a live DJ. that would be incredible.
  6. Watching Blood Drums. K-9 walked by. Is this normal? Not wanting to create a panic, just haven’t seen before.
  7. I know we can’t generally make it all day at Kings Island without a major meltdown by one (all). Myself included. It sounds more like it’s a better to wait for them to experience because they have so much energy. Advantage would be not needing a hotel for the event so the cost would be minimal.
  8. We were on it when it did that. It was the best ride we ever had on it. As we left they shut down the ride though so we figured something had not gone as expected.
  9. I am going to guess that younger children would not be too entertained? They’d be almost 4 and two almost 3.
  10. The Mr and I had talked about Holliwood Nights because he loves that place so much. I will talk to him and see what he says. Knowing him he will opt for Holiday World over Cedar Point. Why was Coastermania disappointing or is that not appropriate to ask? What’s so great about Holliwood Nights? Is Coasterstock fun if you go several times a year? We’ve gone to a lot of parks over the years, but never even considered joining a club until a few weeks ago.
  11. That’s really odd. I guess I misread the post then. That’s not going to probably work unless we decide to not do Coastermania.
  12. My husband and I were looking into joining a coaster club and didn’t realize there was more than ACE which really is not in our budget at the moment. Coaster Crew seems far more reasonable. Is the membership good for one year or per event? I am guessing annual plus pay the event? So we could join Coaster Crew and do the two events we plan to next year, Coasterstock and Coastermania?
  13. All of my shopping is done and wrapped already. Of course it’s always a surprise to see what’s wrapped because we normally forget. However I stay in budget and am stress free. So bring on the Christmas lights, I’ve started shopping for Christmas this year, the day after Christmas last year. With Winterfest I think I am most looking forward to getting to put ice skates on, walking onto the ice and falling on my backside. While I love hockey, I am very uncoordinated. If nothing breaks I will be happy.
  14. I wish they’d consider bringing the crazy Target lady back in their ads for the holidays. She was so funny.
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