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  1. Two things, Mr. Pibb zero is available at the Coca-cola Marketplace, it's the only place I've seen it, and its the best drink I've ever had. Also, I have purchased a drink in the park in quite some time. Does the park still not carbonate the Orange Fanta? I remember when I had a refill cup some years ago the Fanta was always just the juice. It was the weirdest thing and it was like that everywhere, but I really liked it.
  2. Steel Vengeance (9) vs. Maverick (8) The Beast (10) Vs. Banshee (6)
  3. Steel Vengeance (7) vs. Maverick (5) The Beast (7) vs. Banshee (5)
  4. Millennium Force (6) vs. Great Pumpkin Coaster (3)Top Thrill Dragster (8) vs. Wilderness Run (1)Steel Vengeance (7) vs. Flying Ace Aerial Chase (2)Diamondback (9) vs. Woodstock Express CP (0)The Beast (6) vs. Woodstock Express KI (3)Magnum XL-200 (7) vs. Backlot Stunt Coaster (2)Banshee (7) vs. Cedar Creek Mine Ride (2)Valravn (4) vs. Adventure Express (5)GateKeeper (4) vs. Blue Streak (5)Vortex (7) vs. Iron Dragon (2)Maverick (8) vs. The Bat (1)Raptor (6) vs. Invertigo (3)Rougarou (5) vs. Corkscrew (4)Gemini (4) vs. Flight of Fear (5)Wicked Twister (2) vs. The Racer (7)Firehawk (3) vs. Mystic Timbers (6)
  5. If you ever find yourself doing a video on Sally's, lmk I know tons and have hours of footage.
  6. Hey, I've been to Planet Snoopy this season a few times and IMO: Its pretty rad. Best Kiddie Ride Employees in the business too~
  7. I think Kings Island is more of a "Planet Snoopy" than a "Camp Snoopy" it is a large Kid's Area. Very large. I would love to see a playscape somewhere in that area. I haven't been to Planet Snoopy in a while but I assume its the same as in 2010 with the exception of the Gliders and the Buggies
  8. IIRC, you are missing a second PTC, an E&F Miler, and a Zamperla.
  9. LoadandGo, I respect you and your infinite knowledge of the Amusement Industry, but I must mention to you about Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spa Land amusement park in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Its the 318ft Giga coaster that recently received B&M trains. Of course as I posted this piece of info your 96 posts now are considered null and must be analyzed for accuracy.
  10. I'd be curious to see how that number compares to the actual number, which I do not know. But I think its important to remember that as a regional seasonal amusement park, you cannot measure Banshee's success based solely on attendance increases. Parks have to add additions not only to increase attendance, but also to sustain it. Imagine there was a 5 year gap between coasters, additions such as Banshee help sustain the amount of guests the park is able to bring in each season.
  11. Where did the 1% figure come from? Curious.
  12. Expect the best job you'll ever have! But it is important to remember you get back what you put into the job. Most people that enjoy their job in Rides are the ones that put in the most effort. Also, ride operators of any age can be eligible to drive Drop Tower, but expect to squeeze a lot of guests into those seats first!
  13. I love that break run, but be a long block test process.
  14. I love the original clam shells, the metal poking out of the handle bars is nostalgic.
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