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  1. Personally, I don't like the smell of a barn when I'm eating at Picnic Grove. I feel as if moving the Barnyard towards Rivertown would be a lot more beneficial (think the Petting Zoo in Frontiertown at CP). It would open up space for a PS expansion towards Picnic Grove (maybe between Flume and PG). KI is obsessed with keeping PS at the top of the Golden Ticket awards, so if they feel as if another park is catching up then I could totally see an expansion.
  2. Very odd. If you've ever worked at KI or been on a backstage tour, you'd know that's exactly how the backstage roads in that area are laid out.
  3. PLEASE remodel the Chick-Fil-A building. That's where the employee breakroom is. It would be nice to see a complete remodel there, even though it got one in 2016.
  4. With the IS renovation, I'm sure that we're going to start seeing more renovations and upgrades in the future. My personal opinion is that CF is going to put a larger focus on making KI a destination, similar to their progress with Cedar Point. KI already has a HUGE base of regional passholders, so it'd be a safe gamble.
  5. That's not a retrack, that's a redesign. And a very large renovation at that.
  6. Hey guys! First post in a long while. @kingsislandpr on Instagram just posted this photo the other day: As you can see, that's one of Racer's airtime hills in the back of its layout. It also happens to be the hill where the old Dinos/current FoS entrance is! I'm pretty sure this confirms that the 'tiques will pass under both sides of Racer and possibly edge into Firehawk's old tract (which would be a good reason for them to not show the layout of the new ride!) My theory: we'll get a more in-depth look at Kings Mills Antique Autos during Winterfest, especially with SR&R being open for WF.
  7. Thank goodness, too. We've all seen how flooded the park can get in places when it rains really hard. Near WindSeeker/Vortex/old Dinos comes to mind.
  8. It's definitely not big enough for WindSeeker without doubling the size of the platform. It's hard to tell from the ground, but I've been up there while working and there's just not enough room. Razing the mound might add enough room, but it's be pretty cozy with Racer, cozier than it is currently.
  9. No. Call me timid, but I felt like that would be more trouble than it's worth. They were already banned from the park for 2-5 years (they varied), and I was a minor for the first two, so it'd involve my parents (who I'm not fond of), etc. Now, if they had actually attacked me, that'd be different.
  10. Modern Vekomas are pretty sweet, I hear. They have a new track design they've been using for a few years and they seem a lot smoother. Haven't ridden one made in this decade though.
  11. It was very tempting, but something even more satisfying is keeping your cool, calling security, and watching people get banned from the park for 2-3 years because of their behavior. I quite like my job and dealing with those situations just gives you some cred with the supervisors and area supervisors.
  12. I've had people spit on my face three times, one time at each of the bagless rides. I can't believe how riled up about it people get. Mildly upset? I gotcha, I am too when I come to the park as a guest. But I'd never make such a scene that security has to drag me away.
  13. There was no discount in DA's first season, but I don't recall when it became discounted or free for gold/platinum pass holders.
  14. I feel like Vortex's plot is far enough away from Diamondback that it wouldn't matter. Also, I'd love a 200+ foot drop, but I doubt the lift would be that high - there's a lot of great usable terrain on just Vortex's plot, and even more behind it towards The Beast (if you've ever been on a behind-the-scenes tour of The Beast or been on the roads back there, you know exactly what I'm talking about). Potentially an even shorter lift if they decide to dig a tunnel for it (I can think of a certain spot in Vortex's plot which would make a great place for a tunnel).
  15. Very possible. Transplanting a SkyCoaster would be a piece of cake compared to a roller coaster (or just building one) and have a fraction of the problems (if any) of one.
  16. It's been a lil rainy here in Dayton, but nothing you can't brave to take decorations down.
  17. KI DA: 2011-2017 KD DA: 2012 -2018 Following this model, all the Dinosaurs Alives at CP, CW, and Dorney should also be closing, with the rest to close in 2019. I realize that 2 events =/= a trend, but it is interesting to think about. I can totally see a coaster going in almost all of the spots taken up by DA, especially Millenium Island.
  18. Today was a pretty nice day out. Missed opportunity!
  19. Ah, I hadn't heard that yet. Sorry for my insistence.
  20. Although it is third-hand information at this point, this Redditor on r/rollercoasters claims that Kings Dominion is telling employees to visit their Dinosaurs Alive this year, before it's gone. Even if this fizzles out to be untrue, there's plenty of speculation to be had as to which installment may get the axe next, and what the parks could put there.
  21. No, they are. They have to be covered up, especially on face and neck.
  22. Well, ideally there would be 0 rollbacks. I knew the BLSC supervisor and asked about rollbacks, and she said that only 3-4 of them happen per season. I think that's pretty good considering how many times they launch those trains in a season.
  23. No visible tattoos, the same as Dollywood. It used to be that no facial hair was allowed, although they were very lax on it. As of 2017 they changed policy so that fully-grown facial hair (i.e. no stubble) was allowed. All-in-all, from a supervisor's perspective, do your job and make an attempt to be well-kept and don't break any big wardrobe rules (keep your shirt tucked in, belt, name tag on, etc.) and we can let some stubble go every once in a while (especially during late-season/Haunt). Side note, what ride crew are you looking to join?
  24. I think these are hilarious. These jokes are mostly for the other associates - you're one of the few who actually listen to what we ride ops say. I will say, that there is a line to it. The chicken tenders one is not to my tastes, and I'd only ever use the Diamondback one with a bunch of teenagers on that train, but switching out parks and other funny spiels really do make the day go faster and the job more fun.
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