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  1. @IndyGuy4KI I will keep an eye out for your pass again.... Lol
  2. I was just about to post that lol
  3. I guess lol if it is over 400ft though wouldn't that be strata? When I rode it I hardly considered it a coaster lol
  4. Also we should be greatful that Cedar Fair owns all of the Giga Coasters in North America. That is why I don't see why anyone is complaining about this coaster. It is adding to the Cedar Fair Collection. And of all 7 in the world Cedar Fair owns 5 of them there is where the bragging should be lol
  5. What is the other coaster that is taller besides Kingda Ka?
  6. I personally would like to see a Gertslauer Infinity added to Vortexs spot. When I rode Hangtime at Knott's Berry Farm it was an amazing coaster. It was also a great one to take pictures of just like Vortex was.
  7. I believe so too that is why I didn't link it
  8. I guess we typed that at the same time @BoddaH1994 lol
  9. Cincy photography just shared a 360 view of the construction site on Facebook
  10. Not to mention the "software update" is causing the dining passes not to work cuz they was last used last weekend? Lol
  11. Kings Island Dr is backed up onto I-70 currently and I am coming from Indianapolis
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