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  1. @sixohdieselrage and @collin.klopfstein are the real MVPs here lol. Everyone is important too though lol
  2. I hope they have the weber group do the theming for this coaster because then we could expect something close to the theming of copperhead strike
  3. I can second this notion lol i have been to all most all Cedar Fair parks and all six flags parks and KI definitely has us spoiled on many levels. And on a personal note in my Opinion Worlds of Fun has the worst dispatches and food quality of all of the Cedar Fair parks. Also i rode fury of the nile several times just to cool down and the ride defeated its purpose i came off of the ride dry and they intentionally dialed down all of the water cannons and everything.
  4. Me either it will just suck for the people who have the plastic souvenir drink cups because of locker rental. I always get the paper cup that way i dont have to carry a drink cup all the time or get a locker for my cup.
  5. I havent even figured out how to use my six flags rewards lol
  6. It could be a subtle change like they did without an announcement like re-doing international street or the re-tracking of the blue-side of The Racer this last year. Also i would like to see them do what they did with The Racer 76 ( Rebel Yell) at Kings Dominion and in the synchronization programming toake the trains line up better.
  7. I was thinking the same thing considering they shut down the blue side (north side) of The Racer and The Beast for fireworks
  8. True but I-305 has that turn right after the drop that puts the G-Forces on your body causing a gray out that is amazing but disorienting at times
  9. It would be great though to ride recar again to bring back old memories and possible smoother tracks
  10. I have been to quite a few parks all over the country and my personal opinion is that the lift hill height isnt the deciding factor. Its the drop or the launch or even the G-Forces that make for a great ride. It is the overall experience that makes the ride great in my opinion
  11. Plus who knows it could be a ride that has surprise G-Forces that may amaze you
  12. We will be unique though and have a giga coaster that the hill isnt over 300ft tall
  13. Dangit lol i am just messing around and hoping for something in between either end of Coney Mall
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