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  1. How about they haven't trademarked the name for this coaster yet and both of those names are for rides at different parks???
  2. It's the x-base bathrooms!!!!! Lol
  3. It would definitely make sure they keep the record for most wooden track. Also the new GCI trains look amazing too. It would be a combination of Racer and Mystic Timbers lol
  4. Looking at the concept pictures of GCI's new dueling coaster. I personally think that would fit well and be able to utilize Firehawks station.
  5. I am from Indiana and that and the coasters at holiday world is the best we have lol. That's why I consider Kings Island my hone park lol
  6. They have been running both digger and blackjack trains while I have been there since Monday until Wednesday. And Wednesday the wait never got over 30 minutes I managed to get 4 rides in on Wednesday alone. Which brings my total count up to 26 this season so far. I was also there for the ride night and managed to get one of the shirts they was giving out.
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