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  1. I think those are the little buildings that were under the tower during Winterfest. I heard that the old graveyard is being used for Winterfest storage now.
  2. The gift shop was actually somewhat sparse, but still some cool items. The pin was actually disappointing. I was hoping it would be three demential metal, but it was basically a sticker on a plastic pin. They did give everyone in attendance a super cool gift, however. A piece of Mean Streak with a SV metal plaque attached. All in all, the day was great, and the ride was absolutely insane!
  3. New concrete was poured in Action Zone and new blacktop was poured by the train tracks.
  4. Just because some ride operators aren't enforcing the policy doesn't mean it isn't still the policy. Ride supervisory teams change every year. Perhaps this year's team is focusing on improving such consistency issues.
  5. They certainly did. I would know seeing that I worked there lol.
  6. Cedar Point is a different park with different rides with different restraint systems. KI's policy is that nothing can be between the restraint and the rider. Banshee's specific policy is that fanny packs are prohibited because there is no way to move it out of the way of the restraint.
  7. That's always been a rule. You can't wear a fanny pack because it artificially increases the distance between your body and the restraint. If the fanny pack were to come off during the ride, there would be a gap between you and the restraint causing the restraint to not function properly. It's dumb to disobey safety guidelines by hiding the fact that you are disobeying them. The rules are there to keep you safe.
  8. 1. Simply saying that everyone is welcome, and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome are two different things. You fail on that second part. 2. Telling someone who is speaking for a group of people that don't feel welcome that they are wrong is not the way to address the issue. The correct response is to do some self-reflection and keep it in mind in the future. Like I said, I don't care about being disliked. Others do, and they have chosen to leave or never join. I'd like to see that change.
  9. That is the exact type of attitude that I'm talking about. There is a small, yet very vocal group on this site that are so aggressive toward opposing opinions. I may have just started posting a few months ago, but I've been reading these forums for years. I've noticed a downward spiral in the level of respect and discourse from those completely obsessed with a giga. Since I have started speaking up, countless users have reached out to say how they don't feel welcome and have simply stopped engaging with the community. Is that really the reputation we want? Are we so obsessed with one singular ride system that we are willing to push people off the site, and scare away others from even registering? There is a culture problem going on here. This site should be welcoming to all KI fans, not just coaster enthusiasts. I'm sure people will reply to this saying that it already is, but that simply isn't the case. I'm someone who doesn't care about getting yelled at by others on the internet, but a lot of others do. So many people have simply given up on KIC or decided to not join. I don't think that should be the reputation we strive for.
  10. I also like The Beast roller coaster at Kings Island.
  11. The Attractions Industry is incredibly diverse and innovate, yet so many on this site believe that a giga coaster is somehow the ultimate attraction. People have become completely obsessed with this one particular ride system. I mean, it's almost like a cult religion at this point. I hate to break it to you, but giga coasters really aren't all they are cracked up to be. A lot of people say that Millie is forceless, I305 is too intense, and Leviathan is forgettable. Fury is the only giga that is considered good by almost everyone. In all honesty, they aren't innovative, nor are they mind shattering. Cedar Fair is the only chain in the world to install gigas. B&M doesn't even list them as an actual model on their website. The first giga was built almost two decades ago, and the rest of the industry has spoken -- gigas aren't innovative, and they are unnecessary. If the rest of the industry thought that competing parks installing gigas were a threat, every major park would have one. The simple fact is that CF is only competing with itself. Is a giga coaster really the best way to spend $30+ million? Think what the park could do with that money instead. You could built two new coasters. You could completely refresh the park. You could update and unify all the computer systems into a magic bands type system. You could invest in new, innovate ride systems. I mean, TR:TR only cost $20 mil. If CF wants to drop $30 million into a KI, that money could be used so much more creatively to give guests of all backgrounds a more premium and unique experience. A giga coaster is really not that special. It certainly is not what so many hype it up to be. The level of enthusiasm for this theoretical coaster is almost impossible to believe. I know I'm going to catch blowback for this opinion, but I truly believe many of you are not thinking objectively. It makes me wonder whether the majority of people on this site are fans of the industry or simply coaster enthusiasts.
  12. A business doesn't "deserve" anything. CF is out to please their shareholders first and foremost. Don't confuse things.
  13. Defunctland has just posted a video about TR:TR.
  14. Some great physical and thematic improvements are coming to Kings Dominion's Candy Apple Grove. Could we see similar enhancements in Coney Mall in the near future? With Carowinds rethemeing their Planet Snoopy to Camp Snoopy, is Cedar Fair focusing more on cohesive themed environments? https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/big-changes-coming-to-candy-apple-grove
  15. You need to be 18 or older to drive the coasters. If you're younger, you're good to work every position except drive. Rides is a great department, and you're going to have a lot of fun!
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