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  1. My wife and I attended. We live up close to Cedar Point but love visiting Kings Island. I thought KI did a great job of hosting their first New Year's event. Lots of energy and activities going on around the park. The weather that day was miserable until around 7pm so that hurt the attendance. I thought by 10pm the crowds had built to a good level and International Street seemed busy but the rest of the park was pretty quiet. Assuming it returns for next season, we will be back for sure.
  2. The park did a great job tonight for their first New Year's Eve celebration. Lots of energy and music and shows were great. There is no doubt the weather did the park no favors tonight but it's always a risk this time of year at an outdoor venue. We made the drive down from Toledo and we will be making this an annual event assuming it comes.back.
  3. Just call guest services at the park and they can tell you. It's wont be more than a few bucks.
  4. Ive visited both KI Winterfest and Dollywood's Smokey Mountain Christmas this year and found them both to be outstanding. I wouldn't rate one above the other. The entry into Kings Island just cannot be topped with the Royal Fountain, International Street and the Eiffel Tower Christmas Tree. Its nice Dollywood has all their coasters going but the shows and food are over the top there. Both are outstanding and its great to see Winterfest back at Kings Island.
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