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  1. Security office is in the back corner of food court, they have company cell number posted to immediately call whomever is on shift, I actually had to do that in my previous post.
  2. In case any of you all do more meet ups at the arcade, if you are going to film in the mall ask management or security first, I know this has come up in past discussions. Somebody came into the parking lot today filming the broke down car with a go pro at waist level then proceeded to film the whole parking lot then while still filming entered the mall(doing that is ok IF you get permission first, that was just creepy though. Security found the person, they were with a group, after security talked to them they left. It being group reminded of here and past discussions. (This is the Arcade in Cincinnati Mills Malls in Forest Park.)
  3. Remember the park always playing the Driving Miss Daisy theme in Coney Maul and Rivertown... In one of my old posts, the waybackmacine site has old KingsIslandAsylum posts, including some ride music and line ques.
  4. It's from the actual movie soundtrack, not a compilation album, but track title is Deck the Halls/Main Title. Which part of the park, I'm talking about what used to play in the memorabilia gardens where they had the Wayne's World car, the Untouchables cage, and over by International Street.
  5. The Addams family song they played in the park, and in the movie monuments area, is the second half of the Main title/Deck the Halls track, you can find on the Paramount hits cd, I know it was the year I worked before hands changed, there is also another paramount songs cd the has two disc, which a lot of those songs as well were played, if I dig through CDs later I'll put exact titles and info. The two CDs are/were Paramount 90th anniversary most memorable and Hollywood Sountracks(blockbuster exclusive)
  6. If you're asking me, it's not something on your guys end, my iPad cannot be updated any further because Apple doesn't sign the ShSh blobs for my generation of device, I'm stuck on an old iOS(9.3.5-iPadMini2Wifi), I wish there was workarounds for it, whatever doesn't load good on my device, I switch over to another to view it. I don't know of the other broken scripts though everything else works fine on here(for me).
  7. My iPad can't handle the videos in the other section you and I and others post in, the what I'm listening to thread, it ends up reloading so many times that page gets an error at the top of tab, then it just keep trying some don't wander on to that thread anymore, I guess it's too content rich for my older iPad.
  8. Bubba Gumps Shrimp Shack, had good food, an fyi it's named after the character from Forest Gump which is a Viacom/Paramount film, that restaurant was the first in the park to introduce the Coke Freestyle machine. It also brought in lots of money for the slingshot which I worked when Bubba Gumps was there, the people used to gather to watch it under their shelter and feed the fish. The building at one time was home to an injured herron crane, that lived on the roof of the building, the bird had a broken wing, when it swooped down to eat fish and circle the Viking Fury it was funny, people would get worried/scared that it would dive-bomb them.
  9. Even back when I used to go to the park more frequently then now, the Firehawk was a lot of the time not working or running test cars from where the pegs holding the cars onto the track have broke or worked themselves out, I'm pretty sure I asked a tech. about it and they said it happens all the time.
  10. That's funny! And hooray! (It was broke for iOS as well a few days before this thread was made.)
  11. I use android phone for calls, used to have iPod, I like both os's as 64bit chipset iOS devices can be customized if you do some digging and android can be customized right out of the box. I don't like that I can't fully turn some apps off in android or disable them without rooting or SU privileges, also when my other android broke the micro sd card had a symbolic link to that phone where my card now sometimes acts funny in other devices or phones, btw my android is just a prepaid from grocery store. However my photos from my uploads are mostly from a Kodak Touch digital camera.
  12. She was really good on Americas Got Talent as well, I like her act, she's neat, not creepy. :-)
  13. Has anyone thought about maybe a button or a patch, it's less material, I think some places still sell those button makers from the 90s. I would buy a patch and put it on a shirt or hat that velcros.
  14. That happened in 2006, I only worked there for like several months, I was bad then about getting to work on time, I didn't have the right kind of work ethic back then that I do now, yes my Supes back then made me change it the price multiple times through the day, I used to work that Age and Weight, Skyflyer and DoT and Corn Bag Toss like all day, I liked doing those, that year at DoT I broke a record of like 4000+ dollars or tickets sales in the morning before lunch break.
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