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  1. Odd. I used the link @Cedar Fair Fanboy linked to the thread and the site claimed to only have 6-out-of-country madhouses.
  2. Nah, that's for RMC's, but maybe for The Beast...
  3. That guy blocked me on twitter also lol
  4. The slight decline of Vekoma has lead me to speculate that, if we do get a new ride, it will most likely not be made by Vekoma. I back this up with how they literally just tore down Firehawk. Also, there are only 6 existing, and are in other countries, according to Vekoma's Website.
  5. Alright all-round. IMO, it could have done better. While yes, the theme was good, the scareactors were rarely ever there and when they were, they didn't scare me that much. It could use more staff and more scares.
  6. TheBeast54


    Yes, it resided on the flight commander pad.
  7. Man watermarks. If you are wandering, it says stock.
  8. Was bored today and wanted to make this thread.
  9. But would that take away from the stand-up experience?
  10. I like this idea, and it really cool, but there is one thing missing... Who would build it? TOGO can't, they're out of business and there American offices are closed. B&M Maybe, but I find it hard for them to install a stand-up because they have been removing more than they can build. Otherwise nice choice.
  11. Very Nice Idea! Now I'd pay a hundred for that! Can't wait to see its final project in 2020!
  12. Repaint DB to be blue with white supports, call it Plasma Strike.
  13. I have had this question for a long time. At KI, they tell you to put your phone/camera away, but not at other parks such as Knott's. Why is this?
  14. It might be for Knott's due to the fact that there where 2 videos uploaded titled Dark Entities and The Depths which are both new mazes at Knott's for this year (2018). On the other hand, the swamp may be referring to BB (Backwoods Bayou).
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