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  1. NEW FOR 2020! Orion Drop: 300 Ft. Speed: 91 MPH Length: 5,321 Ft. Hills: 8 Giga will be completed around Spring 2020.
  2. Orion 91 MPH 300 Ft. Drop 5,321 feet of track 8 hills
  3. Project X Press Release in T-Minus 20 Minutes.
  4. Project X Press Release in T-Minus 35 Minutes.
  5. T-Minus 1 Hour and 10 Minutes.
  6. Polaris is galactic and it is a rumor for now
  7. Haunt started a bit too early actually.
  8. "Okay kids, it's time to learn about evolution." "See, this marketing stunt can evolve into something greater, look!" points at board What's in the shed? --> What's behind the fence?
  9. "Whats behind the Fence?" looks over fence "Hi-diddly-ho neighbor!" ... "Its Ned Flanders."
  10. Can't wait for this to shed some light on X-Base with Polaris/Orion/(insert ride name) and FoF
  11. I don't blame you, I thought that at one point also
  12. I think right at 10 P.M. EST
  13. I, personally, for one really am not a fan of Orion, more of a fan of Polaris, but Shooting Star is good as a throwback but just sounds bland to me.
  14. There is a running stream right now?
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