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  1. New Music throughout the park

    YES!!!! I actually got tears in my eyes when I heard the ET music last Summer for the first time. It really took me back to times when I went to the park with my family and my dad & brother have both recently passed away so I almost had me an ugly cry moment.
  2. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    I am pretty sure my 8 year old is 52 inches - he's been dying to ride Banshee!! Fingers crossed. We'll be going on Sunday for the first time since Winterfest!! It's also our first year with all season dining.
  3. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    I plan on going with my husband and three kiddos this Sunday! I assume the crowds will be pretty light Sunday...but....I guess you never know!
  4. Oktoberfest Area Facelift?

    It's perfect!! I loved the fire pits during Winterfest.
  5. 2018 Entertainment

    I remember the outfits, but I believe I saw them in different places here and there...however, I'm recalling a small gazebo near swan lake? Gosh these memories are really foggy. I was probably 12-13 at the time.
  6. 2018 Entertainment

    One of the things I love about this group is that you all mention things like the Dixieland band in the early 90s and then I realize that some of my foggy memories were actually real and not my childhood mind over-inflating my experience. lol I remember this as well, or at least I thought I remembered it until now - and you've confirmed it.
  7. I miss action theater as well...it had such a cool queue, break from the heat...such a bummer that it's just a storage building now.
  8. This is so true...imagine being duct taped to a cinder block wall during an earthquake....
  9. Fireworks 2018 “The Greatest Show” Video

    I'm sure it depends on the establishment...lol...but any song that starts out with a motorcycle revving and you imagine the cheesy announcer voice saying, "Let's welcome to the main stage....Crystal Chandalierrrrr!!!" and then menacing electric guitar....
  10. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Were any of the shows running this weekend? If so, how were they?
  11. Fireworks 2018 “The Greatest Show” Video

    I'm glad to hear that they did away with the strip club music during the show! Much better.
  12. Meal Deals, and meal deals

    If you get the day dining deal where you can eat every 90 minutes, it's really only worth it if you get 3 meals or more since it's $30. However, expect to spend a lot of time waiting in lines. I opted for the dining plan this year for all four of us because the daily deals meant I spent a good portion of my day standing in food lines. I'd rather everyone just go get their own crap. lol For the daily plan, they give you a wrist band so it's not like you can transfer it to someone else if they want to use it. Whoever straps it on first is stuck being in line.
  13. Showing my age again here...but I remember competing in a cheer competition at the Timberwolf. It was such a big deal back then and so much fun! It was like the equivalent of the nationals at Disney World only for middle schoolers. I wonder why they did away with that. I also competed in a couple of band competitions there back in the day. So much fun!
  14. Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    This all looks sooooo good! If food service can execute just getting the meat cooked right, I'll be a happy camper.
  15. Kings Island Announces 2018 Changes

    Nice catch - and you are so correct! This is going to look so cool lit up at night out in Coney! Can't wait!