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I'm a Senior Manager at a large company located in Lexington, KY Monday through Friday...and a Theme-park loving mom of 3 on the weekends ^_^. We love to ride rides, stroll, eat, get sweet treats, and just enjoy the park experience...even if it's just walking around and visiting shops. It's all about making the most of the experience, no one fighting or getting tired, and just making memories together. My oldest son is finally tall enough to ride some cool rides with me and he's definitely turning in to a coaster addict! My middle son should be tall enough this year to ride a couple new rides, hopefully. My youngest just turned 1 so she'll be Sally Sea Plane-ing it for a while. 

I remember the days of Hannah Barbara land at KI, then Paramount's KI...and then CF's KI. As a child, I most remember seeing all of the cartoon characters I loved (was obsessed with Scooby) and riding the Antique Cars with my dad, who passed away a couple years ago. As a teen, I really enjoyed the movie themes of Paramount's KI--especially the park music that played throughout. I remember reading a book with my best friend called "The Beast" when I was about 13, which was about a couple of kids who were somehow left behind at the park after it closed and some creepy stuff happened surrounding the ride...my then-friend and I went to KI a few weeks later and made sure we were on the last train to ride The Beast that night and we spooked ourselves out - it was an awesome memory. Flash forward to today's KI and I'm just utterly impressed with the coaster selection and improvements they've made to the park. However, I feel like some charm is missing that was there when I was a kid. The thematic music leading in to the park, the way it would make you feel when the fountain waters reached their peaks along with the music crescendo, it's hard to describe but it would give me the feels. I'd like to see them try to bring some of that back and get rid of all the pop music that doesn't really fit the experience. Yes, I love the rides...but I'm equally about aesthetics when it comes to the overall experience. 

I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and sharing my experiences with all of you. It's been fun so far! 

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