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  1. I would be okay if it was just standard white lighting like on Diamondback's lift and the lampposts. Multi color is a no for me in Rivertown.
  2. Sorry, I don't think I want LED DMX lighting like that in Rivertown. Rivertown is meant to be more rustic/western/country. I think LED DMX lighting would ruin that imo.
  3. Agreed I think they should honestly install LED lighting packages in the structure of both Slingshot and Skyflyer. I've also said before that they honestly should relocate slingshot to Congo Falls plot of land if/when they remove it similar to what Cedar Point did when they removed Shoot the Rapids.
  4. Literally when this thread was made, I was only like 6 months old and we were getting ready to move from Brazil, Indiana to here. We moved the winter of 03. Kinda cool to see this knowing I wasn't even able to walk or talk at the time. Also I'm sure the big topic at the time in the theme park industry was the mysterious construction at CP of what became Top Thrill Dragster or at the time known as "the world's largest McDonald's arches" lol.
  5. My idea is they basically go back to how it was before. The Beast's plaza used to go beyond the fence to the right of the current entrance and the exit would be on the other side of the station by where Slaughterhouse is. I believe they had a little mining shop in the red building once.
  6. This time I made a Mack launch concept for the plot. I have it themed basically after the Miami River Brewhouse and I have the station basically themed to a Brewing house (ie Sonder Brewing) basically the backstory is similar to Copperhead Strike with the moonshine, but this time it is themed around Lager and how something happened in the brewhouse causing the brewhouse to be abandoned (kinda like Mystic/Twisted Timbers story line. I also relocated the gliders to where Vortex's station was to give Coney Mall a ride there and renamed it Flying Eagles to pay homage to the original ride. Not in this picture, but like in my Rivertown concept in that thread, a new building would go where the basketball game and the current pathway to backlot currently stand and a new path to Backlot would go by Jukebox and the basketball game would be relocated to Action Zone or where the ladder game is by Hanks. The plot where Gliders sits now would be the new home of Linus Launcher and the flume would be readded to Rivertown and a new stage would go where Linus is currently. This is just a concept and I don't speak for the company in any way and have no inside information.
  7. ^^yeah does anyone know why the webcams are down? Are they upgrading them like Cedar Point did? If so, I kinda want to have a webcam for each area (Rivertown, Coney, Action Zone, and I-street)
  8. And it would go right through the elevator shaft on the tower which would not work unfortunately.
  9. You think building a $30 million dollar coaster with a 300 foot drop is downgrading the park?? LOL x a million.
  10. Another idea I thought of is how about keep the Crypt building and add an Intamin motorbike coaster, but have it be horses (sorta like Pony Express at Knotts) and have the crypt building be the station/launch building, but paint and freshen up the exterior to make it more like a barnstable or something, but keep the layout and features simple with like two launches so reliability is less of a concern as Hagrids has like 7 launches and a drop track and stuff.
  11. I made a new Rivertown expansion concept! Sorry if some parts look a little messy, Pixlr was lagging for a good chunk of the time I was creating this. In this concept, I added 8 new buildings to the area. The whole purpose of this is to make Rivertown feel a little more secluded from the rest of the park to block the views of Backlot as well as try and fill in the perimeter of The Vortex plot as in my idea a coaster does not go there, but instead the new coaster would replace the Crypt building and Slaughterhouse and would be an Intamin blitz like Maverick with a wild west theme. I also readded the flume to the area and relocated the Woodstock Gliders to where Vortex's station was and renamed it the Flying Eagles. Linus Launcher would get relocated to where Gliders were in Snoopy and a new stage with a new country/western show would go there at the entrance to Rivertown from Planet Snoopy. Basically Rivertown in my idea becomes FrontierTown at CP or Ghosttown at Knotts where you can do lots of shopping in a western town and the thrill seekers can hang out there as well. There is something for everyone in this new expanded area. Remember, just a concept and I have no inside information whatsoever.
  12. Unfortunately it seems like they put that idea to rest with Drop Tower's repaint being the same as before including the checkerboards. Seems like they want to keep Action Zone "Action Zone". I think Banshee could fit the "Action Zone" theme as screaming is sorta an "action" thing and it's inverted. I would agree that SlingShot does not belong in Oktoberfest. I say maybe KI could pull a Cedar Point and move Sling Shot over to Congo Falls plot if/when they remove it and could give it a nice light package along with Skyflyer similar to Daytona Beach.
  13. Parking garages are very expensive and may cost more than the coaster itself. It makes me wonder if this does happen if the city is going to help with some of the costs like the parking garages. In the plans it says parking structure #2 so that likely means 2 structures are going to be built. Ik Charlotte helped with the cost of Fury with tax incentives http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2013/09/carowinds-receiving-tax-breaks-to-help.html it makes me wonder if the city of Buena Park will help with the costs of the infrastructure updates like the parking structures.
  14. I don't want to get into any political arguments, but I find those Hitler videos very offensive especially since I have Jewish friends and visited the Holocaust museum in Israel. I don't recommend anyone make these or request these.
  15. Not every green space needs a new ride. I actually kinda like the green space behind tower especially when they put the graveyard there at Haunt. I do wish they would plant more trees there though. I've also thought about, if they don't plan on replacing Vortex with the next coaster, I thought of placing a flat or two where the station was and maybe one where the batwing was to kinda fill in the perimeter and hide the giant hole from the midway. I do think a Ferris Wheel would be nice especially a large one with enclosed gondolas and a light package that could run during Winterfest. Other flats I want are an s&s scream n swing, a zamperla air race, mondial top scan, a starship (gravitron) like ride, and a Hurricane ride (assuming someone still makes them).
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