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  1. Ik this idea sounds insane and likely won't happen, but I decided to come up with this anyway. What if the park really wants to start really pushing Timberwolf concerts down the road and I think a good way to do that is give it a Grand entrance for those who just want to go to the concerts. Think a mini Universal CityWalk or Hershey's ChocolateTown. Where it features shops and a restaurant or two and even a bar. My idea requires the removal of Invertigo and Congo
  2. Well we can add someone filming themselves getting kicked out of KI for filming on Racer lol: https://youtu.be/tCts5cVqzew
  3. Not really KI F/B related, but I'm at Universal right now and I like the way they do their souvenir cup system. They basically have a chip in the bottom of the cups and they have freestyle stands throughout the park and they mostly pretty much work except several was out of ice lol. Anyways, if you have the cup you can basically walk up to the freestyle stand and set your cup on a sensor and if your cup scans and is valid then it activates the freestyle stand and fill it. The freestyle stands only work if your cup is valid so you can't just walk up with those water cups and fill it with soda. Only the water works without a valid cup. Honestly I think it would be cool if KI and even CF could try this idea out with the souvenir cups and find a way to do something similar for the all day/season pass paper cup system. I think it would help crack down on people stealing soda with those water cups. Just some thoughts.
  4. Interesting. Can you provide a link onto where you found this? Wonder if there is more to it? Could this be Cedar Point's Harmony Hall?
  5. Saw it for the first time today! What an outstanding show full of very talented people especially the two who do the rope jungle gym thing! I also love the reference the maestro makes to Boo Blasters! Hopefully a small hint of a potential retheme...who knows! Way to go Kings Island!
  6. Or how about this: https://skywheel.com/ Would be great for Winterfest imo since the gondolas would be enclosed.
  7. Yes the JDRF One Walk is tomorrow (Saturday). Likely setting up for that as it takes place early in the morning.
  8. I would think for the Skillet/Jordan St Cyr concert we will see lots of church groups coming like they did for Spirit Song.
  9. With Mike Koontz saying at Coasterstock that these concerts are a test. Maybe if they are successful, KI could look into doing something similar to what Busch Gardens Williamsburg is doing where they do a full on summer celebration event from June to August where they have big concerts each Saturday during that time as well as have AGT acts as well. https://buschgardens.com/williamsburg/events/summer-celebration/
  10. Alice: "stop the park, I wanna get off" lol EDIT: Drayton Manor in the UK is opening a nebulaz themed to vikings. Looking at this ride and how the color scheme is, I think a similar color scheme themed around beer brewing would be great in Slingshot's plot of land! Source for photo: https://www.ladbible.com/community/drayton-manor-loki-ride-confusing-fans-20220413
  11. Also, the tower won't be open to view the fireworks this year because of the lasers.
  12. Looks incredible! Honestly what would also make Tower Gardens better would be if they added a manmade water stream in there with rockwork around it along with maybe a mini waterfall and maybe a model train like Glenwood Gardens has.
  13. Honestly, I would love if somehow someway they could build a patio off the International Restaurant so you can view the fireworks from there.
  14. **DOUBLE POST** If KI were to do a new Phantom Theater, what I would like to see happen is them gut out the entire building including the peanuts showplace and the park services warehouse. The PS warehouse could get relocated somewhere else. The whole ride layout, entrance, queue...everything gets redone/rerouted. The entrance/exit is moved to the other side of the building across from Chick Fil A next to the Fisher Homes building. Phantom Theater then becomes part of International Street. I made a mock up photo for how a new entrance/exit could look. Imagine walking down this path and seeing an opera house/theater like building with those lights on the building.
  15. On that same topic, that sounds very similar to what Greg Scheid said at Coasterstock 2015 (according to someone I know who went that year.) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I heard that Greg Scheid asked attendees in 2015 if they liked Gold Striker or Thunderbird and the crowd cheered more for Gold Striker and then we got Mystic 2 years later. So maybe you're onto something.
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