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  1. While it would likely be a Mack, I would prefer an Intamin with that. I really enjoyed Velocicoaster and a stall like on Velocicoaster or Pantheon would be unique for the park. Having it go over the pathway would be cool. Do it like Steel Curtain where there is an airtime hill and a stall underneath it.
  2. Not saying it is going to happen, but you can fit a surf in if you just tear down the SOB station and use the wooded area along the parking lot and between Bat and Timberwolf. Just a rough drawing I came up with. It also has an MCBR to allow it to run 3 trains.
  3. If I remember correctly Racer's repaint wasn't done opening weekend. In fact, I don't think it was completely done until like May and they kept operating Racer and used time the park was closed during the week to finish it.
  4. Also seems like they are doing what the park did with the concert series last year where the concerts don't include park admission and they'll utilize the separate entrance to Timberwolf the park added last year. I'm interested in seeing how this works because in the past they usually had booths set up for different ministries that even spilled out in front of Congo Falls and people could just go in and out. I believe Star 93.3 would usually have a booth in front of Congo Falls and artists would tend to stop by it. Obviously if tickets don't include park admission, they can't really do that so they'd probably have to put the booth somewhere else. Maybe instead of around Congo they'll have those booths set up along the pathway that leads to the separate entrance under Invertigo/Congo?
  5. Its official now! What a lineup! https://www.spiritsongfest.com/
  6. This thread needs to be put to rest. The park has said in numerous places that filming on rides is strictly prohibited including the use of video glasses that a certain facebook account that I will not name who keeps advertising for filming on the rides. If a ride operator sees anyone with a phone or camera out they will kindly ask that you put it away. A lot of operators use a 3 strike rule that if they have to ask more than 3 times, they'll stop the ride and kick the guest off. Or they'll stop the ride on the lift hill and an operator will have to lock out, take the long walk up the lift hill, confiscate the phone, and then call security and they'll be waiting for them when they get off the ride and out of the park they go.
  7. Man this thread feels like the endless arguments about drone/aerial pics in the giga speculation thread a few years ago
  8. Oh yes. IShowSpeed. He was doing a livestream and filmed on Racer and he got caught on livestream. Also, he was basically causing a ruckus as there were at least 20 of his fans basically swarming him around the park.
  9. You want to do that, just add jungle/forest theming to the Rivertown arcade and there you go.
  10. I actually haven't been to it since 2015 when I went with my former church youth group when I lived in Indiana. In fact, I only went for 2 out of the 3 days as I was in Cincy for a conference downtown that same week and after the conference ended we met up with the group at KI. However, I do like the concert atmosphere that SS brings to the park and I know some people who love going every year. It also brings in a ton of church groups every year so imo it adds to the atmosphere of the park.
  11. Funny they put Blue Fire in the background of their 2023 logo lol. You would've thought they would've put Orion in the background with it being the first SS event since Orion opened...
  12. **DOUBLE POST** We have another confirmed band and leaked date. This time Cain on June 15. https://www.caintheband.com/#tour
  13. Newsboys may have given away one of the dates from their Instagram:
  14. Well that was a very sneaky hidden announcement lol.
  15. There has been no such announcement yet. Can you reference a source for that information?
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