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  1. Speaking of storage buildings, does anyone remember that building that they were building behind the Orion site in 2019. Does anyone know what that ended up being?
  2. An idea I had for Action Theater was maybe turn it into some sort of 3D Planetarium or something to go along with the Orion/Area 72 theme. Idk how likely that is though.
  3. They had Laser Tag at KI? I never knew that!
  4. Made this idea for a skywheel on International street. The location is in between Festhaus and Skyline/Starbucks across from the KI Theater. This would honestly be a good addition for the 50th anniversary in 2022 if they were to go this route:
  5. Here's a layout concept I came up with for a Rivertown festival. Kinda similar to the Banshee Brew Fest, but it doesn't go all the way around BLSC. Instead, it starts between Diamondback and Backlot and has sections that end both by The Vortex area and the train station. They then open up the area next to the former Crypt building for some children's activities and have some interactive frontier style activities/games along the midway running along the arcade and down by The Beast. There is also a live music stage by the former entrance to the crypt that would house a bluegrass band:
  6. Cedar Point does this event early in the season in the frontier town area of the park themed to the wild west known as the Frontier Fest. I was thinking, could KI do something similar to it in Rivertown? Maybe call it "Rivertown street fest" or something along those lines. Thoughts on this idea?
  7. Sean Flaharty has multiple videos from the announcement day of Son of Beast. Unlike recent announcements at KI, the ones during paramount were by invite only. The SOB one featured ERT on Beast. Videos:
  8. Normally I would agree with that, but the one guy's family owned the property before the park was built so he does have a little bit of room in there. However, let's not get into an argument on this and stay on topic.
  9. I believe the plan last year before covid hit was there was going to be less midnight closings with them wanting to respect their neighbors who complained about the coasters being too loud when they were trying to sleep.
  10. Tbh as a KI employee I kinda hope 11 am openings stick around because I kinda would rather have to be there at 9:30-10:30 rather than 8:30-9:30 since I don't have to get up as early. However, not holding my breath. I do hope early ride time returns this year or next year though.
  11. According to the no coaster con meeting with Tony Clark, they are planning on holding their 150th parade this year. However, knowing how things can change, it is very possible things could change by then.
  12. Cp has announced their spring/summer event lineup and when they'll take place. I wonder when KI will announce theirs ie Grand Carnivale and summer nights.
  13. I think people should keep in mind that our next coaster doesn't necessarily have to go in that plot. I think it's very likely we'll see another coaster removed before our next opens and if KI and CF think it can be a better roi putting it there instead of The Vortex plot, they'll likely put it there instead. If they replace Vortex with a coaster that'd mean the last 3 coasters added to KI were in the back of the park. I think it may help disperse crowds a bit if they put another coaster at the front of the park since the back of the park is already packed with coasters. The last coaster added
  14. I don't think the GP would care that much. I don't think I have heard much or any about there being 3 suspended coasters right by each other (Banshee, Invertigo, and The Bat). I think a Mack launch would serve as a good in between launch coaster between BLSC and FOF. It'd be more intimidating that BLSC, but a little less powerful launch than FOF. However, would probably be better than FOF for the GP at least. It would likely have a height requirement of 52" like Copperhead so it would be in between BLSC and FOF in height requirements. It would also be one of those things where when a kid hits
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