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  1. I'm not saying that everyone will be disappointed, but I will say that several probably will be with the hype around Firehawk's departure as well as those no limits 2020 giga concepts that circulated the web.
  2. I wonder how big the disappointment will be if there is no teasers on Friday/Saturday. Tbh I'm not getting my hopes up since I was kinda expecting construction and stuff in 2018 for a 19 opening because of the rumors for a giga in 2019 and that didn't happen. I don't want to get my hopes up like that again.
  3. I think that track is for Hershey Park
  4. ^^And he also gets blasted on this one Facebook group.
  5. The funniest one I've heard was over the summer when someone said "Move Banshee to Valleyfair and put an RMC SOB where the original SOB occupied." I just would laugh when I saw it!
  6. Made a b&m launched wing coaster in the Firehawk area named Alien Invasion.
  7. I keep having dreams of Kings Island opening day and seeing construction and/or teasers in the Firehawk area. Unfortunately I won't be at opening day since I'll be getting back from Israel and I'll be super jet lagged. But anyone else having similar dreams?
  8. Mine is go up for an evening, eat dinner at Chicken Shack, and marathon Banshee all evening. I want to go for 20 rides in one day.
  9. "A Notice of Commencement is a document that formally sets the beginning date of a project, or the date on which a supplier first provided materials or labor. It is filed and recorded in the corresponding local or state office in the county in which the project is located, and generally must be provided to other project participants and posted on the jobsite." This is the definition of a Notice of Commencement. I'll post the link to the website where I found it. https://mechanicslien.com/what-is-a-notice-of-commencement/
  10. In my concept above I came up with the name Alien Invasion. They could have some sort of storyline with it. They could even tie Firehawk in with it and say that Aliens invaded Xbase and Firehawk got kidnapped by Aliens and was never seen again.
  11. I don't think they have to do a teasing campaign the way they did for past projects. Copperhead Strike and Yukon Striker didn't start their teaser campaigns until later in the season if I remember correctly. I think it would be nice if they let the first few weeks focus on the antique cars, then sometime in like late May/ early June, they could start putting up hints at the park and/or on social media and get everyone buzzing later.
  12. Wait, clearing started in November??? They didn't start taking down Firehawk until after Winterfest. I also don't remember any clearing starting in November.
  13. Made a new giga concept. It uses the Firehawk land as well as the Dino's land. I give you Alien Invasion!
  14. Kinda surprised he didn't ask about the Firehawk area since he is kinda interested in that speculation.
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