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  1. The only problem is that it would be kinda hard to access since that area is out of the way on a narrow pathway.
  2. Those would work, however with the way CF is going in theming, Idk if they'll use a name that already exists at another park. They could always tie those names into the theme like they did with Orion. Aviation theme would work if they built a wing coaster there (Skyraider comes to mind).
  3. I don't know what name/theme that CF would go with to tie with Coney Mall that wouldn't sound cheesy.
  4. Tatsu is mainly a Japanese term and it's here in America. Same with Flying Dinosaur being an American term and it being in Japan.
  5. Outback is also the name of a steakhouse lol. Well, you could always have Outback Steakhouse: The Ride lol
  6. Someone I know came up with the name Outback Rider. That would work for a Rivertown themed ride there.
  7. I believe graceful is what this coaster was meant to be in the first place. A tall, fast, and graceful coaster that the GP will eat up. Not every coaster has to be Steel Vengeance or I-305. Remember enthusiasts make up a small percentage of attendance and revenue.
  8. Lol you can find those at traveling fairs sometimes. I think something like that would go in Planet Snoopy.
  9. Came up with this overhead idea of an RMC topper track woodie replacing The Bat and using the field behind Banshee. Instead of using the SOB station, it would get its own station. The SOB station would also come down.
  10. Yeah, CF usually announces stuff in August when season passes for next season go on sale. However, we could get something like a restauarant or something very small that it could get announced during the off season.
  11. I don't think we'll be seeing much in terms of attractions in the chain next year due to Covid and with several parks staying shut the entire season. I believe the 2021 season in some ways will be basically a due over for what this season was supposed to be. I believe 2022 will be when we'll start seeing the investments pick up.
  12. I say when the next coaster gets built, they should do an offseason construction tour of it or maybe an off season winter tour like Winter Chill Out at Cedar Point.
  13. I like this idea! Throw in some live music and maybe a DJ and there we go!
  14. The final drop was taken out to allow for a path to Flight of Fear and eventually Orion to be added.
  15. Remember the waterline is for Warren County and not just Kings Island.
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