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  1. Probably just a nice number they decided to slap on a building
  2. No Racer is a classic! Leave it alone!
  3. If I remember correctly, Copperhead Strike was trademarked pretty early. I believe Valravn was too.
  4. John Matarese and wcpo Chopper 9 incoming..lol
  5. I would be shocked if there was no teaser campaign knowing how big a project and how hyped up this is. Also sorry for the double post.
  6. Looking at the blueprints, it looks like the typical lift lighting. Maybe I missed something.
  7. But things can change. I wouldn't be surprised if our teasing campaign is a little different than last year. In fact it will be different with the timing. This time last year the park was already dropping hints on social media. In my opinion I would expect after Grand Carnivale, the park will start dropping hints on social media.
  8. There are several comments on YouTube who thinks these blueprints are fake. I myself think there is too much detail and stuff on these plans just to fake it. Plus I doubt they would send fake blueprints to the city hall just to troll a few enthusiasts. Anyone else think this too?
  9. If I remember correctly, Carowinds didn't start the teasing for Copperhead Strike until the end of June.
  10. I'm excited to have a quonset hut in the queue line. Looking at these pictures, I think they could put some theming or something in there and make it cool. Image Source: https://www.stclaircounty.org/Offices/parks/gallery.aspx?id=12
  11. Will the giga probably be struck by lightning? I'm guessing they need to add a lightning rod to the tall rides!
  12. As much as I would love Millennium Flyers on those two coasters, I don't think the park is interested in doing that.
  13. At least Cedar Fair is taking a year off from the brown track and actually doing something colorful. Their most recent additions have mostly been brown/red/copper colors with strange names ie. Mystic Timbers, Yukon Striker, Steel Vengeance (not weird imo), Twisted Timbers. The only exception was Hangtime in 2018. Anyway I'm excited for this coaster and theme! It'll be nice having a very good coaster next to FoF and not an average Vekoma. It used to be I would skip that area because of the horrendous lines.
  14. Yeah, I was wondering how they would be able to build a coaster with that power line running over that area.
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