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  1. Oh yeah. Now I remember. That was when the park closed early.
  2. Wait what bomb threat? When was that?
  3. "Ladies and Gentlemen, our webcams are down due to mechanical reasons. We don't know how long the wait will be. You may continue to wait with us, but if you choose to leave, but you are forfeiting your spot. Once again our webcams are down due to mechanical reasons. We don't know how long the wait will be." Enthusiasts: Intamin webcams lol!
  4. No it is 100% true. I can assure you of that. I have not messaged him. In fact if I did, it's against the rules here to tell you all on here since the park wouldn't like it.
  5. I actually really like Rougarou. The thing is that if you keep your head forward, you get less head banging. I've ridden two floorless coasters (Rougarou and Scream at SFMM) and both I kept my head forward and enjoyed both. With that being said, if KI were to get a ground up floorless, I believe it would have vest restraints.
  6. Sounds like a John Matarese report! I wonder if he knows! (No, I have not messaged him about it and I don't plan on it.)
  7. That stream I believe has always been there. But I think it would be nice if KI puts some nice rock work there with the stream even if people can't see it.
  8. Now is not the time for trolling lol. Jk
  9. I wonder if this means we'll have better webcam views.
  10. Tbh the station reminds me a lot of the Paramount days with the hangar like stations.
  11. From kings_island_coasters1 on Instagram:
  12. Wait, I thought it was supposed to be taller than Zeus.
  13. I haven't had White Castle in a while. Years ago, when we went to a New Years Eve party, we bought a big thing of white castle sandwiches and took it to the party. Anyways, let's get back on topic.
  14. Looks like Clifford is at Hersheypark working on Candymonium!
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