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  1. Don't worry, media day will be here eventually. From what I remember from the email from Don, they aren't planning on completely cancelling media day or the first rider auction. They'll likely hold them a few days before the reopening of the park whenever that is.
  2. No, but it's on Facebook. Midwest Coaster Fans shared it.
  3. They haven't announced it chain wide yet because Knott's is a year round park. I think they'll do that if they get to a point where they open mid summer or don't open at all.
  4. Heightened Imagery posted two more pics. One of them was overtop the crest. You can look and see it says "locker storage and cargo" I believe where the lockers are going.
  5. You have to understand that Knott's is a year round park. They are losing a lot more days right now than most seasonal parks. If KI were to by miracle open up in mid May like they hope, they would only have missed a few days since April was weekend only operations. Now if we have to open in mid to late June or even July, that's a different story. CF isn't doing that chain wide since they haven't gotten to that point yet. They'll cross that bridge when they get there.
  6. They are suspending payment plans because it doesn't make sense for the people who still have to pay for their pass during this uncertain time. I think this can be a good thing. I say if we open in mid-late June or July, then we'll likely see season passes extended to next year.
  7. Are there anyone there that would be able to test it? I thought staff aren't able to be there right now.
  8. They are also accepting cottage reservations for June 1st and beyond.
  9. Heightened imagery just posted some close up shots of Area 72 and I can see that there are some queue rails already put in. Also, at the Fast Lane entrance to the Quonset Hut, it has a 20 on it.
  10. Haven't there always been flagpoles with flags on them there?
  11. You have to remember parks like Knott's are open all year. I believe Santa Cruz is as well, but I'm not sure. If they were to open in Mid May, they would be losing a lot more days than KI would because they are open all year.
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