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  1. B&M surf coaster will probably be B&M's version of that jet ski or motorbike coasters Intamin makes.
  2. It drives me crazy how many comments are all over the internet calling Kings Island Kong's Island lol
  3. If we get an RMC, I would love an RMC woodie version of Zadra at Energylandia. The POV of Zadra looks outstanding!
  4. Here's another name I came up with for an RMC woodie in Action Zone. It would fit better than Wild Revenge if they wanted to make Action Zone a spooky themed area. Source for background picture: https://8tracks.com/molempire/spooky-halloween-background-music
  5. Unless they have been to CP or other parks that have one or have watched Insane Coaster Wars or other coaster TV segments.
  6. Maybe Kings Island with an RMC topper track woodie could go after records. It would be cheaper to go after wooden coaster records than steel coaster records. Plus Kings Island loves being known for their wooden coasters so maybe an RMC woodie could try and take the records SOB used to have back.
  7. I've ridden Mantis. I hated it! It hurt my leg! The conversion definitely helped significantly! Rougarou imo is my favorite B&M coaster at Cedar Point! You have to keep your head forward though to avoid headbanging.
  8. Ok I think we can continue this discussion in the thread that is about what comes after Orion.
  9. lol I know. I'm talking about when the park is open.
  10. I hope you aren't planning to do that again today. Because you would be committing a crime throwing paper airplanes off the Eiffel Tower.
  11. I think if Invertigo comes down, Congo Falls will come down too. They can use the combined space of both rides and if they were to get rid of Timberwolf (which isn't the most likely), they have more space there too.
  12. Since the park is at weekend operations only now, I hope we get a webcam soon! Or @sixohdieselrage you can fly sometime soon if you can.
  13. The ones complaining need to go watch Amusement Insider's video on this. He makes a great point!
  14. Here's what we need: Battle for Kings Island!!
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