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  1. That's definitely a possibility but Idk if thats what they do. According to their website, they look like they're more about new construction and all their projects on the website are new coasters being built.
  2. I highly doubt we're seeing KI adding companies here to troll enthusiasts who basically make up less than a percent of the park's revenue. The city and county aren't here to play. They aren't going to sign contracts and put them on a notice of commencement unless there is a specific reason. The biggest reason I think we are seeing the start of a coaster project is that SkyHigh Coasters is listed and correct me if I'm wrong, they only do new construction of steel coasters.
  3. After thinking long and hard about it, I'm starting to lean in that direction. At Coasterstock, Mike Koontz was asked if he could bring any former ride back, what would he bring back and his answer was King Cobra. As much as I hated the 2 standups I've been on, I'm interested in seeing if this new version going to SeaWorld will be any more comfortable. With the hype and marketing going around with Zambezi Zinger returning, imagine the advertisements and hype they could do. Maybe the campaign being "The King is Back" or something along those lines. EDIT: Another thing I realized is 2024 would mark 40 years since King Cobra was built and if were still standing would celebrate its 40th anniversary. What a way to honor it 40 years after being built is to open a modern version.
  4. Another possibility for O'Rourke I thought of is what if its for demolition of Congo Falls? Ik the park never did a last ride event or made an announcement so this is just pure speculation, but if I remember correctly Carowinds removed their chute the chutes ride without warning back in 2017 which was replaced by Copperhead Strike. Idk. Trust me if I was KI and removed Congo, I would announce it over the summer and do a last rides event, but we've seen rides close without warning before so who knows. If you removed Congo, you could honestly fit in a B&M wing or something without removing Timberwolf. Just build an L shape like GateKeeper and follow along the parking lot behind Timberwolf. They would have to work around or do some work with some of those power lines though which could be an issue as talked about earlier in this thread.
  5. My biggest issue with the vest restraints on valravn is that you can't feel the airtime on the drop.
  6. Another B&M idea is what if its something we haven't seen yet. I believe it was a year or 2 ago B&M filed something with 2 new train designs. One being a new stand up which is going to SeaWorld Orlando for their surf coaster and the other one was B&M's take on a sit down lap bar (maybe for a multi launch to rival Mack, Intamin, etc). An idea I came up with here is what if they go with the new sit down lapbar design and build something similar to the Hulk at Universal with the new train design.
  7. Other things listed in here is RE Middleton Construction who did Orion's footers and I'm sure footers from past coasters as well. Cintech Construction which is who built Orion's station. SkyHigh pretty much only does steel coaster construction according to their website. Unless it's a major rebuild of Diamondback or something I don't see the need for them unless there is in fact a steel coaster coming in 2024 and this is a notice for ground work to begin over the winter/next spring. Out of all the coaster manufacturers listed, B&M is the only steel coaster one listed so I'm like 80-90% sure we are looking at a B&M coaster for 2024 if this is for a new project starting. If so we are in for an interesting off-season and maybe just maybe next spring is when the decoding 2024 thread starts. Exciting times ahead hopefully.
  8. Do you have a source on that? I have never heard that before. I thought Orion was always planned on being part of Coney/Xbase.
  9. Or maybe that is what they use for the temporary stages they set up throughout the park for stuff like Carnivale? Idk interesting for sure. However, if they were to just set up temporary staging in the parking lot for concerts then there is no need to remove Timberwolf unless you were only going to do is Spirit Song which hasn't been held since before COVID. Also Timberwolf is used for music in the parks/cheer competitions as well as Haunt/Winterfest assembly.
  10. Are you sure they have dumpsters there for removal? They could also be used for cleanup of cornered as they put cornered in that area. They also never taken out the patio stuff on the VIP area. Do you have a source of how much the concerts sold? The crowd for 3DD looked pretty good same with Skillet. Another thing you have to keep in mind is they still use it for Music in the parks/cheer competitions as well as Haunt/Winterfest assembly. Also Carowinds and KD haven't used their ampitheaters since 2019 and I haven't heard any rumors of those coming down. We'll just have to wait and see.
  11. I don't see Timberwolf coming down quite yet. They just invested money into it and based on what I've seen the concerts were pretty well received and the bigger name acts brought in big crowds. The park has tons of land to expand without removing it. That is honestly my guess. Wolf Pack hasn't been used since 2019 and it looks like its in rough shape. Might be time to get rid of the rest of the SOB leftovers including the station and old queue and clean up that area around The Bat.
  12. With both Zamperla and Daniels Woodland. Maybe the start of a flat ride package with theming like Carowinds is doing with Aeronautica Landing? Daniels Woodland is the one who did the theming for both Mystic and Orion.
  13. Or how about a B&M flyer? Give a nod to Firehawk and put the pretzel loop where The Vortex batwing was as a nod to Vortex.
  14. That would actually be pretty cool. Maybe more hotels too. With the building of Camp Cedar and the hospital as well as the rapid growth of houses in the area (I can't even count how many empty fields around the area have signs of construction) I feel as if the area will be getting a boom in entertainment/shopping options. I think that's exciting for us as that may mean more investment in the park. Hopefully we see a KI on site hotel eventually. Not necessarily Breakers size, but maybe something along the lines of the Marriott suites hotel by Carowinds? EDIT: Here's a quote from an article I was able to grab before the paywall came up. Man isn't it frustrating how slow and sneaky these paywalls are lol "The Beach’s replacement could be anything from retail to mixed-used development, Madden said. It’s too early to speculate on an exact timeframe for the site's redevelopment, he said, but something could be going in by early summer of 2023" Here's a link to the article for if you have a subscription: https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2022/09/22/the-beach-waterpark-permanently-closed.html Based on that, I think housing with some retail/restaurants and hopefully a nice hotel is my guess.
  15. Probably that and the train playing western music and having the old western town on the route
  16. Does anyone know what Mr Madden does? That could give us an idea on the future. Is he a real estate developer? Is he an entertainment/shopping district developer?
  17. While I wouldn't mind a madhouse or flying theater, part of me wants the building removed as a giant metal warehouse doesn't fit rivertown and replaced with a large rustic lodge restaurant like what Canada's Wonderland just opened with views of Diamondback. I also highly doubt they remove Larosa's as it is an original building to the park and is pretty popular. I like expanding The Beast midway back by the old Beast exit with the little shops. I believe the reddish/brown building to the right of The Beast entrance right behind the current fence was a mine shop at one point and I believe the current entrance where the vending machines are was a small snack stand at one point, but I could be wrong. Also, what would happen in the sheriff office and black smith? I don't really study old western towns or spend time in one so I have no clue what goes on in those.
  18. Decided to try something a little different. I figured out you can measure points and make a path on Google Earth pro so I basically used Velocicoaster overhead views from Google Maps as my reference and I created something that comes around 5,117 feet in length while being as realistic as possible. Remember this is just an overhead shot and it is just something I came up with.
  19. Doubt it happens in 2023, but man Lazy Bear Lodge at Canada's Wonderland looks so stunning and the food looks awesome! I think something like this would be perfect in Rivertown where the metal box is currently. Basically add this but flip the kitchen/service counter to the left side of where you enter so you can put seating and patios facing Diamondback kinda like how this views Yukon Striker. I really like the fish of the day option and brisket. I'll continue saying I want prime rib like KD has!
  20. Another thing about Carnivale is I hope it is more like 2019 than 2021. I remember 2019 they had the little stages set up in the different countries with live entertainment. They also would bring in some up and coming bands on the weekends to play on the bandstand. 2021 was a little bit scaled down from 2019 imo.
  21. I think there is a good excuse as none of the parks adding something next year were set to open a 30 million dollar giga in 2020. My prediction is we'll get some type of new spring event like Frontier Festival or State Line Celebration. I also think we may get the Monster Jam Thunder Alley event as I believe we are one of the few CF parks that hasn't had that event yet. I also think we'll see some sort of new food offerings. Whether that means a new restaurant all together or just some new dishes remains to be seen. I also am hoping we see a good lineup at Timberwolf if they decide to do concerts again next year.
  22. A little off topic, but I didn't know WhiteWater West does the playground stuff (ie Forbidden Frontier). Their interactive playsets look really cool. Maybe put it in Snoopy where the Peanuts Gallery formerly theater is. https://www.whitewaterwest.com/en/products/play/adventure-play/ EDIT: Ik we already have a water playground, but these large scale complexes look amazing and are for all ages. Ik KD got one of these that has multiple large buckets. The one in the photo I'm sharing from Mt Olympus has a thrilling looking waterslide attached to it: https://www.whitewaterwest.com/en/products/play/multi-level-play-structures/fusionfortress/ They could keep the current water playground and add one of these behind the wavepools toward the parking lot in the big empty grass area. Make this one for everyone and have the smaller one be for kids only.
  23. I'm not going to comment too much on this due to reasons, but imo the park and corporate needs to take a serious look at the location of the VIP lounge and need to make some big decisions on what they should offer and whether or not they should consider moving the lounge somewhere else or adding another one. Flavored water and chips is not going to cut it. A good solution would be to add a Coke freestyle stand in there, but then they would need to figure out how to keep the bees away as bees are attracted to them. Trust me, I would not want bees flying around a VIP area. They should honestly take a look at how BGT is doing their passholder lounge where it has an entire building dedicated to it with lots of space and has its own dedicated menu. There is a large space above the entrance that is hardly ever used that would be PERFECT for a VIP area and it wouldn't be too expensive to convert it.
  24. The reason I didn't remove Backlot is because it just got repainted and it is still fairly popular. You can still build a coaster around it or above it. Look at Canada's Wonderland did with Behemoth literally built it on top of their Backlot. I like the whole Carousel park idea. Maybe once CGA closes, Carowinds gets their eagles and we get ours back or vise versa. You could put them in the grass area right by Diamondback's brake run.
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