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  1. Yeah I don't want them to stop doing the fireworks. I can see them from my bedroom window on summer nights.
  2. I see Invertigo/Congo leaving and a new coaster going there.
  3. Rivertown already has some old western style buildings, but I would love to see more. Heck maybe paint and redo the outside of the Crypt building and make it look westerm.
  4. I saw stakes on the last day the park was open in October before all this happened..
  5. I hope it's restrooms, but part of me is thinking not. Restrooms need a good amount of planning because it requires a bunch of things. On the other hand, I could see maybe an expanded plaza with seating similar to Banshee's and maybe build a small food stand to replace the current one.
  6. I watched in the loop's latest video on Iron Gwazi and let me say. Imagine that type of RMC lift structure towering in the back of the park where Vortex was.
  7. Remember I believe CF talked about spreading out big projects. I'm thinking 2024 right now. I think they could use some of the land from Vortex for flat rides on the Coney Mall side for 2021-2023 and then use the leftover land for a coaster in Rivertown.
  8. They could still do an above ground tunnel like Leviathan. In fact we should try to make it happen.
  9. It's likely Racer's turnaround just getting in the way of the picture, but there are times where I glance at it and it looks like the drop off the first turn goes underground. Most likely doesn't though.
  10. Doesn't seem like much is happening.
  11. They likely won't remove the temp supports on the drop until track work is completed if you ask me.
  12. yeah the weather is kinda strange today. I live right near the park.
  13. I believe they know what they're doing. They wouldn't have went for it if it was going to be unsafe. I believe several people were concerned about the tunnel on Yukon Striker and how tight it looked and turned out to be safe.
  14. I don't think we said anything about Fury's lights. Just DMX lighting. If I were to take a guess would be at the bottom lighting up the supports. But I would also love to see an LED light system going up the catwalk railing on the lift with maybe a traveling like effect similar to Valravn. And then top it all off with light up wheels!
  15. It depends though. May-June is when a lot of schools do field trips to Kings Island.
  16. Lol nope. Instead I was riding with my mom who is terrified of heights and falling from them. I did joke about John Matarese before I went to bed last night. Our wifi was out and I was like: "I think we should try and have it make the news. I know someone who can report on it (referencing John M)." lol
  17. So I had a dream last night that I was riding Orion for the first time. Does anyone else have dreams about Orion? April just can't come soon enough!
  18. Why not both? I think it would look nice to have both, but that is my opinion.
  19. Tbh I wish it had the light up wheels. But I'm sure they can change it since they did it with Tatsu. I know the company that does the light up wheels is at IAPPA.
  20. Thanks Kings Island! Now we can see the rest of track work be completed and Vortex demolition later!
  21. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-orion-train-cars-revealed John Matarese has reported on it!!
  22. I'll be going by the park today when I go to my School of Rock rehearsal. It'll be my first time seeing it in a week since I have been in Kansas City.
  23. I found this post on Facebook. I kinda hope KI and CF decide to put these on Orion! It fits perfectly with the space/sci fi theme!
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