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  1. Made another Mack launch concept! The name is Polar Vortex! I even made a logo for it! Here's the link to the picture I used for the blizzard background: https://www.dreamstime.com/illustration/blizzard-cartoon.html
  2. I know the last time they did Carnivale in 2019, they took a bunch people from rides and other departments to help with it. Didn't seem like they did that as much this year as I heard it is mainly the entertainment department doing it.
  3. LOL! That was just a joke for one of my crew members lol. Or how about this new joke I have: replace all the lights with multi color lights and have them programmed to new "poppy" music making it "better" lol
  4. Very interesting stuff. However, I think it is likely just an idea being considered for the future. Maybe up to 5 years out. Ik parks look at different things to add over the next 5 years and it could change with time. I would love a new indoor dining option in Planet Snoopy. They could even do the Lunch with the Peanuts Characters show they used to do in the Festhaus in there. They could even do a dinner time show as well! Wonder what food we could see in there!
  5. Imo I think a country that should be added in the future is Israel. Idk why, but when I went to Israel in 2019, I fell in love with the food there ie falafels, shawarmas (gyros), pita bread + humus, etc.) I definitely agree they should add Mexico over near hanks. However, keep India and China in their respective locations. As for the drum float, I think I saw a video that it is at Carowinds for theirs. I haven't seen the parade up close in person, but I have seen videos and have seen it from the tower and it definitely looks like a hit. I think the big balloons are very cool. I do hope in the future they use more of the stages for entertainment other than just on the bandstand. I think International showplace would be a great place for a show. Maybe in the future bring back weekend concerts during Carnivale, but maybe bring in bigger name artists and do them in Timberwolf. I definitely think they should bring back the small stages that were used in 2019 and 2020 (Fall Fest). Definitely a great event and I hope it returns for many seasons to come. Not really counting on it for next year since I have a feeling Carnivale will be replaced for a 50th anniversary celebration event similar to Cedar Point. I honestly think Canada's Wonderland and Cedar Point should hold Carnivale in the future as well as they didn't do it in 2019.
  6. Made a concept similar to the one @MillenniumforceMike made, but made it a double launch coaster and a little different. The station/theme is very similar to Helix at Liseberg and part of the queue goes into the building and the stairs up to the platform are inside between the station and the storage area similar to Helix. The name is Lazer Snake and the theming would feature a lot of green LED lights and a "pumpy" soundtrack by IMAscore similar to Helix.
  7. Made a concept of a beach street kind of thing similar to what KD got this year in their waterpark. Here's what the concept includes: the colorful rectangle boxes are the food truck like food stands, the hot pink dots are tables, the big blue circle thing in the center is a splash pad, the black box in the right corner is a stage for live bands/shows, and the brown lines in front of the stage are benches to watch said shows. Note: I just made this concept and I forgot that their are power lines in this area, so this exact location isn't too likely, but they can do it in another location. Here's the pic:
  8. I like it! Looks very original and would fit the area well! Now the main question is, what would they theme it to. I don't think a country/western theme would fit there unless the station was over by Beast or by Rivertown Pizza. Knowing Kings Island, it's gotta have a story to go along with it.
  9. Basically 9/11 caused many places to put in these metal detectors. Then later on they started to phase out (KI got rid of the original ones in 2012) and then they brought them back following mass shootings in 2016. Basically, the mass shootings gave a lot of these places a wake up call from 9/11. I honestly think the metal detectors aren't a bad thing at all. It makes me feel a lot safer tbh.
  10. Orion went down for weather right when we were about to dispatch lol. I was on the train
  11. I rode Drop Tower several times today and I saw nothing either. However, I don't think there were signs around Firehawk and Vortex during the summers of 18/19 before their removals. I think timberwolf wouldn't take longer than a few months to tear down.
  12. Congo Falls is an intamin shoot the shoots ride that opened as Amazon Falls in 1988. However, ever since parks have started taking away these types of attractions, KI fans have speculated when the attraction would bite the dust. It also sits on a nice plot of land right near two other aging attractions that aren't popular (Invertigo and Timberwolf Theater) that could open up a nice plot of land right next to the front gate. How long do you think KI will keep Congo Falls and when do you think it will give it's last splash? What would you like to see replace it? Will Invertigo and Timberwolf leave along with it? Let's discuss here!
  13. Remember that CF doesn't physically own Camp Cedar so they really aren't at fault for that. I'm sure they are just as frustrated about Camp Cedar as we are. However, I do agree that they should've at least posted on their social medias yesterday about reservations not being required for Soak City yesterday before they opened.
  14. I will say that working at the Eiffel Tower base from 9-10 tonight was a hassle lol. The line was literally out of the queue and down the midway a bit. Using both vators/platforms helped a ton though, but it was still a hassle when I would be loading one elevator and then immediately would load the next one lol. It was still a lot of fun though.
  15. I went to @King Ding Dongs freestyle stand in Rivertown and they were open lol. I even got a drink there, but the touch screens had issues lol.
  16. Could be or it could be something. I think they're probably blurring them up for this exact reason lol.
  17. A little off topic, but in the recent video on KI's YouTube channel, it looks like Jamie Gaffney is going through some large papers and they have them blurred. Probably means nothing, but kinda interesting. https://youtu.be/iedoKPfY8aA
  18. I'm starting to think it won't open until 2022 as they still have work to be done and by the time they would be done, it'll likely be towards the end of summer so it may not be worth it. I really feel bad for all those who booked for this year.
  19. Yeah and there has really been nothing done to the area. Markers can mean more than a new coaster. Also, like said in the past, take any Coaster Nation article talking about construction at the park with a grain of salt unless there is clear land clearing going on like what we saw in 2008, 2013, 2016, and 2019. It'd be noticeable and there would be a decoding thread up by now.
  20. And where exactly is there construction at the park? I work at the highest point in the park (the tower) and am up there like every day and there has been zero construction.
  21. Hangtime looked like a great fit for Knott's. Plus the lighting package that comes on these coasters are stunning. Imagine an infinity coaster with that lighting package in The Vortex plot at night with WindSeeker and Shake, Rattle, and Roll and their lighting packages.
  22. IK that those who work in Snoopy (like me) asked for more songs added to the playlist which was the same playlist used in PS last year. As of a few days ago they added a bunch more songs to the playlist. Even though they are still KIDZBOP versions (I'm not a big fan of kidzbop) it's nice to have more songs. I definitely will try and pass along that we need a larger and better playlist for the main park and SC.
  23. ^^That would honestly be kinda cool to replace Invertigo/Congo Falls. Imagine walking into the park and seeing the launched lift tunnel with the inversion coming out of it facing the front. You could even give it a medieval like theme to go along with Banshee and Bat.
  24. Are you sure July 5th or he 4th which is Sunday
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