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  1. Made an Intamin Blitz concept. The name is STALLION. The queue house goes overtop the second launch
  2. They could still do a camp snoopy upgrade along with having Planet Snoopy. If you remove the old theater and part of picnic grove, you can make that whole area into Camp Snoopy similar to what Michigan's Adventure did. Cedar Point has both Planet Snoopy and Camp Snoopy. I think since KI lost the best kids area award to Dollywood recently, they could try and take the award back with a whole new Camp Snoopy area along with an updated Planet Snoopy. It would also allow them to have a more open walkway to Soak City that isn't hidden as much like the current one.
  3. Give us one of these and I'll be down to pay to ride! https://bransontracks.com/rides/skyscraper/
  4. Sounds like they are waiting for the park to close for the season to start demolition. 2023 is probably when we'll see the replacement unless it's just small beachfront upgrades. Honestly, I think it would be cool if they relocate Sling Shot and/or Frontier Fling over to the beachfront and install an arcade along the boardwalk and a beach shop and maybe a restaurant/ice cream stand there. Make it like Daytona Beach where it has the giant Sling Shot on the beachfront with a lighting package.
  5. Did you see it? Are you sure it wasn't Don walking around with a piece of paper just to troll us lol.
  6. I'm aware things can change and I definitely wouldn't mind them coming back, but I don't see it as the locals there love them there.
  7. According to this article, if everything goes as planned, it should be completed by 2024 which imo is likely around the time we may see our Vortex replacement. If so, I think we'll see some nice economic boost to the general area over those next few years with the opening of this complex and a big new attraction at KI. Just my opinion and nothing is confirmed and I am still not sold on this actually happening knowing the history with developments similar to this. Honestly, I think if this falls through I think it would be cool if they could move this project to Kings Mills/Mason and have it near Kings Island and make it a "downtown Disney" like feel in the area. Just my opinion. Article: https://www.fox19.com/2021/10/05/13b-entertainment-district-hollywoodland-theme-park-proposed-middletown/
  8. I have a hard time believing this'll happen. Especially in Middletown. I think it would have a better chance of actually being built if they were building in West Chester or Columbus. Even if this does happen, it'll likely be 5-10 years at least before it actually happens. I would just take this as they are just "talking about it" and move on.
  9. I believe they have stated many times Racer will never run backwards again as it never was designed to go backwards and PTC's instructions were to run it forwards only.
  10. I thought of before turning that entire area where the storage buildings are along with the Chaos Building into an interactive land attraction like forbidden frontier at Cedar Point, but with an area 72 theme with the actors being Scientists and you discover something like evidence of aliens or something along those lines.
  11. If you're that concerned no one is telling you you have to do those things. There are other options there. Or just stay home. I think it should be on the person now with vaccines available.
  12. That would honestly be a great idea! I actually said it when Orion was being built and I went through the Chaos Expedition Orion exhibit in 2019 that they should do it all year.
  13. according to the new KI book, they have tried to get them back several times, but Carowinds wouldn't give them back and it's not surprising as the locals there love it too.
  14. I would love to see a flat ride package added to area 72. They could move those storage buildings over next to Orion's brake run and add a nice few flat rides to that area. My choices would be: an air race, a gravitron ride, and maybe you could relocate the current Gliders over there and give them an aircraft/spacecraft theme and that could free up room for something else in Planet Snoopy.
  15. Highly doubt we are getting a coaster in 2023. With covid and CF spreading out new large investment project timelines, it'll probably be 2024 until we start to see anything. Plus, we are still the latest CF park to install a new coaster (until next year with tumbili opening at kd). I think CP, Knott's, Carowinds, and Canada's Wonderland get a coaster before KI does. Just my opinion
  16. **TRIPLE POST** sorry it just seems like everytime I post a concept the thread goes quiet lol. Anyways I created another concept of an Intamin launch with the same theme as the one before, but this time instead of a Maverick like ride, I go with a more modern Intamin style blitz more like Velocicoaster. The top hat would be over 200 feet tall and it would take the fastest multi launch coaster record from Pantheon.
  17. **DOUBLE POST** Here is an intamin blitz concept with a speed car theme. Shake Rattle and Roll get relocated to where the basketball game is currently to provide more room for a bigger plaza
  18. If it goes in Coney, I could see the theming be a speed car/hot rod theme similar to Lightning Rod or the Intimidator's theming. I just have a hard time coming up with a name that doesn't sound cheesy. The only decent name I came up with that makes sense is Speed Demon and basically the theme is connected with Racer and Backlot. Rivertown has a lot more opportunity for theming purposes imo. I posted a concept a while back where the ride is in Rivertown, but they put in a large 2 story restaurant where The Vortex station was overlooking the new coaster.
  19. Absolutely not. I've ridden 2 standups Mantis and Vortex (Carowinds) and hated them both. They were so uncomfortable. I don't want one to be installed here.
  20. Here is an idea I came up with. This is a very large scale concept that would be a large investment and likely unrealistic for a park like KI and the market KI is in. This is basically if the entrance plazas at Cedar Point/Carowinds and ChocolateTown at HersheyPark had a baby. The specifics are numbered so here is what they mean: 1) new ticket/season pass building 2) guest services/offices 3) two story restaurant (similar to ChocolateTown) 4) gift shop 5) candy shop 6) ice cream parlor (would definitely serve blue ice cream) 7) new front gate (think CP/Carowinds/WOF) 8) grassy area for special events 9) Upgraded Timberwolf (KI Music Center lol @Dj325) I understand this is unlikely and probably unrealistic, but a boy can dream lol. Enjoy!
  21. I don't see it. Cedar Fair has already removed one (Disaster Transport) and there are small rumors (just rumors nothing confirmed) of the possibility of Avalanche getting removed from KD. Idk if the park would want to go that route, but I could be wrong.
  22. I had a dream last night that I was sent back to the Eiffel Tower and was assigned to go up the stairs and attach myself to a bungee and go up and do some checking on the tower and when I got down I realized I left both gates to the stairs open and there were a whole bunch of people who found their way up the stairs and onto the 50 foot deck and I had to get help from security to get people off and when the security guard came and asked me how it happened and I told her what happened, she told me that I would likely be getting multiple safeties (strikes that when something safety related happens that falls on a worker that could lead to termination) for it and then woke up and literally said "just a dream" lol.
  23. I 100% agree! Diamondback is my 4th favorite in the park while Orion is my number one at the park! I rode Fury back in August and I will tell you I didn't notice as much of a difference in height while on it as I thought I would. It felt higher, but not as much as I thought. We definitely would not have noticed another 13 feet if it were 300 instead of 287. Drop is 300 feet and it feels the same as Fury's and every other giga drop so Orion is a giga.
  24. The main thing I was surprised about is that Leviathan, Magnum, Intimidator, and Diamondback made the top 25 and Orion didn't. Is Orion really that disliked by those who vote? And is Diamondback that much more popular than Orion? With Orion being a giga and being much bigger than Diamondback you would think Orion would be ranked higher. Looking at this, I'm starting to wonder if KI and CF are starting to think Orion was a miniature flop. Hope not bc Orion is an excellent ride, but if the whole purpose with Orion was to bring more people in and to make it the main star attraction at Kings Island, and it's not ranking that high in these polls, it makes you wonder if Orion is going to be a success long term or if it'll fall into the "minor flop" category.
  25. ^^While it would be nice, I have a feeling if they go with Mack, they'll go with the standard multi launch like Copperhead Strike. I've heard (take it with a grain of salt) that those Mack spinning trains are some of the most expensive trains if not the most expensive trains to design and make. Idk if KI or CF would want to spend the extra money on that or not, but I could be wrong.
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