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  1. I say if the next big addition were to be in Rivertown, that's when they could repaint Diamondback similar to when Valravn was built where they repainted Raptor.
  2. KI should set up a game using those things! Like in Soak City and/or during the summer nights event currently planned.
  3. Vaccines can take a year or more to develop and be ready.
  4. Plus New York may be one of the last places to resume operation (if they stay the main US hotspot).
  5. Anyone who still thinks this is a hoax needs to wake up from fantasy world and realize it is not.
  6. Yeah, I know here in Ohio we started to take these measures when we only had very few cases.
  7. Wow there is so much negativity on here. I understand this is a scary time, but to say the season is over when we are at the end of March is kinda silly.
  8. I honestly think KD already has a bunch of people hired. I don't know about training though.
  9. Taste of Cincinnati was postponed to Independence Day weekend.
  10. I had a dream last night that Orion finally opened and in the Quonset Hut building, they had some smoke and rocks. Nothing really to fit the theme.
  11. That's because this is a breaking story. They'll announce soon.
  12. I think some states are going to ease restrictions earlier than others. I think states with large beaches and huge tourism numbers (like Florida and California) will be some of the last to ease restrictions. June 10th imo is a little too late, but isn't surprising since they are trying to play it safe. It is subject to change at any time.
  13. What is so bad about the cruise industry? I know plenty of people that love to go on cruises and I've never been on one before.
  14. Yeah, I think the regional parks may open before the large destination parks like Disney or Universal.
  15. Yeah, I think the leader of Liberty is going to be in hot water with the state of Virginia here soon. I know someone who is supposed to attend Liberty next year.
  16. The more I think about it, I think I did learn a lot more about what led to the event as well. It's just something I had in my mind. Obviously no matter the outcome, I think every future child needs to learn about what happened during this event.
  17. Also what Trump means by June 1st is that we are going to be on our way to recovery by then. I don't see places staying closed until recovery because I think it's going to take years to fully recover from this crisis. I also think the history lesson on this event that the next generation will learn about in school might be more about the result of this than the actual event itself imo. Obviously they'll learn about the event itself, but if the result is a major recession or even worse a depression, then the lesson may be more around that than the actual event. I hope we don't see a depression though, but I do think we will see a pretty big recession.
  18. He must've decided to listen to health experts who knew that it wouldn't work to do that.
  19. Viking Fury is getting a new coat of paint https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/march/viking-fury-gets-new-coat-of-paint
  20. I think it would be nice if they put some cool "crack the code" signs or stuff with QR codes on it that can change to keep people interested and get people entertained while waiting in a long line.
  21. Yeah I heard the most heat and humidity could do is slow down the spread. Not kill it.
  22. Florida and Louisiana are hot and they have A LOT of cases. In fact New Orleans is another US hotspot for the virus.
  23. Don't give up now. We still are several months away from the end of the supposed season. If we miss April and May, we still have June-October for all coasters and winterfest to enjoy. Now I say if we get to July and the park still doesn't open, then we can scrap the season and move onto the next.
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