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  1. He probably means the door on the games building (former skylab queue). I was confused too with the word carnival because the building for Grand Carnivale/WF parade floats is the big white tent behind Racer.
  2. I don't see us getting Psycho Mouse. In fact I don't see Psycho Mouse getting relocated. Arrow is out of business and I don't see CF relocating a coaster from a manufacterer that is no longer in business. If we get anything from CGA, I'm betting on some of the kid rides and/or flat rides like Berserker or Centrifuge. Or I can always dream of us getting Carousel Columbia, but I think that goes to CP.
  3. I think it depends on what the refreshed TTD ends up being. If it's just an LSM launch change and new trains and new theme and not a layout change, I could see a new coaster at KI. Ik CP and KI haven't gotten new large marketable investments in the same year under the same ownership, however the past doesn't always reflect the future. I don't think anyone saw CF adding 4 new coasters in one year (2018). We'll see though. Hoping along with the opening of Adventure Port, it is another year of the KIC decoding thread (minus me messaging John Matarese of course lol).
  4. Well a shipping port is a dock with boats and it is a large ship so I think it can work. They could even keep it a viking ship, but have it be a cargo ship overtaken by Vikings. They can easily reroute the queue and have the entrance near Enrique's.
  5. I could see it being like Jungle X at KD where we keep seeing theming added throughout the season. I'm also holding out hope that Viking Fury could be rethemed to some sort of cargo ship and it gets a late "hidden temple" like announcement like Reptilian and Arachnidia at KD.
  6. Based on this, they're likely pulling a last year and won't start fireworks until Memorial Day weekend. Gives them time to get it ready and based on the interview with the guy from Rozzi Fireworks it'll be similar to Fun, Fireworks, and 50. Sucks, that hours are shortened though. Like 7 pm on Sundays? That's 2020 hours lol.
  7. Like I've said many times I don't see Timberwolf going anywhere for a long time. The only rumors of it coming down are the same rumors that have been going around since Paramore owned the park. Even though it's not used daily, it still serves a purpose with Music in the Parks, cheer competitions, Haunt and WF set up, and the occasional concerts like the concert series this past year and Spirit Song. Ik SS hasn't been held since before covid hit, but like I said in the SS thread, the website has been updated fairly recently to say "see you in 2023" so it looks like it may come back, but not confirmed as they have not come out with dates or a lineup yet. There is plenty of space to build new attractions without removing Timberwolf. Now parks like Carowinds or Canada's Wonderland I could see removing their amphitheaters sooner as they don't have near the amount of open space as KI does. I think The Vortex plot is the best option as I'm sure the park knows and sees the empty plot as a major eyesore and putting a coaster there sooner would complete that end of the park and make it less of an eyesore. Ik at night when viewing Coney from the tower, that area where Vortex stood sticks out as a very dark area that needs something there.
  8. My biggest question with it is if it is for a 2024 project, why doesn't the notice of commencement say 2024? The Orion one said "2018, 2019, and 2020 additions and modifications to Kings Island Park" this one just says "2022 and 2023" meaning the work is to be completed in 2023.
  9. I think an extreme spinner would be a great addition. I wouldn't mind a Copperhead Strike though. I really enjoyed it when I went to Carowinds. One thing I will say about an Xtreme spinner is if KI adds one, don't get your hopes up that it would run like ride to happiness. I think knowing our CEO and GM, it would run with the magnet that Time Traveler does so it can appeal to more guests. Apparently, Ride To Happiness doesn't get that long of a line because of how crazy it is. I think it would make more business sense to run with the magnet on. Sucks for us enthusiasts though.
  10. If you look at the color key on the first page, the design that is on that circle thing that people think is a turn table is actually a concrete pad for attraction theming. Also, it looks to have multiple of those pads for theming throughout the layout so we're likely looking at theming props during the ride. Also, they seem to be doing concrete around the ride entrance instead of pavers. In fact, the only paver part is a small little plaza across from that circle thing. Also, I'm interested in the queue layout as it looks like the queue goes back behind the haunted house and snakes back to the station. Hopefully it gets the go ahead as it looks like an exciting project.
  11. Ikr we hear this every single year. Like how long has Timberwolf been rumored to be removed? Probably since Paramount owned the park. I think we should all accept that Timberwolf is likely not to be removed unless they absolutely need the space which Kings Island does not lack at all (there's literally a big empty hole in the back of the park that would be perfect for a multi launch). Plus, even if it's not every day or always big concerts, they still use Timberwolf for Music in the Parks as well as select events like Spirit Song or the concert series from last year, They also use the stage for WF/Haunt assembly. EDIT: Another thing I might add about the screenshot/link is there is no date set yet so don't take this like an official announcement. They have yet to post about it on their social medias. I'd take this as evidence pointing towards it returning, but not 100% confirmation. I just noticed the site changed from "Spirit Song will be back" to "see you in 2023". Very likely them getting the site ready for an announcement, but again nothing is confirmed until they announce it for themselves which if I were to recall, it was around this time in 2020 they announced the dates and the lineup for the 2020 festival which of course ended up getting canceled due to covid.
  12. Live nation is already used for Riverbend though. I'm sure the park has tried, but with how outdated the venue is no matter how many times they try to fix it up, I believe live nation themselves know that artists would choose Riverbend over Timberwolf. Plus Riverbend has more than twice the amount of capacity than TW especially with the large grass area.
  13. Straight from the Spirit Song website: Looks like it's back folks! https://www.spiritsongfest.com/
  14. The concrete for 72 was to fit with the flight base theme. Flight bases have concrete/blacktop.
  15. Concrete being dug up by Hanks (soon to be Enrique's) hopefully pavers being installed....
  16. Well it very well might. Didn't Mike point you out and aknowledge the idea at Coasterstock? He must really like the idea. Hopefully corporate agrees.
  17. I'd rather have the Crypt building be used for some sort of indoor ride that families can ride like a flying theater or what @Cedar Fair Fanboy always says, a vekoma madhouse. It would provide another Winterfest proof ride and another air conditioned ride to escape the heat or bad weather.
  18. Looks like digging by former Hanks (soon to be Enrique's) has started. There's a digging truck in the bottom left corner of the cam. Also, there looks to be work going on near Racer's exit and there are trucks behind the games building (former Skylab queue)
  19. Idk how it works, but I believe the Kings Island Inn kept the Kings Island name even when KI didn't own it.
  20. Gone way too soon. Was hoping he would eventually make another appearance at KI. Praying for his family.
  21. This will honestly fit better with Rivertown. Gives Diamondback a little more of a rustic look and no more McDonald's lift hill lol.
  22. They used to have a walking trail by The Beast many years ago. Also, the pathway from the leftover part of Dinos Alive that wasn't used by Orion is still there. Maybe if they want to, they can do something like Forbidden Frontier back there.
  23. Actually, I know it's the gravel and that is not what I was sharing. I was mainly sharing the white thing to the left of the gravel and the white/black thing behind the tree to the right of it and the day I posted it, it looked like there was some digging going on on the ground there, but again it is hard to tell from the webcam. I agree, it is likely nothing, but it's usually fun to speculate. I'm glad I learned my lesson about messaging media personel. I will never ever do that again even though I actually like John and it was great to meet him at the Orion announcement.
  24. I wasn't here back in 2016, but I believe the demolition of the funnel cake stand that led to Mystic Timbers was caught on the KI Webcam back then. Did the park move the cams back then?
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