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  1. A little update from today: so nothing too much, but I did notice a bunch of trucks going in and out of there as well as people going in and out of the gray trailers. Obviously it could just be maintenance, but I don't know. Also, I noticed in the area where the station was, there was a small section of dirt moved around a little making like a large square shape. Idk if that means anything. Also, the station area is the only area they mowed.
  2. Likely means nothing and I don't have pics bc I can't have my phone while working, but I have been noticing a little bit of activity in The Vortex plot lately from the tower. A couple weeks ago, some gray trailers popped up. Obviously those could mean nothing, but its not wrong to speculate. Earlier today, I noticed a few pieces of equipment near the trailers. I believe I saw a digger and a mower (which obviously you need to mow the grass so the mower likely doesn't mean anything). I also saw people down in there as well. The equipment was there for like an hour and then they left the site. I believe one of the trees was also cut down. Kinda interesting, but likely doesn't mean anything so trying not to get my hopes up for anything major yet.
  3. That's my video lol. Thanks for sharing! Yeah thats exciting! ERT and behind the scenes of course! Also, running into you, Chad, and Kyle numerous times throughout the event was also a highlight!
  4. I was there! Was a great event! Btw I was the one who asked about the Timberwolf concerts and what Mike said is the concerts this year is a test and if they are successful (which I think they will be) they will hold them again next year. I also was the one who asked about the crypt building! I also was excited when Mike said he wants an upgrade to Boo Blasters which I hope happens! More specifically a new version of Phantom Theater.
  5. From the tower, the old latter game is definitely going to be the VIP lounge:
  6. It was you who did that? What an outstanding job! I love pointing it out to guests while in the elevator or on the platform! Such well done work! Trust me we'll make sure no guests try to mess with it!
  7. International Restaurant has an elevator I believe
  8. Yeah that definitely looks like a VIP lounge or just a patio seating area just for everyone.
  9. When it comes to a potential Oktoberfest overhaul, there is a lot you can do. I came up with a little mock up art. The color circles are where potential flat rides could go. The orange one I believe is where the spinning keggers were, the red is SlingShot's area, and the yellow is just an open grass area in between Tower Gardens and the restrooms. I think any flat ride could work in any area. I think bringing back the spinning keggers is a great idea. Another idea is a Zamperla NebulaZ themed around beer brewing (similar to how Hersheypark's is themed around mixing candy). Another idea is a Trabant type ride. Those are currently my 3 picks for a potential Oktoberfest overhaul. The two light brown arches are Oktoberfest entry points that would have an Oktoberfest sign. I think honestly they should go around and put area signs at the entrance to each major area (AZ, Oktoberfest, Coney Mall, and Rivertown). The ladder game structure looks to be sticking around for something. Idk what its going to be used for as they recently put up a 50th banner in there and they painted it and gave it a roof. Maybe a photo op or even a lounge area. I think after 2022, they could use it for extra seating for Hanks which is why I kept it. I agree, they should update the Coke Marketplace to make it German/rustic like for Oktoberfest.
  10. 11th commandment broken......lol
  11. Honestly if this is the case, I'll kinda miss the ride. However, I thought it did not fit the Oktoberfest area at all. I think Oktoberfest should receive an update theming wise with maybe a new ride or two.
  12. I've said it before, this location would be a good spot for a multi level german lodge restaurant. Think the restaurant being built at Canada's Wonderland, but would serve German/Irish Pub food. Think of the views of Banshee from a patio of such restaurant.
  13. It was which is why I am confused. Idk if something came up unexpectedly? Maybe an overhaul is coming? Our slingshot is an older one (opened in 2002). We'll see what happens.
  14. Something is going on with SlingShot! Saw this post in a group I'm in: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=1911796235874779&set=gm.1196540507852133
  15. These changes are really good changes! Hopefully they continue this. Some changes in particular I want to see is Jukebox diner get some updates done similar to what Cedar Point did with Coasters Diner. I believe they made it cafeteria style which I think makes the lines faster there. I also want to see the area to the right of Jukebox turned into a covered patio. They already have a small section of covered seating there, but I'd like to see that whole right side turned into a patio and put in a new bar there. Another change I want to see is Coconut Cove in Soak City get expanded a bit. Make it so you can line up inside the building so the line isn't always spilling onto the midway there and on both sides of Coconut Cove give it covered patio seating.
  16. Kings Island code of conduct: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/code-of-conduct
  17. Last year they were all pretty short pretty much walk on especially during morning ERT.
  18. Not really a full layout concept, but more of an idea of how they could route the station/queue line if they were to make it part of Rivertown which I honestly hope happens because I really want our next coaster to have a cowboy/western theme like Maverick!
  19. I would also like to see the Banshee lighting package updated. Banshee's light package from like 2014-2018 had a lot of LED lights and a little fog, but it seems like lately the lighting package has been disappearing and not as good as it used to. The LED movers that were in the queue were I think removed after 2018 which is a shame. The maintenance lights on the lift also seem to be burnt out. I'd like to see the lighting package updated maybe for its 10th anniversary in 2024 along with a repaint. I'd also like to see a purple LED strip added to the lift like on Orion. I'd also love to see that. Maybe build a wood queue house over the queue line. Also please repaint Diamondback.
  20. Made a mock up of something I'd like to see. Think something along the lines of the 2 story rustic lodge restaurant going to Canada's Wonderland get built in the large grass area near Diamondback's brake run. Have it be sit down like Brewhouse and feature a nice patio on the basement level facing Diamondback's brake run. Could even have live music on it. Would also be a nice grand entrance to Rivertown from the tower.
  21. @King Ding Dong must not be in the park. Look whats open....
  22. An interesting sight was spotted at Worlds of Fun in their old Dinosaurs Alive area. Some survey stakes/markings were spotted and clearing has begun. Obviously it could be anything, but 2023 would mark 14 years since their last coaster Prowler opened in 2009 so to say they are overdue for a new coaster is an understatement. Also their has been rumors from Screamscape (like always take that with a grain of salt) about them wanting to add a modern replacement for Zambezi Zinger or Orient Express. https://www.screamscape.com/html/worlds_of_fun.htm We'll see where this heads and will be an interesting development to watch over the weeks and months ahead! Fingers crossed its a coaster, but of course we'll have to wait and see!
  23. There hasn't been any official announcement regarding Spirit Song, but tickets would be on sale if they were having it, so likely not this year. However, one of the sister events to Spirit Song that takes place at Dollywood ran by the same organizers is back so maybe they are seeing how it goes and they could bring it back next year. We'll just have to wait and see.
  24. I believe in the past, they didn't start putting up the audio/sound equipment there until like a week or so before the concerts began (or in that case the start of Spirit Song).
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