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  1. You know it would be kinda cool if they played some meteor shower or something on some TV screens in the queue for Orion and maybe FOF.
  2. Which the result of that for Banshee was I believe too many people which caused a pretty large line for Banshee. I've watched some media coverage from Banshee media day and the line looked pretty long.
  3. @JonahWilliamson are you going to do your thing with the layout rendering?
  4. I joined ACE on December 25th so I should be able to attend.
  5. Hoping mother nature gives us nice weather that weekend.
  6. It turns out at NCC, it was asked why Orion was not a record breaking ride, here's Don's answer: Source: https://wgntv.com/2020/01/18/kings-island-shares-new-orion-roller-coaster-updates-and-construction-photos/
  7. Ok I want to clarify something here. I made a mistake. I tend to get my directions mixed up. He did in fact say Mystic Timbers riders were on the right side of IS. Others were on the left. I apologise for that.
  8. Check out this OVC video from opening day 2017, you can hear that guy in the background giving people some instructions on the loud speaker
  9. No I believe he was told to do that. That was to help with the chaos of the hype of the new ride. He actually did not say it in that manner.
  10. I wonder if they'll bring that guy back from the MT preview day who used the microphone and gave direct instructions on the loud speaker. "If you are headed to MT go to the left side of international street, if you aren't go on the right side of IS."
  11. So if you were a teacher, would your whole class be about Intamin lol
  12. I'm guessing that teacher doesn't know that there are multiple coasters that go over 90 and over 100 mph.
  13. I don't know. It would me kinda tough to do that during the day, but I would like to see some nice LED's in the station and queue like Banshee.
  14. Back on topic. It looks like they've completed the airtime hill.
  15. Back when I lived in Indiana, we hardly ever had Good Friday off because we had snow days to make up.
  16. Quoting Full House: "Fog Fog Fog! I hate fog!"
  17. From Kings Island's Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159118505398368&id=155893938367
  18. Lol. I'm guessing someone saw my dad's sermon on Sunday where he had a pair of ski goggles with Vaseline on them.
  19. Are you supposed to apply to attend the job fair or can you just come? I'm confused. This would be my very first time applying for a job.
  20. I hope so. I would also like to see some more shaded seating (kinda like in Action Zone). Also, I wonder what they are going to do with the area next to the chaos building since we know that that hill was flattened for something.
  21. Doesn't fury have a trim on its largest airtime hill? I don't think it'll slow down the train too much. Remember this coaster isn't about the airtime. We have 3 other coasters that are mainly airtime focused (DB, MT, and Racer).
  22. I've never had pies and pints before, but I know this one guy at church who is an architect who works across from the big building in Kenwood that has a pies and pints in it and he told me that their chicken wings are really good. Anyways, tbh I feel like we should make a thread on this food topic since this is kinda getting a little off topic here.
  23. Unfortunately I don't see it. The park actually did say that they would be demolishing it.
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