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  1. If I could bring anything back to KI, I would try and get a Nickelodeon license and bring back Nickelodeon Universe!
  2. Found this video from Amusement Insiders about how Coronavirus could impact the amusement industry. Thoughts??
  3. Not surprising. Kings Local Schools is my local school district and they are running out of room for students and are currently trying to get a bond issue passed to be able to do some big projects.
  4. KDFans seems to have uncovered these blueprints. Doesn't seem to be coaster blueprints, but it's pretty interesting. Looks like just the Crypt area.
  5. That's right now my prediction if it's not a coaster. Especially with the direction Cedar Fair is going in with more immersive experiences.
  6. Right now, I'm not really betting on a coaster for The Vortex spot. However, I would definitely do an RMC or a multi launch if it was up to me.
  7. Yeah I thought that guy did an outstanding job. However I do disagree on this thoughts about Banshee, but it's all about opinion and I respect everyone's opinion. Although, I do see how people could be let down about Banshee because of the size of the land and what occupied that space. I do hope the park eventually finds a way to use that left over land from Son of Beast.
  8. I wish that could be a ride so we could all do it lol
  9. Why do we even have this discussion in the first place lol. I absolutely DO NOT want Disney to buy Cedar Fair and I believe it will never EVER happen.
  10. Yes, but the theme doesn't really go with Rivertown too much.
  11. I don't believe we'll see one of those low capacity rides. Tbh I think maybe we could see a Mack or Primer launch coaster be built with that kind of theme. Tbh I wonder how a West Coast Racers type ride would work. Maybe giving it a horse derby type theme.
  12. A little hard to see, but it turns out you can see Orion from my neighborhood!
  13. Yeah those are just the vertical pieces on the haidrail. However, I do see a strip on the handrail that look kinda blue imo. Maybe that's a similar light strip to Fury. However, we don't know.
  14. They usually don't release the real pov until around the ride's opening.
  15. Also we can see a little bit of the Quonset Hut building.
  16. Decided to make this for what could replace Backlot Stunt Coaster if it's removed. This is an overhead of an intamin blitz (I used Maverick as a reference)
  17. It's kinda crazy that Google maps hasn't changed yet.
  18. He's been gone since I believe around the end of the season. He got into some type of argument with the mods I believe.
  19. I think I saw somewhere from No Coaster Con that Don said that a world record breaker isn't what they wanted and they wanted to take advantage of the land topography and build something unique to the park.
  20. yeah. I honestly wish Sixohdieselrage was still allowed on here because he would be our best source to find out more things lol.
  21. Maybe there is an actual reason they aren't. Maybe because of Area 72, like area 51, they want to keep it secret lol. However, I'm sure likely when we get closer to opening, we'll see some sneak peaks into the area. Heck, maybe they'll invite John Matarese in for a sneak preview like they did last year.
  22. Cedar Fair literally just shot down an offer from Six Flags. I don't believe we'll ever see any type of merge or acquisition between the two chains.
  23. Here is a great video from Amusement Insiders talking about what we could expect in terms of when coasters are going to be built.
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