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  1. 6 hours ago, wabashcr said:

     They can get rid of Drop Tower, too, AFAIC.  That will open up a lot of prime real estate in AZ  

    I'd be very upset if they got rid of Drop Tower. It's imo the best out of the 5 Drop Towers I've been on. I've been on this, Lex Luthor Drop of Doom, Power Tower, Liberty Launch, and one of those mini Drop Towers at a traveling carnival. Plus it is one of the few Gyro Drops in the US. 

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  2. I think the saying covid is here to stay is that covid will likely become a virus that we learn to live with like the flu. That doesn't mean we'll be taking these precautions like wearing masks, social distancing, and banning mass gatherings forever, but that just means that the virus will still be around. It will depend on vaccines and treatments. 

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  3. 46 minutes ago, flightoffear1996 said:

    So now that COVID is here to stay how do see this affecting the parks in the future. The bigger parks might have been lucky to weather the storm for one season but what about two?  This could be the dark ages for amusement parks. 

    I think as vaccines and treatments start to roll out, we'll see a gradual return to normal. I do think we are looking at a rough 2020/2021 seasons for parks. However I think 2022 and beyond should be big years for not just theme parks, but all the entertainment/attractions industry. Mainly due to people eager for a return to normailty. I like to compare it to the "Roaring 20's" which took place after the Flu Pandemic and WWI. I do agree that it's going to take a few years to recover. 

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  4. 22 minutes ago, medford said:

    They may or may not have been "just having fun" but certainly they are already in the planning stages for their next major attraction.  Might be another 3-5 years away and not even set in stone, but the planning has certainly begun.

    Idk about that. I believe with the pandemic and all, I think that CF and KI are looking more short term right now especially there is no guarantee that they'll be able to resume normal operations next season. Also Mike Koontz at the Orion media day said that the planning for Orion began in 2018. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFBsJU4AbK4


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  5. 4 hours ago, DonHelbig said:

    Do you like wooden coasters, or steel coasters? That was the question being asked. Nothing more, nothing less. 

    I definitely love both. However, some wooden coasters are not as re-rideable when they are extremely rough while most steel coasters are extremely re-rideable. However, I love the concept of the hybrid coaster which is a steel coaster with a wood structure. I've ridden Steel Vengeance and Twisted Colossus and loved both.

  6. Ik I'm going to get a lot of backlash for this idea, but here it goes. I think that the next major coaster to go in this area won't be in the Invertigo/Congo/Timberwolf plot of land, but I think it'll go in the area where The Bat currently sits along with the big giant field behind Banshee. I still think Congo Falls and Invertigo will bite the dust, but I think they'll be replaced with a flat or two. I think Congo could get replaced by an S&S Scream n Swing and keep the water there and have it swing over the water. Maybe they could go the Canada's Wonderland route and add a flat or two to that area and a new food stand or maybe remove the current food stand (chicken shack) and have it replaced by a new restaurant that could fit with a medieval/Halloween theme. Then add a large new coaster where The Bat is to finish out the new area like Canada's Wonderland did with Yukon Striker and Frontier Canada. 

  7. 59 minutes ago, wabashcr said:

    I think most states and municipalities in this country have all but ruled out another lockdown.  It seems pretty clear at this point that it would be almost impossible to implement and enforce.  People just aren't going to go for it.  Unless things get drastically worse (worse than this past spring for sure), efforts would be better focused on mask wearing, social distancing, and other measures to reduce transmission, that people may be more receptive to.  We're going to have to learn to live with the virus.  Unfortunately that means a lot more people are probably going to get sick and die.  Hopefully an especially effective vaccine is available soon, but even that isn't likely to completely eliminate the virus.  

    I'd be surprised if anything happens to KI or CP over the next couple weeks, but it's hard to envision a spring opening without some of the same restrictions and regulations currently in place.  We're roughly six months from this year's planned opening date, as well as when they would presumably open next year.  Six months feels like a lifetime ago, so who's to say what will happen between now and April?  The only thing that would surprise me is if life is back to the old normal by then.

    Yeah, I have a feeling we are going to be starting next season with some if not all the restrictions in place. However, as time goes on some stuff may be lifted. I still think we'll see the return of Grand Carnivale, Summer Nights, Haunt, and Winterfest next year. I also see Soak City reopening next season. I think the first thing I see changing in terms of rules is capacity on rides. I think they should at least try to use every row, but maybe not pair single riders. I think they should be able to sit groups of 4 across on Orion next season. It'd be more like Banshee where groups of 4 can sit across, but they don't pair single riders together except maybe have them sit on the ends if they choose to pair single riders for Orion and Banshee. However, it terms of being completely back to how the park was in 2019, I don't see that being until probably the 2022 season which will be a special season anyway with it being the 50th Anniversary season.

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  8. It was expected to go up as the weather cools and people move indoors. So this isn't too much of a surprise. However, Idk if I see Ohio or the country locking down again over the winter or not. Not talking about a strict lockdown like some countries did or are doing, but more like what happened in the winter/spring with the stay at home orders and such. 

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  9. 6 minutes ago, BeeastFarmer said:

    That's terrible that you got kicked out of KI!  Were you a team member ora guest at the time of the boot?

    I didn't get kicked out of the park for any reason lol. What I mean is I don't want to tell any stories of guests or encounters I've had with guests bc of how CF is strict on team members saying anything about guests on social media. I would never do anything to get me kicked out of the park. 

  10. On 9/9/2020 at 11:33 AM, WickedDragster said:

    Would be cool to see a Zamperla Super Air Race maybe in the Area 72 and continue to expand that area.  The ride fits the theme.


    My main question with adding new rides to A72 is where would they place them? Would they remove the Maintenance buildings or open up the area on the left side of A72 near FOF's exit? 

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  11. As a KI employee, I'm not going to be telling any stories because I don't want to risk getting in trouble with KI's social media policy, but does anyone here have any kicked out of KI stories from this season? 

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  12. 2 hours ago, cdubbs727 said:

    Changing the name of Woodstock Express back to The Beastie would be wonderful (I still call it The Beastie, and my kids call it that too; they haven't even tried to correct me). It just plays into the heritage so much more -- I'd also love to see it re-painted yellow (not sure why a Woodstock Roller Coaster is blue anyway) and maybe even add back in its tunnel. But the return of the name and the old signage would be enough. 

    Bring back dining throughout the day in the International Restaurant. The park needs some sort of sit-down, nice eating experience and you can't beat that view. Maybe it's a traditional service restaurant during the day and then a nice bar/lounge in the evening for worn out adults :-). Would be nice to take in the fireworks from there with a nice, cold drink. 

    I really like the way the park leaned into International Street's heritage in the 2019 season and would love to see something like that done in areas throughout the park; just little reminders of its history. Maybe little plaques with pictures of the park throughout the years. Create some sort of exhibit (maybe in Tower Gardens) that includes signage, photos and other memorabilia from old rides and other attractions. Given Coney Mall an overhaul to bring it back to looking like an old theme park. Find some sort of coherent them for Action Zone; if they have big money to spend (which, after this summer, they very well may not), pull out Invertigo and Congo Falls and put some new attraction in there to go with that new theme. 

    At the end of it all, announce whatever is coming in 2023. But make it a game throughout the season, similar to the way they had clues for the last few rides. But don't treat it like a secret. Make it hard, make it a game, and have some way to reward the people who guess it. 

    I agree with the International Restaurant thing. Ik this sounds like a stretch, but I would like to see them try and build a patio from the restaurant to overlook international street and the fireworks. Now for your 2023 thing, I believe they could do that if a coaster is coming in 2023. Hyping up a flat ride or kiddy ride all season just doesn't feel right imo. 

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  13. 34 minutes ago, brenthodge said:

    So there’s been this thing called a pandemic????  It kinda hurt their numbers a bit this year and they might be scaling back on big spending. 

    I'm well aware of the economic problems from Covid. I don't expect to see a huge investment until at least 2024. 

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  14. For this concept, I used the combined space of Vortex and Backlot Stunt Coaster. I also put a multi level restaurant where The Vortex station was. The restaurant would be a sports bar and would open a year or two before the new coaster opens. It would feature 2 or 3 levels and would have interactive games and VR activities inside along with patio seating and a viewing deck. The coaster would be an intamin multi launch and would be a mix of Maverick, Velocicoaster, and Pantheon. The name is Outback Rider



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  15. 3 hours ago, MDMC01 said:

    This is great news! Also, not sure if this is old news yet, but this brought me hope for the future when I read it a few days ago:


    I was so hopeful as since Disney is one of the biggest (and most visible) theme parks, others will (hopefully) follow suit as/when more states start to open back up.

    I don't believe the parks should follow that and they should keep the restrictions in place for now until a vaccine is widely available which likely won't be until spring/summer 2021 at the earliest.

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  16. Coaster wise, I think a multi launch would be great. Most likely would be a Mack, but I would love to see CF give Intamin a call to build something like Velocicoaster or Taron there. However, I still wouldn't be surprised if they don't put a coaster here. What if maybe where the station was they put a multi level restaurant/activity building there. IK this won't happen, but maybe do something similar to Topgolf there lol. 

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  17. On 4/3/2019 at 11:20 AM, Oldiesmann said:

    Nope. It was for a few safety issues:

    1. Accidentally let a guest who was too short ride Beastie. This was back before they had the height check station in the kids' area (only at the front of the park or at Guest Services) and the same year that the minimum height on Beastie had changed to 40 inches from 36 inches. On top of all that, we were short handed so we didn't have anyone to work greeter, which left height check responsibilities mainly to whoever was working load side in the station. For safety reasons, you couldn't let the incoming train pass you either, so it was kind of hectic.

    2. Let 4 people (dad and three kids) ride in a helicopter on what was then Yogi's Skytours (now Woodstock Whirlybirds)

    3. Accidentally left an exit gate unlatched (it was closed, just not latched) at the umbrella ride (now Peanuts Offroad Rally, though it was in a different location at the time)

    So you got 3 safeties? 

  18. 26 minutes ago, Rivertown Rider said:

    Hopefully they can get it working consistently. 

    At this point, I do think they need to look at a standard chain lift.  For a coaster to be having this many problems 5 seasons in is crazy.  For coasters like TTD it is a little more understandable because of the force of the launch and height.

    With Lightning Rod, I have noticed from being at the park the last couple of years that they seem to be promoting it less and less and not even having as much merchandise.  For a ride that is supposed to be a headliner that is a little strange.  I think that tells you that Dollywood has lost faith in it.  When they add their next coaster it needs to be something extremely reliable.

    LR was a prototype since it was the first ever launch wooden coaster. A launch system was never used on a wooden platform before so it was something new. However, I doubt other parks will look into a launch wood coaster after the headaches LR caused. 

  19. 16 minutes ago, Oldschool75 said:

    General Improvements? Restaurant? Wouldn't it be cool to eat out on a deck structure while watching Banshee go flying by? Like I said before, the park doesn't spend money unless they need to for a project. Doesn't always mean a new ride. 

    The only problem is that it would be kinda hard to access since that area is out of the way on a narrow pathway. 

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