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  1. I don't know what name/theme that CF would go with to tie with Coney Mall that wouldn't sound cheesy.
  2. Tatsu is mainly a Japanese term and it's here in America. Same with Flying Dinosaur being an American term and it being in Japan.
  3. Outback is also the name of a steakhouse lol. Well, you could always have Outback Steakhouse: The Ride lol
  4. Someone I know came up with the name Outback Rider. That would work for a Rivertown themed ride there.
  5. I believe graceful is what this coaster was meant to be in the first place. A tall, fast, and graceful coaster that the GP will eat up. Not every coaster has to be Steel Vengeance or I-305. Remember enthusiasts make up a small percentage of attendance and revenue.
  6. Lol you can find those at traveling fairs sometimes. I think something like that would go in Planet Snoopy.
  7. Came up with this overhead idea of an RMC topper track woodie replacing The Bat and using the field behind Banshee. Instead of using the SOB station, it would get its own station. The SOB station would also come down.
  8. Yeah, CF usually announces stuff in August when season passes for next season go on sale. However, we could get something like a restauarant or something very small that it could get announced during the off season.
  9. I don't think we'll be seeing much in terms of attractions in the chain next year due to Covid and with several parks staying shut the entire season. I believe the 2021 season in some ways will be basically a due over for what this season was supposed to be. I believe 2022 will be when we'll start seeing the investments pick up.
  10. I say when the next coaster gets built, they should do an offseason construction tour of it or maybe an off season winter tour like Winter Chill Out at Cedar Point.
  11. I like this idea! Throw in some live music and maybe a DJ and there we go!
  12. The final drop was taken out to allow for a path to Flight of Fear and eventually Orion to be added.
  13. Remember the waterline is for Warren County and not just Kings Island.
  14. Probably has something to do with the waterline project John Matarese talked about.
  15. Ik this sounds like a stretch since they did put them in fairly recently, but I would love to see them try and move the Woodstock Gliders back to the former location of Flying Eagles where the basketball 3 point challenge is across from where Vortex's batwing used to be and rename it to Flying Eagles. They could maybe relocate the 3 point challenge to Action Zone or something. Then maybe in the future bring back the water maze where the gliders are now or put in a new snoopy ride there.
  16. I definitely think we will see people keep wearing them after the pandemic. A lot of people in Asia after the first SARS outbreak wore them. I don't think it'll be mandatory though post pandemic unless another pandemic pops up.
  17. The parks that were unable to open this year better be able to open next year or they are risking going out of business. Even CF I don't think can afford keeping parks closed for 2 years in a row and it would be bad on the rides and attractions at those parks to not be running for 2 years. I am also saying that Soak City needs to be able to open next year because staying closed for 2 years straight would be bad on the waterslides and stuff. That's just my opinion and am not an engineer or maintenance person.
  18. I'm thinking at the moment that they may still have the masks and stuff to start the season and they'll open in April as normal, then maybe later in the season they'll drop the requirements depending on vaccines and stuff. Idk what projections you're seeing, but the most optimistic I've seen is being back to normal by sometime 2021. 2022 at the moment imo is the worst case scenario, but could change.
  19. I believe this has something to do with the waterline project that John Matarese discovered. How did you make that? That's way better than anything I could do.
  20. Yes lol. And what's funny about this video is that it's been up for like 10 years and the title tends to change every couple years. Like it used to say 2015 then 2021 etc.
  21. Found this video, does anyone remember this lol:
  22. Something I'm finding interesting is that Kings Island is posting videos about The Bat on their social media pages more than other coasters. Probably just a coincidence since enthusiasts did start getting interested when the park posted a lot of things about Racer in 2018 which was the same season the guy that many thought was Fred Grubb from RMC was spotted around Racer.
  23. I don't mean to be that guy, but we are getting a little off topic here. This is a thread about The Vortex plot of land and the area around it. Not what should other theme parks do.
  24. Pantheon is an intamin multi launch going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The reason it isn't likely to happen at KI is Cedar Fair's relationship with intamin.
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