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  1. A more complete layout of Cliff Diver using Google Maps:
  2. A small little mock up concept of a gerstlauer infinity coaster in The Vortex plot. The name is Cliff Diver. Credit for picture goes to Trevor Martin
  3. Did he say anything about something being hinted at the park or was it just the markings?
  4. Is there a link you can share where John M will talk about KI or was it said on TV?
  5. Well they wouldn't be selling as much season passes for next year because all passes this year are good for next year.
  6. And before any of you asks, no I did not contact him and I have nothing to do with it.
  7. True, but when they closed Son of Beast in 2009, I don't think they knew if it would be permanent or not. I believe they left it there because they were deciding whether to tear it down and build a ground up coaster or just fix the ride and reopen it. I believe they looked at all options and decided in 2012 that it would be better to just demolish the coaster and build something new there.
  8. Where did you find that? Is that another Coaster Nation concept?
  9. Yeah, they seem to be posting about The Bat multiple times on their social sites. I hope they don't take it down now since it would be the third coaster removal in a row.
  10. Unless it's getting to the point where it's getting too expensive to maintain it or something comes up where they have to remove it. I believe Vortex was removed at the last minute due to something popping up where they had no choice but to close it.
  11. Here's a Mack launch concept I found that I think would be nice in The Vortex area if they were to replace Vortex with a coaster:
  12. I heard someone predict in a YouTube comment that we could get a shopping district like CityWalk or Downtown Disney. I highly doubt we'll see something like that, but just throwing it out there.
  13. I found this crazy concept for a 500 foot coaster at Cedar Point. Even though it likely won't happen, I find this to be an amazing concept:
  14. I think a modern day wooden coaster by GCI is what Cedar Point really needs. I also think they need another "unconventional coaster" which doesn't break any records like what Maverick is. Their last few coasters broke records and I think it's time to build something that doesn't break records and that would be good for families since more younger kids can ride it unlike the last several new coasters. The last coaster they built with a 48" height requirement was Millennium Force in 2000 and that ride can be intimidating for those younger kids that aren't quite ready for extreme heights. So that
  15. Remember 5 year plans can change. I have a feeling the park and Cedar Fair is looking more short term right now than long term. I believe @IndyGuy4KI interviewed Chad a couple years ago and he said that plans can change in a day. I have a feeling a bunch of 5 year plans have changed as a result of the pandemic especially for the parks that were unable to open this year.
  16. I think he means the vehicle entrance which is on the Soak City side near the little strip mall where Lazer Kraze used to be.
  17. I think he means the employee vehicle entrance which is on the Soak City side near the strip mall where Lazer Kraze used to be.
  18. Here's a wing concept Coaster Nation made for this general area:
  19. I wish we could see Lazy Town brought back if they were to bring back Nick (which won't happen obviously). I love the energy of lazytown and I think the energy + the theme park atmosphere would be perfect. I also wish they could play some of the lazytown songs in the park (Bing Bang, Have you ever, etc).
  20. Are you talking about the tunnel to Rivertown? That was I believe located where Chick File A is now.
  21. I say the only way that would really work is if they removed Bat and maybe Timberwolf. I agree with others that this is probably just stuff to do with the road and nothing major.
  22. Another thing I wouldn't rule out in the future is the monster jam event introduced at KD and CP last year making its way to KI. It looks like for at least the KD one they had a large monster jam activity exhibit that used some of the parking lot. Maybe we could see something similar. I definitely would love to see them try a parking lot festival like event like they did when Robbie Knievel came.
  23. Here's the Coaster Nation article updated: https://coasternation.com/new-markers-appear-at-kings-island/?fbclid=IwAR30RlDkdFDyB2fHAj6Fnfg-rNZP09lNjFLkGi9oGbz1j6K4QQ5h1yAaa34
  24. Not really marker related, but the light post by the SOB queue is on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/479956965515693/permalink/1653226314855413/
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