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  1. I believe I heard someone say that they heard Alan Schilke say that he doesn't like doing vertical loops. If true, don't expect a vertical loop on an RMC.
  2. Hopefully Orion doesn't get removed in 2040. Or Diamondback in 2029. Or Banshee in 2034.
  3. Here's the thing. SpiritSong usually brings in tons of people. If they do it in part of the parking lot, they would need to probably work with some places in the surrounding area to let people park in and shuttle them in so that they could have extra parking available in the event the rest of the lot fills up. Also, where in the parking lot would they do it?
  4. Could be. However, I'd love to see KI and CF partner with them to put on a larger scale event. Maybe partner with them for Spirit Song in the future?
  5. Here's a link to their website. It seems like they are a rental company for festivals. They do tents and stuff. Link: https://www.arenaamericas.com/
  6. I'm starting to think that Vortex's replacement won't be a coaster. I think that they could try and do a land expansion there (not the whole land due to the terrain), but try and flatten some of the land enough to do a land expansion with a couple flats. I just feel that the front of the park (Action Zone) is in more need of a coaster since the last 2 coasters were in the back of the park.
  7. If you want over the top medieval/spooky theming, look at Fenix at Toverland! Their whole queue is indoors and themed and the whole prelift is indoors! Ik CF wouldn't go this level, but I would love Cedar Fair to try an indoor pre-lift show since they did start trying a post ride show (MT shed), a pre launch show (Copperhead Strike barn) and a queue line show building before the station (Orion). Here is a video on the queue and POV of Fenix at Toverland:
  8. I have a feeling we'll see both Invertigo and Congo Falls get removed instead of getting renamed. Then they get replaced by a new coaster with a medieval like theme.
  9. Remember we have a thread dedicated to the new survey markings. This thread is for The Vortex area.
  10. What coaster would work in Action Zone?
  11. I think people are looking a little too much into this. I'm thinking it's probably a new road leading back to the dorms and at most some upgrades to the front gate plaza and maybe parking lot. However, I think a fully repaved parking lot would be a multi year project and would be done in phases.
  12. Ressurrecting an old thread: Man, do I wish KI would bring this event back along with the food truck festival. Maybe call it the Orion Brew Fest since they are selling Orion themed beer. Even though I'm not old enough to drink yet, the atmosphere for an event like this looks nice and would love to see something similar to it brought back! I found an article about the brew fest where they had the area by backlot dedicated to the event: https://www.thatchicmom.com/2016/05/Banshee-brewfest-at-kings-island-the-perfect-date/
  13. Is it on anything? Is it spraypaint? A stake with flag? Just a flag?
  14. I think I remember there being a few markers back in The Bat queue in 2017 and everyone starting getting excited and it ended up being just the tree being removed.] Also, can you tell me where you got this information and if you have a pic can you share it? Thanks.
  15. My Mom went to this event as a kid when her Dad worked at P&G.
  16. A little off topic, but found this comment on Reddit. It's just speculation and might be the park just trolling us, but maybe someone can try and find it this weekend at the park? Here's a link to the thread it is found in: https://www.reddit.com/r/rollercoasters/comments/hh3zrl/comment/fwbqsvu?context=3
  17. I've heard talk about the green intamin track thing. Wasn't that from the Banshee decoding thread? I wasn't here for that.
  18. Steel Vengeance was $30 Million?? Source?
  19. Turns out they are temporary survey markings since they are pink. However, there are white markings in the video by Coaster Nation which according to the article mean proposed excavation.
  20. Looks like to me they are burying the electric lines. That would make sense imo because that would give them more opportunities for the future if they build out in the front of the park, they wouldn't have issues with electric lines above ground.
  21. Then what do those markings in the video mean? If anyone here is in construction and knows what they mean, please feel free to let me know.
  22. Coaster Nation posted a video on these markings. I don't really know what the writings on them or the writings spray painted to the ground mean. If anyone here knows, I'd love to know. Video:
  23. Here's an overhead concept I made of a front gate entry plaza upgrade + a repaved parking lot.
  24. I doubt KI would get a relocated low capacity ride. In fact, I have a feeling that CF is done relocating coasters when they remove them.
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