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  1. Iron Gwazi seems to be one of if not the most anticipated coaster opening next year. Beyond vertical drop hyper hybrid from RMC. Pantheon looks really good too!
  2. Does the reason have to do with them wanting to use the terrain to its advantage and make it unique? I think I remember one of the higher ups in construction during the media tour of the construction site a couple months back say that going up 300 feet tall is a huge jump.
  3. I happen to be schooled online at home on a regular computer so I can check back and forth here and there. Back when I was in public school, I would get yelled at every now and then for looking at coaster updates on the chromebook when I was supposed to be working on school stuff.
  4. What book? And where did you get your info that the cost was not the reason why?
  5. I actually know some people who prefer LaRosas in the park over the LaRosas restaurants outside the park.
  6. I've posted this before, but I think it would be nice if Orion had a similar soundtrack to this:
  7. Tbh I saw this coming. He sorta hinted at it when the media got to tour the Orion site. He'll be missed and I wish him and his family the best as he moves onto this next chapter.
  8. They have pepperoni and sometimes meat lover pizzas at KI LaRosas.
  9. Maybe it's because a large chunk of Cincinnati area locals love LaRosas which keeps them in business. I love LaRosas myself, but I understand how some people aren't a fan of it. Kinda like the chili places like Skyline and Gold Star. I'm a Cincy area local.
  10. It may look similar, but it will be different.
  11. I'm at Winterfest currently and I got some shots of Orion!
  12. Tbh even though I wouldn't really want this, I wouldn't rule out a forbidden frontier type attraction for that area. Especially if they want to fill that space quickly. Especially since CF talked about spreading out large investments and doing more interactive experiences.
  13. A little off topic, but I see you guys talking a little about skyline and then I exit out and see a Gold Star ad on KIC! Lol. Anyways, back on topic. I hope I get to come to opening weekend and maybe do the first riders benefit. I just joined ACE so I'll likely do coasterstock this year.
  14. If I remember correctly, Mystic Timbers went as following: Thursday: Media Day (morning) and first riders auction (evening) Friday: Season Pass Preview night Saturday: Opening Day I'm expecting something similar with Orion. Since April 11th is a Saturday, I'm guessing that's opening day. With Pass Preview being the 10th and Media Day/first riders auction being the 9th.
  15. I think they only did the blue side this past year. Maybe it's time for the red side since it was rougher than the blue side (from my experience) this year.
  16. 2021 Soak City expansion? It mentions 2021 in this.
  17. Well I do know that Don kinda hinted at the replacement for Firehawk last year during the GOCC Christmas Party. I say the fact they have come out saying that there are absolutely no plans at the moment for Vortex and did not even mention the idea of at least taking a look at the land after demolition like they talked about with Firehawk tells me there is absolutely no plans for that space at the moment. Here is a link to Don's speech at the GOCC Christmas Party last year:
  18. Is there truth to it or is it just his theory?
  19. Remember Firehawk's station came down and even the park tweeted about Firehawk's station asking fans what they think will happen to it.
  20. Turns out this interview from when Banshee was being built sorta talks about it:
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