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  1. I saw you while working there lol. I think I was working drive so I was in the control panel giving the start spiel and letting people on.
  2. I'm confused. I thought the Butler County Fair got cancelled. Either I am thinking of another fair or they called it back on at the last minute.
  3. Orion isn't doing boarding passes today
  4. Just rode front row and it was outstanding! Loved that wind in the face feeling! It was also my sister's first ever ride on Orion and she loved it!
  5. While working today, I noticed they put social distancing markers in front of the stage to help maintain social distancing for the show.
  6. I'm thinking either he is going to do a statewide mask order or shut down bars.
  7. How would they be able to fill the land up with water? Would a large water fountain do the trick? Idk how it is done.
  8. Just so you know, it might be best to not post that Orion is stuck on the hill since that's when the media will start calling the park.
  9. I hear the park is having power problems. Is this true? My shift starts at 3:45.
  10. So the entrance would be on the left side of Beast? Where would the station go? Would you have to go under The Beast to access the station? Idk if we'll get a single rail unless we get the first Trex which I find unlikely. I think a ground up wooden coaster (topper track) would fit the theme. I like that factory theme idea.
  11. Looking at the land, Idk if the valley is completely round enough to make a lake out of it.
  12. I have a feeling the access passes may be a thing this entire season especially with the hype of Orion and the need for social distancing due to us being in the middle of a pandemic. I think next season if things go back to normal, the access passes will be gone. Cedar Point is doing these on SV, Maverick, and Millennium Force due to the popularity.
  13. My idea is the area where Vortex's station was would be a flat ride. Then a new coaster on the Rivertown side using the arcade building as the entrance and queue area.
  14. If that comes to KI, someone will probably start a "scream loud on Orion, they can't stop us all" event lol.
  15. No, I think they are removing the remaining footers. There are still some footers there looking at the pictures. I don't expect a new coaster until 2024 at the earliest.
  16. I visited the park as a guest today and was shocked at the number of people I saw not wearing their mask correctly or even not wearing them at all. It was so bad that I wanted to enforce it like an associate, but I wasn't an associate today and I am only 18 years old.
  17. I went over and checked out the arcade area while visiting the park today and I think having the games gutted out there could make for a nice ride entrance. I kinda like what they did with Orion where you can get a green screen photo before you enter. I think doing something like that with a wild west theme would be nice.
  18. Waiting in line for Mystic Timbers and I am seeing so many people not wearing their mask correctly or not wearing it at all!
  19. Park is kinda busy. Lines are fairly long partially due to social distancing and some due to crowds.
  20. I found this article from CNN. I think that we can get rid of some of the restrictions if a widely available effective treatment comes available. I would rather have that than a rushed vaccine. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/07/08/opinions/covid-19-treatment-reason-for-hope-haseltine/index.html
  21. Just want to throw a big warning out there: I cannot stress this enough, please please please treat all associates with respect and DO NOT get mad at associates over enforcing the rules! I'm saying this because yesterday, one of my coworkers at carousel who is a minor was berated to the point where she was being recorded by the person berating her over trying to enforce the mask policy. Luckily the other associate called security right away, but she was stunned to the point of tears. Thank you!
  22. I hate to burst your bubble, but I think they're just removing the footers to remove them. I doubt they have anything planned for that site yet since the removal was so sudden. Plus they just spent $30M on Orion and they will need to get a return on that investment before they invest in something big again. I think planning could start next year though. Also sorry for double post
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