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  1. I believe they know what they're doing. They wouldn't have went for it if it was going to be unsafe. I believe several people were concerned about the tunnel on Yukon Striker and how tight it looked and turned out to be safe.
  2. I don't think we said anything about Fury's lights. Just DMX lighting. If I were to take a guess would be at the bottom lighting up the supports. But I would also love to see an LED light system going up the catwalk railing on the lift with maybe a traveling like effect similar to Valravn. And then top it all off with light up wheels!
  3. It depends though. May-June is when a lot of schools do field trips to Kings Island.
  4. Lol nope. Instead I was riding with my mom who is terrified of heights and falling from them. I did joke about John Matarese before I went to bed last night. Our wifi was out and I was like: "I think we should try and have it make the news. I know someone who can report on it (referencing John M)." lol
  5. So I had a dream last night that I was riding Orion for the first time. Does anyone else have dreams about Orion? April just can't come soon enough!
  6. Why not both? I think it would look nice to have both, but that is my opinion.
  7. Tbh I wish it had the light up wheels. But I'm sure they can change it since they did it with Tatsu. I know the company that does the light up wheels is at IAPPA.
  8. Thanks Kings Island! Now we can see the rest of track work be completed and Vortex demolition later!
  9. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-orion-train-cars-revealed John Matarese has reported on it!!
  10. I'll be going by the park today when I go to my School of Rock rehearsal. It'll be my first time seeing it in a week since I have been in Kansas City.
  11. I found this post on Facebook. I kinda hope KI and CF decide to put these on Orion! It fits perfectly with the space/sci fi theme!
  12. I wonder when John Matarese will find out!
  13. Rivertown was spruced up in 2017, but yes I think some more upgrades would be nice, but not too necessary right now. I think the back end of Coney is next for more upgrades due to the removal of Vortex.
  14. And what about an RMC doesn't go with KI? Kings Dominion is very similar to KI in many ways and they have an RMC and it fits fine.
  15. Since we now have a giga, someone should write RMC in the snow lol
  16. If we were to get an RMC, I would love to see a queue line similar to this theming wise, but hopefully not as long as this, but if it is it would help on opening weekend crowds.
  17. Chain I believe happens after track work is completed.
  18. I know I keep changing views a lot. There are so many possibilities. Something like Thunderbird would fit fine there imo.
  19. Here's another pic from my mom today. If you go to a Kings High School football game next year, you'll be able to get great views of Orion when it's light out. Hopefully Orion has a nice light package on the lift and maybe light up wheels so you can get great views at night too!
  20. Shots my Mom got of Orion from the Kings High School back parking lot:
  21. I was also thinking that instead of smashing a bunch of world records with an RMC, we go with something along the lines of Wicked Cyclone. Widely considered one of the best RMCs, but only 109 feet tall.
  22. The Trex is still in development. RMC stated they are looking at selling some raptors before a Trex. They said it at iappa last year. Source:
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