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  1. I've ridden blue Racer more than red. I feel that blue Racer is running like a champ this year! The airtime I get is actually really strong! Red I feel is running a bit rough this year!
  2. Well it's something go to KI and you're already at KI.
  3. Interesting. I came up with this we'll see if I'm right: Now Go to KI
  4. Someone at Kings Island this evening told me the posters are made at Cedar Point in a sign shop by Steel Vengeance.
  5. Just rode WindSeeker and I got a great view. Lots of holes dug. I even saw the triangle footer for one of the drop supports (the one in the pic below) taking shape.
  6. If Congo Falls gets demolished, they should take out Invertigo too! A ground up RMC woodie would be nice, maybe a larger version of Goliath at SF Great America, but of course not as short.
  7. I don't think they would use blueprints from the city hall to throw us off. Usually they like to throw us off with the teaser campaign. Not blueprints from the city hall.
  8. Not surprising since it is very nice out. Cedar Point I've heard is quite busy as well!
  9. Guessing it's the park trying to throw us off which is usually the purpose of a teaser campaign.
  10. Yeah I wish too! Before the plans got released, I thought it would be cool to have a queue like Disaster Transport had.
  11. I was thinking about multiple different things. But the more I think about RMC, I think it would be great if we could be one of the first parks to get the RMC Trex model. We get too high attendance for the Raptor. So I think it would be a good move to wait after the giga for the Trex model to come out and see how it goes and install one. I also say this because Kings Island is the perfect park to build an RMC ground up.
  12. I looked through the blueprints, couldn't really find the number of people per hour, but did find this one section talking about the station.
  13. Yeah! Will someone go to the Mason City Hall as soon as you can to see if there are new blueprints filed?
  14. Here is proof that it's not a launched giga.
  15. Sorry guys, I don't think we are looking at a launch here. The lift hill section of the blueprints basically shows the stuff needed for a chain lift.
  16. ^^yeah I think a lot of us are reading a little too much into this. Like I stated before that according to Amusement Insiders interviews he did with CW and CF officials, parks tend to use teasers to purposely lead people down the wrong path. Like with these teasers out, several people in the YT comments are saying a new Vekoma or flyer. And we have the actual blueprints so maybe the park is trying to put people down the new Vekoma or flyer path even though we're getting a giga.
  17. I wonder if Mr. Vekoma will throw Don in the trash can if they remove Invertigo since they already removed Firehawk. Lol
  18. What if this happens. The end of the season, Invertigo leaves. In 2020, the giga successfully opens, but the park also uses the 2020 season to evaluate the Invertigo plot of land. I'm sure Congo Falls won't be around much longer either. So I could see the case of how we could get another coaster pretty quickly following the giga due to the loss of Invertigo. I could see Congo Falls leaving in late 2020 as well. I think having nothing in Invertigo's plot of land would be a major eyesore because of how it's right at the front of the park and it's one of the first things you see when you walk in.
  19. Replace Invertigo with a Larson loop! Lol
  20. WCPO story is up! https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-starts-teasing-new-roller-coaster
  21. John Matarese just responded! Stay tuned folks!
  22. Now that the teaser campaign kicks off I want to remind everyone that parks a lot of times uses the teaser campaign to purposely lead us in the wrong direction. Like Yukon Striker teasing campaign last year lead us to believe it was going to be a giga-dive. Amusement Insiders interview with Canada's Wonderland officials confirmed that it was done to purposely lead us in the wrong direction. So don't take every detail 100% seriously.
  23. Just told John Matarese the teasers are back up!
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