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  1. I don't have a picture, but I've seen pictures of it online. It had like a 3D Leviathan train coming off the billboard advertising the height of the coaster.
  2. Ok, thanks! I think the advertising for the giga would be insane. Like remember the billboard advertisements for Leviathan?
  3. What in the world does mfg mean? I don't really like abbreviations.
  4. I think we should get back on topic on what this thread is about. Since the b&m plant is only like 20 minutes away, that would mean lower shipping costs so that they could maybe top Steel Dragon 2000 in length and red force in height. I can just imagine the marketing with it. Like in Kroger in Landen (My local Kroger) they had advertisements for Mystic Timbers when it opened. Just imagine how advertisements would be in the Cincinnati area for a 330+ foot tall and 8000+ feet long giga coaster. The advertisements would probably be insane. Who remembers the billboard advertisements for Leviathan?
  5. ^^ That's why I sometimes don't think that's where the giga will go. There wasn't hint at a new coaster with DA leaving. It was just leaving because the contracts were up. I think it will be put where we least expect it.
  6. ^^ Also Don Helbig has said before that they have enough land to expand without removing any rides. Dinosaurs Alive does make sense, but Mike Koontz has said before that they have other plans that don't include the dinos area, so another location I'm thinking is on the left side of FOF by Adventure Express or they can remove the trees by Vortex's entrance to make paths that go behind WindSeeker to put a station back there. There are many ideas that don't have to use the old Dinosaur's Alive area.
  7. The reason I think a giga is next is because Don Helbig has sorta hinted at it a little bit. No I'm not talking about the whole writing in the snow thing because that clearly was just a prank, but at NCC the year MT was coming out, when Don was talking about Mystic Timbers he mentioned that both a dark ride and a giga were options that they looked at when they were thinking about putting in Mystic Timbers. That just convinced me that both are going to be coming eventually. It could mean nothing, but that is just something to keep in the back of our heads. Also, guest feedback is a key. Yes there is the other things like marketing and those things, but guest feedback is a huge key. Like guests wanted something that more families could enjoy so that is why they got Mystic Timbers. People (mostly enthusiasts) complained that Kings Island needed a good invert so that's why they got Banshee. Which is something I use to give a counterclaim on the people who thinks CF won't allow a giga because of Cedar Point, I say that people said that about both a hyper and an invert and look we got one. Cedar Point even uses guest feedback a lot. I'm sure guest feedback (along with marketing and those other things) for Steel Vengeance. I know a lot of people kept asking them to give Mean Streak the RMC treatment.
  8. A giga I made for that area. It is named Mega Force. Yes, they probably would have to move the fireworks launching pad somewhere else, but I think they could manage that. Yes, Mega Force doesn't sound like the best name, but to me, it sounds like a name Cedar Fair would do. They have three coasters now with the name Timbers in it so I think this would be the third coaster with the name Force in it since there already is Steel Force and Millennium Force in the Cedar Fair chain (correct me if I'm missing something) but Mega Force sounds Cedar Fairy.
  9. That is a little close to Mystic Timbers. It seems like Kings Island likes to put their new coasters far away from their last coaster like they put Banshee far away from Diamondback and they put Mystic Timbers far away from Banshee. They do that so that they can draw the big crowds to another section. Btw where would the station and entrance go since it is right by Diamondback and is far away from the rest of the park. The only way people would get back there is if they divided/expanded the White Water Canyon pathway.
  10. I have no idea why so many people are against Kings Island getting an RMC. Remember Kings Island likes being known for their wooden coasters and Cedar Fair used Kings Island with Mystic Timbers to start the next generation of wooden coasters. This will be over ten years later and probably they'll want to start another generation of wooden coasters with an RMC topper track woodie. While I see a giga and a mack multilaunch or spinning coaster like Helix or Time Traveler coming first, I'm not ruling it out 100% since Kings Island will probably want another woodie since they like being known for the wooden coasters.
  11. I still think a giga is coming. I just don't see CF working with Intamin. After the giga, a ride like Helix or Time Traveler would be amazing! That's what I think. 2021: B&M giga 2026: Mack Multi Launch or spinning coaster like Helix or Time Traveler. 2029: RMC Topper Track wooden coaster.
  12. Let's get back on topic like what this thread is about! We know that it most likely won't be Intamin. I would love either a b&m, RMC, or Mack giga. Let's maybe talk about speculation on how KI will tease it (if they get one) the season they announce it. I was thinking they will do posters around Coney Mall like what Cedar Point did for SV in Frontiertown. I definitely think they should have missing people posters that say they were last seen going into the woods of Coney Mall. And they would have a sign by Dino's old entrance saying anyone who goes beyond this point has gone missing. The theming of the coaster will be about a creature who owns the woods and attacks anyone who goes near his woods. Which would fit the teaser of people going missing in the woods. For a theme, I was thinking either Wildcat or Splintercat. Some sort of cat theme.
  13. Yes, it did put too much stress on the trains, but with the way the train went through the roll, it would've put too much G forces on the riders that could even kill people.
  14. Before Maverick opened, it had a heartline roll, and they had to take out the heartline roll because of the unsafe amount of G's it produced during testing which would've killed people if they hadn't taken it out.
  15. Most likely not since Maverick almost killed people, I305 was too intense on opening year, Shoot the Rapids having too much problems, broken cable on I305, the list goes on. Millennium Force, what I have heard goes down like 4 times a day, so maybe you rode it when it was running and you weren't there when it would break down.
  16. Trust me! I would love an Intamin! But because of the constant downtime/reliable problems, CF just can't trust Intamin. B&M would be awesome, but I would prefer Intamim.
  17. ^^ Yeah! The KI way would be a terrain giga. Making the drop bigger than the actual height. Heck, they could even make the first ever giga-strat with the interesting terrain KI has. It wouldn't cost as much since the B&M plant is only a few miles down the road which would reduce shipping costs!
  18. This layout would imo fit the best in the KI lineup with the airtime and speed. Obviously it should be taller and faster than Fury 325. Don't really care for the name. I think that if it goes in coney mall it should be themed to Coney Mall since Cedar Fair tends to be theming their coasters to certain areas of the park. Probably themed to a creature in the coney mall woods and probably the teasers should be missing people posters posted around coney mall kinda like how the wanted posters for steel vengeance were posted all over frontier town.
  19. I would like that since it would be different from Millennium Force and Diamondback (which I think the whole giga is too similar to DB thing is complete nonsense). Also Kings Island likes being known for their wooden coasters.
  20. There is more room than people think. In this picture, you will see that there is enough room for a turn out of the station into the lift that would go over the bats turn around.
  21. Behind Banshee in the old Son of Beast station. That's where I always thought it could go.
  22. I'm talking about having a big sign over Dino's old entrance attached to The Racer.
  23. Yes, but I don't know about 2019 though. I believe they will start teasing in 19 and open the ride in 2020. Expect a huge ride year across the CF chain for CPs 150th anniversary.
  24. It's not going to go over the front gate, I said near the gate. The left side of the entrance is not employee stuff. The right side wouldn't be touched. It's not going to Pass over the gate, it will go near it. Like turn around where Invertigo is.
  25. Imo they should do live webcams for each area of the park. For example: a Rivertown cam, a Planet Snoopy cam, an Action Zone cam, and a Coney Mall cam. I also don't think we'd see a construction fence if the giga is in Dinosaur's Alive since Racer is in the way. In my opinion, I think we'd see the old Dino's entrance blocked off with some sort of sign and then throughout the season, we see some teaser posters popping up around Coney Mall like with Steel Vengeance where wanted posters started popping up around Frontiertown. I think this giga will be themed to Coney Mall since Cedar Fair seems to be adding coasters themed to certain areas of the park. Like for example, Mystic Timbers with Rivertown.
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