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  1. Waiting in line for Mystic Timbers and I am seeing so many people not wearing their mask correctly or not wearing it at all!
  2. Park is kinda busy. Lines are fairly long partially due to social distancing and some due to crowds.
  3. I found this article from CNN. I think that we can get rid of some of the restrictions if a widely available effective treatment comes available. I would rather have that than a rushed vaccine. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/07/08/opinions/covid-19-treatment-reason-for-hope-haseltine/index.html
  4. Just want to throw a big warning out there: I cannot stress this enough, please please please treat all associates with respect and DO NOT get mad at associates over enforcing the rules! I'm saying this because yesterday, one of my coworkers at carousel who is a minor was berated to the point where she was being recorded by the person berating her over trying to enforce the mask policy. Luckily the other associate called security right away, but she was stunned to the point of tears. Thank you!
  5. I hate to burst your bubble, but I think they're just removing the footers to remove them. I doubt they have anything planned for that site yet since the removal was so sudden. Plus they just spent $30M on Orion and they will need to get a return on that investment before they invest in something big again. I think planning could start next year though. Also sorry for double post
  6. Building it on the Rivertown side would require the station to probably sit on the hill going down or down into the valley. I think they could gut out the arcade and the Coke freestyle stand that never works and have the entrance there.
  7. Yeah on tower crew we have a position called "queue cleaner" where one of us goes and cleans the queue rails at carousel and at the tower as well as the bars on the platform.
  8. Does anyone know the songs they play on the FunTV's? I work near a FunTV at the ET and some of the songs they play are really catchy to me. Does anyone know the playlist? Thanks.
  9. I've seen people nit picking other rides before for fun. Just to have a little fun.
  10. How long do you think they will do boarding passes for Orion? Just the first week? Rest of season?
  11. I like your review, however, you need to remember that people can have different opinions. Some people including me found it better than expected and I know some people who found it underwhelming. It's all the matter of opinion. Just because some people have a certain opinion on it doesn't mean everyone else has to have the same opinion.
  12. Those two are definitely on my bucket list. I've heard the restraints kinda ruin Skyrush though.
  13. My former town in Indiana held a prom I believe yesterday and no one was wearing masks.
  14. Orion hands down. While I like large floater airtime hills, I prefer ejector airtime and speed.
  15. They were enforced alright. Didn't really see it because everyone followed it. When I left, I stopped at the water fountain by the restrooms near Hanks and when I was done I forgot to pull my bandana up and a security guy pointed it out to me so I pulled it back up. They aren't playing so please follow the rules.
  16. Ready to enjoy this coaster! Loved this thread! Can't wait for the next decoding thread in a few years!
  17. As this thread is coming to a close, I want to say this has to be the most fun construction thread I have seen. I read through the Banshee and Mystic Timbers threads and I think this was better than those imo.
  18. Just saw a picture of a pool at Put In Bay being shoulder to shoulder. I expect bars to shut down again here soon. I also expect masks to be required statewide here soon.
  19. Made a double launch coaster concept. The name is Tyrant
  20. Ik. I told him that there are news vans in there as theming.
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