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  1. As this thread is coming to a close, I want to say this has to be the most fun construction thread I have seen. I read through the Banshee and Mystic Timbers threads and I think this was better than those imo.
  2. Just saw a picture of a pool at Put In Bay being shoulder to shoulder. I expect bars to shut down again here soon. I also expect masks to be required statewide here soon.
  3. Made a double launch coaster concept. The name is Tyrant
  4. Ik. I told him that there are news vans in there as theming.
  5. While working tower today, some guest told me that they had A72 blocked off and I believe he said that he saw some news stories being filmed. Idk if this is true or if he thinks the decoration vans were actual news vans.
  6. Resurrecting an old thread, I start work this week at KI and am wondering what the best thing is to get at Cornerstone.
  7. Definitely the best light package of any B&M! Idk about it being better than Hangtime though. I've heard Hangtime has it hooked up to the midway music.
  8. I have a question: @IndyGuy4KI and @malem will this thread lock on Wednesday and will a "how was your ride on Orion" thread be created like for Banshee and Mystic?
  9. Idk if they would when they've gotten this far in getting the park ready and is ready to open. They will only close if ordered to by the governor which probably wouldn't be the first thing the governor would close looking at other states. Plus KI and CP have a really good plan in place for safety.
  10. Once we get clear evidence they are doing something there. Not when they start removing the footers, but when they start clearing land and begin construction on something new. Probably not for a few years out since we got Orion this year.
  11. Has anyone gotten their email yet about the first rider auction? I haven't gotten mine yet.
  12. Nobody's in row 6 though. Probably because that was reserved for Taylor Bybee lol #Seetdowninrow6
  13. I wonder if the first week since it is supposed to be pretty hot and humid they will provide free water every once in a while to those waiting in the huge line. I know on season pass preview for Mystic Timbers, they provided water to us at the entrance to the actual queue line after waiting in that extremely long extended queue.
  14. I'm guessing it's either: A) mandatory mask order or B: shutdown or restrictions of bars like in California and Texas
  15. I know a follow up was supposed to come today. I haven't gotten it yet.
  16. A coaster called The Big Red Machine with a reds themed area.
  17. Here's a pic from Kings Island's Facebook: Link: https://www.facebook.com/visitkingsisland/photos/a.226729858367/10159796582783368/?type=3
  18. Won't be long until we start hearing theories about what they could mean. Like what we saw with Cedar Point and the Easter Eggs they have in Frontier Town and Carowinds with Blue Ridge Junction.
  19. I tried to share an Instagram post yesterday that featured a couple of videos of Orion and the area from inside the park. Luckily, it didn't work lol. Anyways, it looks like the little shade structures in the que line says outpost something on them. I believe one of them says "outpost 20"
  20. I don't think they are going to be too picky on face coverings. As long as it covers both your nose and mouth, I think you're good!
  21. Yes and also please be respectful to the associates who are going to be under pressure! Also this is not the time to be making fun of operations. Thank you.
  22. If you look closely into the station, it looks like there is some sort of prop on the ceiling.
  23. Here's one thing that I think is cool about Orion! On the floater hill, you'll be able to basically see the entire park!
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