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  1. If you look online in little font, it says something about " must be purchased the day before " where as before I thought you could buy them the day of. I might want to call them to clarify! Park admission not included. Not valid during Early Entry. Not available for purchase online on the day of your visit. Must be purchased at least one day prior to your visit.
  2. I didn't. I just can't justify the price for what you get in return. I am considering buying a Fast Lane plus pass this season, but I read online you must purchase at least a day in advance? has that always been the case?
  3. I probably spent 45$ one time, it became addicting! sometimes I would spend 10 minutes just watching other people to see what they got. The idea of waiting over an hour in 90 degree weather is just something I refuse to do. 500$ for all season Fast Lane would be worth it, if you could include 1 extra person.
  4. I just renewed for 2018 and I was wondering do anybody else gamble with this? 5$ and you spin the wheel, whatever ride it lands on you get 2 Fast Lane passes. Obviously it's a gamble because some of the rides are just trash ( dodge em ) ( backlot stunt ) I mainly spin it for Diamondback, which is an amazing feeling when you win. There have been some cool attendants working who will give you whatever voucher you want though.
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