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  1. The Crypt before 2009. I was really saddened coming back to KI in 2011 and it was running with only two inversions. It had so much potential, and I was genuinely bummed when I heard it was being removed.
  2. Kings Island Six Flags Great America Six Flags St. Louis Carowinds Busch Gardens Tampa Indiana Beach Kentucky Kingdom back when it was under Six Flags operation Holiday World I'm hoping to add Cedar Point after I graduate college (2020), and I'll be going to Sea World Orlando in January for my 21st birthday along with BGT. Once I get settled into my career and make better money, I plan on traveling more and getting through at least the eastern part of the United States.
  3. I'm in Central Indiana (about 20 minutes north of Indianapolis), and my house is just under 150 miles from there. Time-wise, it depends on traffic and construction. The longest it's taken me from my house is about 2 1/2 hours when I first started driving there; the Apple Maps app took me the I-70 E way, which consisted of a ton of backroads. Now, it takes me about 2 hours, as going on the interstate for about 95% of my drive allows me to go a higher speed. Once I get out of town, I'll take I-465 S to I-74 E to I-275 E/S to I-71 to Kings Island Drive.
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